Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Venus Enters Taurus

Welcome Home Venus! 

Today marks a moment when something right happen in this world -- Venus entered Taurus! One of its homes! (Yes, bitch has two of them!) This one is the one filled with the comfort, sensuality and love. This means indulgences are par for the course, as it's only when you are satiated that this transit will have done its job. So, from now until June 23, loosen up the collar and belt, as it's okay to spoil yourself just a little more. Yes, just one more....

Maru, Patron Saint of Venus in Taurus
As for places, per sign in which to go at it a bit longer and stronger:
Aries: Shopping and owning more things. It's a luxury you can afford to give yourself now.
Taurus: Be selfish all round, as you work hard and now is the time for you to play harder.
Gemini: Sleep in, daydream and escape. Flex your brain in an enthralling way!
Cancer: Be original. Standing out is necessary to lead the way and start a new revolution.
Leo: Ambition and status is all that you'll want and all that you need now.
Virgo: Everybody loves hearing how your mind works. Feel free to share all your stories.
Libra: Who cares how many times you'll want sex now? A strong sexual appetite is a sign of health.
Scorpio: You'll want everything in two's now, like a date everywhere you go or the same shoes in two different colors. Call it OCD, co-dependence or luck. Either or, it works.

Sagittarius: Let out the know-it-all in you and share your 2¢ all around town. Your advice is needed in this world.
Capricorn: Bragging slyly and efficiently is an art form you'll happily perfect now.
Aquarius: Laying low, in your comfort zone, is just what the universe orders for you. Yes, stay put!
Pisces: Everything you say now will be poetry. Feel free to teach it and preach it.