Friday, November 9, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY socks 
Today was a day made for hot dog socks. I got them this summer on the boardwalk, at Coney Island. A real find for someone like me -- and you better believe I was at the register with my cash out quicker than you can spell mustard... I can't explain, something about them screamed excitement, as I knew these socks were meant to go places.

On today's itinerary: Discovering Columbus, the amazing installation at Columbus Circle, which unfortunately is only temporary -- like most of the decent public art that's funded in NYC, but so is a city that thrives on what's transitory.

....and in my latest obsession: Tatzu Nishi's work, a fun fact I learned is that Tatzu Nishi isn't his real name. He is constantly changing his name as another of his projects. He sees his name as 西野達, so using English letters holds no sentiment. Badass!