Friday, November 16, 2012

Mars Enters Capricorn

Oh Daddy, Yes.

Do not slack. Do not divert. Do not fail. = Mars in Capricorn

Nick Zedd's War Is Menstrual Envy trailer (Click on title for complete movie streaming.)

Famous People Born With Mars In Capricorn: Freaky Geniuses That Get It Done:
(Click on name to see their natal charts)
Albert Einstein (Pisces)
Frida Kahlo (Cancer)
Edgar Cayce (Pisces)
Gustave Mahler (Cancer)
L. Ron Hubbard (Pisces)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Virgo)
Heather Matarazzo (Scorpio)
Joseph Smith (Capricorn)
Usain Bolt (Leo)
David Bowie (Capricorn)
Bernardo Bertolucci (Pisces)
Michael Moore (Taurus)
Rafael Nadal (Gemini)
Walt Disney (Sagittarius)
Aleister Crowley (Libra)
Shannen Doherty (Aries)
George Harrison (Pisces)
Shakira (Aquarius)