Monday, June 20, 2011

Mars enters Gemini

I love it. I hate it.

Forget trying to make up your mind or stay focused, because as it goes, whatever stimulates you at the moment is going to be what sets you into motion, in which ever way it wants, at whatever time it feels...You can love it. You can hate it. No matter, as it's all about tasting a bit of everything now, so do with your time what you will to quell curiosities and keep that brain aroused, as you never know where you might wind up and if there is anything you are going to love now, it's surprise!

...and as it goes, all things Gemini means there is a need to fidget and be curious, making time sucks  an inevitable part of adding my two cents in on that subject, here are some of sites I've discovered that do just that, but in the most fun way possible!

Fave time-sucks: I just discovered this link and got sucked into it ASAP, loading various pics of myself and people I know....hours later...but I do have to say, the image  I posted here is from the first go at it, not the best of the bunch, which were all varied...As it goes, you upload pics of yourself and the site has some kind of facial recognition software that measures the spacing of your features, etc. and then analyzes it and tells you which celebs look the most like you! ...who would of known I'd be 67% similar to Mick Jagger?! Love it. Another pic I used paired me up with Naomi Campbell, Aishwarya Rai and Christy Turlington as look-alikes--whoohoo! Love this ego-boosting site, makes every second lost so worth it! Along the same lines of uploading a pic and getting an analysis, this one takes it further and allows you to morph with another -- anyone you choose, a celebrity or even an animal! Check out your future love child, or an alien version of yourself. Love. This. Site. Hours of fun, testing your street-smarts to read others...I found I had a talent to pick out drug offenders, forgers, reckless drivers, murderers and wife-beaters. Yet another thing to put on the resume! There is always so much more than meets the eye, and on this site it will dissect it down to the last letter! As you know, an anagram is a word or words made up from rearranging letters in a word or phrase. At this site, you can plug in names or names together to see what pops up, as it can reveal some interesting truths. Here are some famous anagrams: Leonardo da Vinci = Did color in nave; Florence Nightingale = Angel of the reclining; William Shakespeare = I'll make a wise phrase. Who doesn't love a good personality, IQ and skills test? While they can be long and some require you to register for results, it's time spent on learning about yourself a little bit better, so why not? Who knows, you might just be a genius and not know it! If anything, it will keep you busy or make you look busy for quite a while.