Thursday, October 23, 2014

Venus enters Scorpio

Get It On, Bang A Gong

If you’re feeling more like a horny teenager these days, it’s because Scorpio is thrusting itself into pleasure planet Venus from October 23 until November 16. Plus, Scorpio is dominating the sun and moon. Don’t fight fate. Dive into your deepest and darkest desires. Only when you’re willing to jostle the skeletons in your closet, to feel the rush of danger and the intensity of insatiability, will you be getting the point of Scorpio in this position. 

As for what will turn on each sign the most, during this transit:
Aries: Dark fantasy will intrigue. Feel free to get lost in your own version of “dungeons and dragons,” and discover how many ways you can love a hero.
Taurus: Love is art and art is love. Get creative with your muse, because orgasms and masterpieces are now.
Gemini: Exploring a fetish, like medical, will prove to be the right shot of sexual adrenalin. Just be careful with dosage and ease into this fix.
Cancer: Your dirty birdy will want to fly free. Leave the bedroom curtains open and invite voyeurs into your sexual psyche.
Leo: Home is where your heart will be, nestled tight under the covers with everyone and everything that makes you feel secure.
Virgo: Flirting gets obscene; going deeper into perversions you didn’t even know you could have. Unlock new mysteries.
Libra: Your sappiness will be for all things familiar, as your creature of comfort will be oohing and ah-ing for belonging.
Scorpio: Let your primal self-loose and dare to have instincts lead you. Openness and courage are its own turn-on now. 
Sagittarius: You’ll be feeling extra theatrical. Dress up and role-play the nights away, a packed house is a guarantee.
Capricorn: Getting an extra electric charge in your love life is what you’ll want to plug into now, as you’re never too old for toys.
Aquarius: Luxury is your aphrodisiac now, so get your rock star on. Do things like check into a hotel on a whim or up the thread counts of all your bedding.
Pisces: Exotic is your erotic, as anything that brings new experiences and knowledge is your everything now.