Saturday, May 3, 2014

Venus Enters Aries

Hmmm, feels a lot like a hate-fuck...

As you should know, Venus is the planet that rules pleasure, so when it enters a sign like Aries, it's all about the fire, aggression and immediacy. It's a confusing phase, as what drives you the hardest is what typically pisses you off the most. Yes, it's going to feel a lot like a hate-fuck, when dirty-yummy-whoring-twists bring you in and out of visceral passions that make you feel as if your guts are being seared out, but also as if the sun only shines for you. 

So, feed your fury with fire, as this is the time when turning up the heat all the way is the only way to get hot and to get anything good from it all will mean hitting the pedal to the metal on everything that scares, challenges, confuses or aggravates. Make it all about you and fate will not fail you -- and you'll have until May 28th to complete this mission.

As for what, per sign (and rising), to place your energies for best results:
Aries: Image, new ideas and your integrity.
Taurus: Charity, inner peace and artistic endeavours.
Gemini: Group projects, technological ventures and your individuality.
Cancer: Career, authority and status.
Leo: Spirituality, travel and teaching.
Virgo: Sex, money and power.
Libra: Partnerships, balance in your environment and beauty.
Scorpio: Health, time-management and detailed-work.
Sagittarius: Creativity, performance and romance.
Capricorn: Ancestry, money for rainy days and home.
Aquarius: Learning, community and communicating.
Pisces: Generosity, shopping and pampering.