Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jupiter Goes Retrograde In Gemini

Watch out!

When Jupiter hits reverse, know the world is going to get jacked up, but in a good way. Wrongs can be made right and wondering what "could of happen" gets another chance, as it's placing the bets on yourself and rolling the die to let magic happen, from the inside out.

Yes, loads of internal work will start, awakening regrets that aren't permanent yet and can put your butt right onto the fire to hop into action can change your trajectory. So, get ready for fate to start pretzeling and twist you into a whirlwind adventure that verifies karma does exists, but not without freewill.

So, per sign, until January 30, 2013, here are where the operatic changes may take you:

Aries: Information that comes in and out, communications and all round things that keep you on your toes, in a mental way, get interesting. All that you enjoy intellectually can get an addition of something from the past that has morphed into something you can obsess about, but in a good way.

Taurus: Money might be your life's blood, but you don't have to suffer to make it happen. Opportunities that appear will be longer term investments, but as long as you feel the passion, follow the scent, it will work out. Let go of the need for instant gratification.

Gemini: Who you think you are, who you want to be, who the person you want to be with looks at you, looking at the person you want to be with. It's all about you. Embrace all your sides to open up more.

Cancer: The past is your lucky charm, just reach back and take all those things that made you smile and build your future with that. If you base your foundation on something you will care for, that'll be your ticket to security. Maintenance is what ensures longevity, not dead weight materials.

Leo: Who you hang out with is who you are, so look about and see what additions that you might have passed on before is what hits the spot now. The world works in a weird way and the broader you extend your circles, the more you can verify that fact with a smile.
Virgo: All the thanklessness you feel today will start to get erased over the next few months. Why? Because a miracle is underway and people around you will finally start to understand how ahead of the curve you are and how they need to worship you for this ability -- if they want to see more.

Libra: The truth is an ever-evolving process, so don't get too caught up on trying to catch a perfect moment or create a perfect definition. See the past as time that is a constant inconsequential vortex and just focus on the future. Forget all obstacles, forget all flaws.

Scorpio: Bottoming out into the pits of hell is your life, but this time, when you land on a fluffy marshmallow cloud, you will feel a slight sense of humiliation for having such little faith.  Life does work out. Panicking is an option for you when you are nuts.

Sagittarius: You know who you are good with and who bring you luck. Hold tight to those charms now, because that is how you will cruise through the next few month, as it'll literally take two heads to make life run.

Capricorn: Reroute routines and get back to the basics of what makes you function at optimal levels. This is the time to cut down on waste in every sense of the word, as your ability to be at your most efficient will magically align other parts of your life that you thought were helpless.

Aquarius: Love is power, so embrace all the places you are receiving it in your life, as your generosity to spread the good times is high and will make you feel as if you are living the life. Amorous hedonism is a beautiful thing.
Pisces: Open the doors of your home and let the sunshine in! Seems whatever your wishes are can come true by just saying it out loud and keeping the door open with invites, as that is the path that needs to be created to show you that the universe does listen.