Friday, June 3, 2011

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde

Delusion No More

I've never been a lady that involved herself with too much reality, in the literal sense of the word. Instead, I mostly felt and dreamt my way through, and then did what I had to, to make what I wanted fit into the context of the world around me. The majority of the time, it's worked, as I do believe this world is big enough to do what you wish, if you aren't totally insane, entitled and/or lazy....However, lately, I realize that my ideology isn't all sunshine and roses and perhaps there has been a price to pay... and it's been making me wonder if I am not really one crazy bitch with a deluded point of view that can slowly count the sands of time before her methodology runs out and the ultimate crash coming over the horizon will decimate her existence as she knows it....and of course this drama just so happens to coincide with Neptune, the planet of illusion, miracles and dreams stalling in Pisces, it's natural ruler, and the sign in charge of imagination, karma and compassion....Which means hopefully there is an end to this all, as today now begins a set time to examine the facts and feelings that are circulating and hope that by November 9th, the end of this stall, there will be some major epiphanies that will teach how to better balance out dreaming and reality, to create one consistent story of joy. Until then...