Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mars Enters Capricorn

Whistle While You Work
Despite the weather being warmer than usual, still feeling like summer in some parts, the planets are not playing — as in getting serious with Mars moving into Capricorn. Yes, Mars, the planet of motivation, sexual desire and aggression is in work-a-holic, play-by-the-rules Capricorn, which means needing to see gains from your efforts, from now until December 4th. So, best to use this transit to restructure priorities and bolster areas in your life that mean everything to you. As for best places per sign to see results:

Aries: Career and status — time to climb harder up the ladder of success!
Taurus: Get back to your ideals and take your learning a higher level.
Gemini: Powerful investments are yours for the making now. Dig deeper for opportunities.
Cancer: Commitment and partnership are your strength now; tighten the bonds for ultimate endurance.
Leo: Health is your wealth, so bolster your fortune with new fitness routines and dealing with any physical issues that may be slowing you down.
Virgo: Take creative risks and bring back romance to your life!
Libra: Home, family and security needs to be your top priority. Work on building your castle.
Scorpio: Get out and socialize. Being part of your community now will gratify and get changes made.
Sagittarius: Enjoy your money, by investing into your comfort zone. Stop judging your needs.
Capricorn: Working on your confidence now will give you superhero strength that’ll last.
Aquarius: Clean out the closest and dispose of the past that punishes you. This is the time to build your legacy by focusing on good accomplishments.
Pisces: Who has your back now will be more relevant than ever. Secure new friendships with trust and gratitude and celebrate the ones that have served you well.