Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mercury Retrogrades In Sagittarius


Everybody has a John Hughes movie that is close to their heart, as it embodies some part of their  teenage angst. Mine was Some Kind Of Wonderful. In my mind, I was Watts. I had a guy best friend too, and was totally in love with him secretly. Even penning a letter to him in the case of my death...Anyway, I watched this movie so much, that when I finally confessed my feelings, I too walked away like her and cried....Although I didn't have him chasing after me with diamond earrings. Instead, I walked almost half the length of the parking lot we were in, until I was picked up in a car, by my sister, with him in the backseat saying nothing....No, life isn't like in the movies....

However, there was a somewhat happier ending to this story, as the next day, while at a concert, he asked me why I walked away. I said, "Because you rejected me." He then said he didn't and that I never gave him a chance to say anything and from there we attempted to "date," which consisted of fooling around and fighting back insecurities. To say the least, we were better as friends...and to this day, we still are! In fact, we're even neighbors!