Monday, May 19, 2014

Mars In Libra Goes Direct!

 Lead Feet No More!
Since Dec. 7, Mars has been in Libra -- which is much like slapping yourself, as there is a sense of constant contrast with your motivation and ideals. Then add the stopping of its sloppiness, when it then went retrograde on the 1st of March and it's been one cruel ass season. Finally, relief arrives today, as the forward ho of time brings back the motion and closer to July 25th, when Mars exits the 'side-effect' and right into Scorpio, where it belongs and where it will get real, really fast.

...So, until then, remember these are the places, per sign, where you will see Mars in Libra working with you:

 Aries: Restructuring your sense of equality with those closest to you, commitments, legal issues.
Taurus: Declaring peace with co-workers, taking back control of your time, maximizing your efforts for love and money.
Gemini: Working your creativity, falling in love for the beauty of it all, being justly admired.
Planting new roots, redefining your sense of security, dealings with family.
Challenging your brain, being community-minded, expressing yourself.
Enjoying what you've earned, indulging your five senses, being self-assured.
Being a genius, starting a new journey, feeling motivated.
Learning to better balance reality and fantasy, trusting in karma, aiming towards Nirvana. 
Sagittarius: Appreciating your truest friendships, helping the future be a better place, making solid connections.
Moving up the ladder of success, setting new standards, enjoying luxury.
Flexing your morality for strength and change, diving into new adventures, discovering new hopes and inspirations.

Pisces: Owning your inner power, practicing unconditional love, getting paid what you are worth and more.