Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio


Guy Maddin The Heart Of The World

Today begins the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. Eclipses, as you know (if you have been reading) are sudden harbingers of change. Now, that they are in the sign of secrets and Venusian desires, trust you'll be learning a bit more about deception, delusion and transformation. From here on out, you may start to feel a rumble, which will ultimately take something out and bring something new in -- and you can guess all you want, but fate is way more clever than you this time around. So, don't waste your time. Instead, just make yourself a little more pliable and keep marching on, as this plot-line can take up to two years to fully unfold, with new crazy circumstances thrown in 6 month intervals...

...As for probable places you'll feel the burn and love it (read your Sun and Rising sign always):
Aries: In your pants
Taurus: In your partnerships
Gemini: In your wallet
Cancer: In your heart
Leo: In your home
Virgo: In your community
Libra: In your investments
Scorpio: In yourself
Sagittarius: In your imagination
Capricorn: In your friendships
Aquarius: In your sense of authority
Pisces: In your soul