Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Full Moon In Leo


Break out the entitlement, because a Full Moon in Leo requires a diva attitude. Reign supreme in your life and rule your school. Yes, despite this moon opposing the pesky Mercury Retrograde, there is power in enforcing your ego now. As for areas, per sign, to push the envelope with added flourishes that celebrate your fabulousness:

Aries: Buy something beautiful for yourself and decorate as necessary. Think of yourself like a Christmas tree and stay bright!
Taurus: Get in family time or at the least, get into homebody mode with style: food deliveries, internet shopping, movie marathons, booty calls on speed dial, bubble baths, etc.
Gemini: Your creative flow will be on. Write, speak and express yourself to an audience, whether or not they are in front of you, others will be listening.
Cancer: Polish up the silver and enjoy the material things you own or covet. Attachments are attachments and it’s totally okay if you’re feeling emotions for physical objects.
Leo: Your confidence will be soaring higher, believe it and love it. Be extra generous with the love.
Virgo: Heavy bouts of sentiment will occur, making reflection necessary. If this means solitude, don’t hesitate to close your doors until further notice.
Libra: Socially, time to rise above the jealousy games, mediate arguments and mend the madness.
Scorpio: Toot your own horn. If you want others to care about your projects, be responsible for your own PR. Remember, you’re the sign of persistence.
Sagittarius: A metaphysical journey will begin now. Be open to the opportunities to peer into new dimensions, but don’t get lost in the fanfare of idealism either.
Capricorn: Showing your trust is an intimate affair. Don’t be scared to pull someone closer, because trying is the only way to learn.
Aquarius: Challenge in relationships will feel extra dramatic, but knock those walls down, as contrast is what will make your rainbow now.
Giving yourself to others puts you at your best, but that doesn’t mean to go overboard, as you will also have a case of hypochondria to battle now.