Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mercury Retrogrades In Scorpio

Say What?????

Do not fear Mercury Retrograde! Yes, it’s in the death sign of Scorpio, which means intense rebirth is par for the course now (if only your techno gadgets) — but there is a sunny side up to all. Sure, there is a threat of reaching a sort of rock bottom first, but that only means a rise to power as high.

Scorpio is the sign of surprise and its methods of communication are covert. In the information learned there are always many convoluted red herrings and the best way to master this beast is to know positive resolutions exist. For example, on how to keep the hope alive:

1.     People from the past show up. In Scorpio, it’ll likely be old booty calls or intense loves. Who says a second time around isn’t fate?
2.     Scorpio is a behind-the-scenes kind of energy, so expect brilliant ideas will appear, regarding aspirational projects you’ve let go. A breath of intense air is blowing; its muse can awaken you.
3.     If technical breakdowns happen, teaching you the ultimate lessons of back up, focus on the new gadgets you can get to get back into the game wiser.
4.     Traveling to places you’ve been will be just the getaway, as familiarity will be what soothes now.
5.     The bitch factor of a retrograde cycle intensifies and you won’t be alone in this, because if misery loves anything, it’s company. Party the night away with other sour souls that feel they have nothing to lose and adventure will ensue.
6.     Old money dealings will payout — like getting paid back in full from someone you forgot you loaned anything to, investments that suddenly matter or finding cash in an old coat pocket.
7.     …And if ever there’s a time for sensational gossip and mind-blowing slips of the tongue, it’s Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Cliffhanging/glass dropping info that can destroy reputations of those that need the most humility.