Monday, September 22, 2014

Sun Enters Libra: The Autumn Equinox

Turn, Turn, Turn....

7 is the number of heaven, which is also the number of Libra, which just happens to be where the sun  slips into on Sept. 22, kicking off autumn with the equinox. Besides pulling out the sweaters and gloves, Libra is a transit that deals with beauty, balance and commitment. It’s about pacing yourself and setting the right ambiance for the long haul — as now is the season of transition.  To hone this smooth energy best, here are 7 practices to complete as much as possible until October 23:

1.     Pamper Yourself. As a sign ruled by Venus, Libra is the beauty aspect and to honor, it’ll mean logging in the time at the salon, spa and stores. Feeling your best will mean looking your best.
2.     Sign On The Dotted Line. Whatever loose ends you have, in terms of relationship in love or business, make it stick. Sign a contract or make an investment into who and what you believe in. This is when equality and fairness matter.
3.     Confess. Whatever lies you’ve told or things you’ve not shared justly, confess it. If you don’t need to come clean, then it’ll mean giving forgiveness to someone willing to acknowledge their wrongs.
4.     Host A Party. Libras are social creatures that live for good times. Host an event with a dress code, like a theme party, as group efforts are also what you’ll thrive on now.
5.     Support An Art. This could mean buying art or treating yourself to box seats at the opera. Whichever cultural affair piques your interest, dive in with your wallet first.
6.   Meditate Getting the world to shut up around you and find your center is what Libra is all about. As the sign of balance, it's all about sorting out all your pluses and minuses.
7.   Practice Diplomacy Compromise doesn't have to be a dirty word, as the laws of the cosmos are out for everyone to get a little bit of something in their favor. if you work at it hard enough, you'll see that diplomacy is something you are capable of and can make you better for it....Or until Sun hits Scorpio..