Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mercury Enters Libra

1+1 = Done

Summer's official end is now, with school bells ringing and new deadlines looming. However, instead of diving deep into the doldrums, the universe is sweetly helping reduce this painful transition with Mercury in calming Libra at 1:38 am today until September 27th. This means no need for concerns, as this time is when worry is just another 5-letter word. To make the most of this transit, follow these 5 basic rules:

1.     Relax. Libra is an air sign that moves life organically along at a moderate pace. There's no sense in rushing to get you where you’re going, because speed won’t matter now. Easy breezy thinking is a prerequisite for success. So, inhale and exhale.
2.     Cultural Stimulation. Ruled by Venus, Libra is in charge of culture and beauty. Anything from spending more afternoons at museums, getting tickets to a play or dating a musician will tune you into the power of art as muse.
3.     Team Up.
By nature of this partnership sign, best to bounce thoughts off another or work with someone on projects, because 2 heads will be luckier than 1 now.
4.     Manners Matter.
Elegance is a hallmark of the Librian way of life and playing fair and being kind is law, as karma will be fast to smack you back down now if you don’t.
5.     Demand Diplomacy
Being nice doesn’t mean being a pushover. Be willing to defend yourself and what you believe when necessary. Fairness will win out.