Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio

Brimming With Mystery!

Now, the third big news of the day -- a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, which means stirring up the unknown and seeing what fate feels you deserve. This is the last eclipse of a two year cycle in Scorpio & Taurus and it ends on a good note! Expect a twist to blindside you and transform you. Don't fear though, even if you have had to go through hell to get here, this new moon solar eclipse is oozing with goodness, even if it is in naughty, naughty Scorpio.

Note: Early born Scorpios will feel this most directly and Taurus. After is early born Cancers and Pisces. This will also pertain to rising signs too.


Notice the slight levitation of the table--I'm super proud of that detail. Also, the moon outside is a full moon in Scorpio. The green stuff outside the room are bones. The house is built on an ancient dinosaur cemetery.