Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Venus in Virgo

Love with purpose.

True love isn't for wimps. If you want the high flying romance and intense bonding, it takes work after the igniting of the chemistry -- as in being willing to expose yourself at deeper levels and being a fool for love. No, there are no guarantees, but that is why it makes it the most elusive treasure to have in this world -- and so with this transit, know it's not time to sit in the sidelines and see what fate brings you. No, this means time to get to work, have a plan and take a chance.

Sure,Virgo is a practical sign, but in Venus it goes haywire and will bring out the critical thinker in you, which can go in two directions -- psycho stalker or sensual servant. Either or, it means love with purpose and to attempt to make your point A connect to a point B. Rome wasn't built in a day, so pace yourself like a smart Virgo would, because romances that legends are made of also take time to build.

For your inspiration OH HA NI! ....If you have 20,000 hours to spare, click onto this K-Drama Playful Kiss, the cutest love story ever!!! Never give up!

Another awesome discovery of Playful Kiss: Annyeong Bada or Bye Bye Sea, a Korean Indie band -- who also are in Playful Kiss, as students in Class 7, AKA the almost equivalent of Korean special ed, but not. So good! So cute! Just can't get enough!