Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Moon In Pisces

Time For Ritual

A full moon is always an occasion to break out your most superstitious hippie, which means doing something to make yourself feel empowered, renewed, centered, at peace--aka a ritual. In Pisces, it means taking it to the next level, as Pisces is a sign that deals with legacy, escape, vice, intuition, institutions, prisons, romance, imagination, etc. To mark this transit, here are some ideas in which you can feel as if you are becoming deeper into being one with everything.
  • Dunk yourself into a body of water. A spiritual baptism of sorts, in anyway you believe you need to be cleansed and reemerged. The ocean is idea, but even a hot tub will do, as Pisces is also the sign of sleep and anything that can promote it is bonsai.
  • Go to bed early, wake up late. Yes, it's the sign of sleep and giving many hours over to dreaming will be special -- as prophetic dreams are now and getting celestial messages can happen. It's even easier than texting and can be more intense than even Skype.
  • Give up or indulge in your favorite vice and escape for the norm. If you normally do whatever too much, time to swing it the other way around and stop. If you don't go wild often, it's horrible and you must drop and roll into an altered reality now. Since Pisces are symbolized by the fish swimming in opposite directions, it's all about 180s now.
  • Dance! Move, groove, get up on your feet! Pisces rules dance, so go out and trip the light fantastic or go at it in your bedroom mirror. Either or, it'll help release demons. 
  • Pamper your feet! Buy a new pair(s) of shoes, wear your fanciest ones or get your favorite polished up. This is time to put the emphasis on your feet, as they are the ruled by Pisces and the foundation to your health. It is said that most lower back issues start at the feet---so treat yourself to something nice: flashier kicks, a foot massage, cashmere socks--you get the gist.