Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mars Enters Sagittarius


Mars in Sagittarius is a BIG energy. It's masculine, unyielding, spontaneous, adventurous, proud and competitive. There are many ways this power can move mountains and make the impossible happen. In fact, even when there seems like no hope, Mars in Sagittarius is that power that can pull out those glimmers of possibility and grow a kingdom. 

The downfall: Mars in Sagittarius is not  an easy energy to control, because like a wild horse that isn't looking to be broken, it does take a strong hand in guiding this strength in the right direction and into proper channels. So, despite the visions, hope, gallantry, intelligence and determination that can overcome you now, realize this transit that is happening until October 26, can also blind you and cause you to crash. To wield properly, it'll mean taking on a disciplined system of of checks and balances, in which gratitude, balance, patience, humility and preparation are blended into the mix.

As for places to push and pull the power:
Aries: Truth, Exploration and Idealism.
Taurus: Sex, Power and Money.
Gemini: Commitment, Justice and Peace.
Responsibility, Efficiency and Service.
Leo: Romance, Risk and Creativity.
Virgo: Family, Security and Foundations.
Libra: Communication, Learning and Connecting.
Scorpio: Comfort, Money and Long-Term Goals.
Sagittarius: Initiating, Pioneering and Ruling.
Capricorn: Dreaming, Caring and Sacrificing.
Aquarius: Sharing, Innovating and Socializing.
Pisces: Ambition, Reputation and Authority.