Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mercury Enters Gemini

I Just Can't Stop Looking....

Gemini may be where Mercury belongs, but it doesn't make it right. In fact, by nature of the planet and the sign, it'll mean submerging into chaos and curiosities, willingly and accidentally, with the quest for information obsessing you, as you dart ahead in non-sequiturs.

Yes, Mercury in Gemini will amp up your mind with a million new curiosities, all at once: big and small, tall and short, merry and morbid, etc... etc...

...and trying to avert your eyes from train wrecks will be impossible, as you can't help, but want it all, no matter how dirty it gets or how devious you have to be to get. So, get ready, set and go, as they'll be no exploration that won't have it's rewards now.

....and on a side note. Mercury in Gemini also hits during the initial warmer weather of the year, as least in the Northern Hemisphere -- and in NYC that means roadkill time, as all the critters great and small come out to prance about. So, the first roadkill I see in a year is like the gunshot at the start of a race, counting down to summer...This time around though, I happen to be in Florida, where I got treated to a more exotic site, Exhibit A....but not to be outdone as soon I returned to NYC (Exhibit B), on my 1st bike outing right around the corner.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

No, not a necessary addition, but just couldn't stop myself. The armadillos is like nothing I've ever seen or smelled....Although, I have caught the scent of sea lion carcass...Merry Mercury In Gemini!