Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mars enters Sagittarius

Throw away the word, "No."

From today until November 16, throw away the word, "No," because it'll only get in the way. Mars, the planet of lust, has been seized by the masculine and wild power of Sagittarius and is out for truth, possibilities and adventure. There is to be no rock left unturned, as every curiosity is an opportunity to edge farther into infinity and nirvana, in whatever way you want to define it. Of course, there can be lots of trouble too, as moving and talking faster than the speed of thought can create hectic circumstances, but with so much action swirling about and so many directions that call your name, who can resist the spontaneity of it all? After all, you never know what is a Pandora's Box until you open it and what are the chances of that? Make the odds be in your favor, as lo-and-behold, Sagittarius is also the sign of  gambling, so spin the wheel and let it go. Your world is waiting.

As per sign areas to let loose and fancy free:
Aries: Your sense of adventure. Skip town, anonymity is the only way to total freedom.
Taurus: Sex is your God now, so bow down to it at least once a day for proper devotion.
Gemini:  Equality is not a common occurring phenomenon in nature. Get what is yours.
Cancer: Dig deeper into those around you, behind one of those blank faces is a jackpot of wisdom and connections.
Leo: It's not entitlement if you truly believe you deserve it. So, if you can't get a national holiday in your honor, shoot for a local one.
Virgo: Put down your flag and claim your territory. Nothing like putting your foot down on where you truly belong.
Libra: Genius isn't easy to explain, so don't waste your words on just anyone.
Scorpio: Discover there is more than one way to happily ever after and refuse to settle for potential happiness in its place.
Sagittarius: Who you are and who you think you are is going to be the same, no matter who you have to mow over to get there.
Capricorn: Your imagination is your magic carpet, collapsing time and space. Anything is possible.
Aquarius: Idealism is the cornerstone of any great invention or adventure. Don't let the haters get in your way.
Pisces: Winning isn't the best part of winning, it's the gloating -- know it, love it and make it your trophy.