Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mercury In Scorpio

Gonna Make You Mental

With a string of freaky and gross happenings arriving in a cluster, know it's Mercury in Scorpio making your mental. Like licking lyseric lollipops inside a horror movie set, life will take that experimental route, as nothing appears as you think and straight-up reminders of how delicate sanity can be come right at you. 

Me, in just 48 hours, have had a large loudly buzzing fly somehow stuck inside my bathroom light, violently fluttering in a wonky circle, in the process of death,....several hours later, I'm walking towards my bathroom, step on something with a crunch sound and discovered it was the dying fly on the floor, still partially alive....FF 24 hrs, discovering a roach hijacked itself into my apartment by way of take-out utensils. (It upsets me more, since I ALWAYS request, "No utensils," but still get them 80% of the time)...FF 12 hrs. I'm in the subway and the person sitting perpendicular to me coughs, doesn't cover his gross mouth and I feel spittle on my neck. Of course, he was vile and of course, my instant response was grossed out bitch face, scaring him almost as severely as he repulsed me. (Luckily, I was prepared with sanitizer and wipes.....Still, it wasn't until 8 hours later, when I was able to shower, that I felt it was fully removed.)

....and to top it all off, in total randomness, I am totally weirded out that Chelsea Clinton's baby was born at 7:03 pm on September 26 -- because it is the EXACT time and day my cat had died years before and both in NYC. My friends and I joked that it's the reincarnation and I had to become the nanny. They loved the idea of me training her to use a litter box. 

...anyway, a lovely song for this day: