Friday, September 5, 2014

Venus Enters Virgo

Making It Happen

When efficiency marries pleasure, list making becomes a finer moment. No, not the sexiest sounding scenario, until you stir in the imagination. Yes, set goals and accomplish them. Do it in and out, just how you love it and life will be perfection!

As for places per sign on what to take inventory of:
Aries:  Your body. Give yourself 10 physical challenges: sexual or not.
Taurus: Your creativity. Make 10 pieces of art or craft.
Gemini: Your home. Make 10 improvements.
Cancer: Your community. Go to 10 places in your hood, to support the local economy.
Leo: Your pleasure. Buy yourself 10 new things that will last you forever (ish).
Virgo: Your courage. List 10 fears you have and confront each of them. 
Libra: Your psyche.  Write 10 things that weigh heavy in your life, why, etc. and then burn.
Scorpio: Your humanity. Do 10 good deeds anonymously.
Sagittarius: Your career. Reach out to 10 peers or mentors to talk shop.
Capricorn: Your inspiration. Read the 3 books you'd bring to a desert island, buy 7 more for friends.
Aquarius: Your sex life. Try 10 new sex tricks: positions, people, places, toys, etc.
Pisces: Your partnerships. Have 10 dates with your honey to create memories.