Monday, October 29, 2012

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Let the truth set you free. 
Mercury in Sagittarius is the cosmos' version of truth serum. Be on alert from today until November 14th, and again from December 10th to 31st because you're likely going to get knowledge sprung on you in very in your face circumstance. It could be painful or pleasurable, but one thing for sure, it'll be raw. 

As for areas where reality will strike:
Aries: At your ethics
Taurus: In your wallet
Gemini: In your partnerships
Cancer: In your daily activities
Leo: Towards your ego
Virgo: Among your family
Libra: Online
Scorpio: With your pleasures
Sagittarius: With yourself
Capricorn: Into your past
Aquarius: With friends
Pisces: At your reputation