Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sun Enters Scorpio

Intensity: The Advanced Course

October 23, 2014 is going to be a grand day of astrological kismet, with the sun shifting into Scorpio, Venus entering Scorpio and a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio (the last of the 2-year cycle in Scorpio and Taurus). Yes, a big 180 of events of the extreme kind is coming, but luckily positive aspects are pushing this sign of transformation now. As for the major themes of what to expect in this upcoming whirlwind ?

·      Secrets are going to spill, but don’t worry, this is the best time to get peace with the skeletons in the closet. Confronting fears will mean overcoming them.
·      Beginnings or endings of intense emotions, as in sudden attractions that feel like fate or obsessions taking a positive turn or cutting the loose ends off bad connections. Emotional rebirth expected!
·      Telepathy is going to be strong now and with those you truly are meant for. If you feel you are getting a psychic message, don’t disregard. There will be importance to the info that flows to  your psyche.
·      Major financial dealings will go down now. Don’t give up if you are reaching for a treasure and have invested your heart. Scorpio money dealings will go down to the wire before reaching its surprising finale.
·      Dynamic sex is destined. Load up on the bulk condoms (if necessary) and take in the vibes of this super sensual energy that can recharge even the most depleted of libidos. Passion, intensity and drive are strong, don't hide from its power.