Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY Ingrid

I love instant karma. I believe in it. I aspire to it and I only have patience for it. Unless I click with someone in a way that makes me feel as if I've known them forever upon meeting, I won't put much effort into wanting to know more. Yes, a tall order, but in this lifetime I am striving for quality, not quantity and even despite feeling out of sync with this world most of the time, I do have those moments and those meetings with destiny that make me understand all is alright. Enter Ingrid.

Ingrid (Pisces) appeared in my life just in the nick of time to reconfirm my belief that amazingly good, smart and compassionate people do exist and laughing with them, in the face of adversity, can make all things possible again. Yes, she's a modern day super hero to me that I can go on and on about, as I think she is the type of lady everyone should aspire to be more like -- as in not taking crap from anyone, but always being willing to care....On the funny side of that is her self-professed alter ego: Bon Qui Qui and one of Ingi's claims to fame with me is that she is my only friend that has had to go through anger management, twice! Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!