Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Venus Enters Taurus

Welcome Home Venus! 

Today marks a moment when something right happen in this world -- Venus entered Taurus! One of its homes! (Yes, bitch has two of them!) This one is the one filled with the comfort, sensuality and love. This means indulgences are par for the course, as it's only when you are satiated that this transit will have done its job. So, from now until June 23, loosen up the collar and belt, as it's okay to spoil yourself just a little more. Yes, just one more....

Maru, Patron Saint of Venus in Taurus
As for places, per sign in which to go at it a bit longer and stronger:
Aries: Shopping and owning more things. It's a luxury you can afford to give yourself now.
Taurus: Be selfish all round, as you work hard and now is the time for you to play harder.
Gemini: Sleep in, daydream and escape. Flex your brain in an enthralling way!
Cancer: Be original. Standing out is necessary to lead the way and start a new revolution.
Leo: Ambition and status is all that you'll want and all that you need now.
Virgo: Everybody loves hearing how your mind works. Feel free to share all your stories.
Libra: Who cares how many times you'll want sex now? A strong sexual appetite is a sign of health.
Scorpio: You'll want everything in two's now, like a date everywhere you go or the same shoes in two different colors. Call it OCD, co-dependence or luck. Either or, it works.

Sagittarius: Let out the know-it-all in you and share your 2¢ all around town. Your advice is needed in this world.
Capricorn: Bragging slyly and efficiently is an art form you'll happily perfect now.
Aquarius: Laying low, in your comfort zone, is just what the universe orders for you. Yes, stay put!
Pisces: Everything you say now will be poetry. Feel free to teach it and preach it.

New Moon In Gemini

I Found My Doppelgänger!

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and who knew, while watching HBO's series to celebrate the month, "East Of Main Street," I would find my doppelgänger in their episode called "Small Talk." ....Not only do we share the same heritage, but all her answers could of come right out of my mouth! Plus, I love she was the only child to choose glamorous careers (18 sec. is my favorite!) and the only one with an aversion to being tied down. She rocks!!!! Hope children like her are the future!

...As for the crappy title pages between the segments, with the question to the answers she gives -- I don't know how to get the page to be a normal size, to be fully legible and I spent hours trying to sort it out...but with my short Gemini rising attention span, offset with the energy of this new moon, I no longer care.

Here's the list of questions, if you really need to know:
  • I found my doppelgänger! She is also....
  • What's your favorite food?
  • Describe yourself...
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • What do you wish?
  • Does it matter that you marry someone Asian?
  • ...and what else?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mars In Libra Goes Direct!

 Lead Feet No More!
Since Dec. 7, Mars has been in Libra -- which is much like slapping yourself, as there is a sense of constant contrast with your motivation and ideals. Then add the stopping of its sloppiness, when it then went retrograde on the 1st of March and it's been one cruel ass season. Finally, relief arrives today, as the forward ho of time brings back the motion and closer to July 25th, when Mars exits the 'side-effect' and right into Scorpio, where it belongs and where it will get real, really fast.

...So, until then, remember these are the places, per sign, where you will see Mars in Libra working with you:

 Aries: Restructuring your sense of equality with those closest to you, commitments, legal issues.
Taurus: Declaring peace with co-workers, taking back control of your time, maximizing your efforts for love and money.
Gemini: Working your creativity, falling in love for the beauty of it all, being justly admired.
Planting new roots, redefining your sense of security, dealings with family.
Challenging your brain, being community-minded, expressing yourself.
Enjoying what you've earned, indulging your five senses, being self-assured.
Being a genius, starting a new journey, feeling motivated.
Learning to better balance reality and fantasy, trusting in karma, aiming towards Nirvana. 
Sagittarius: Appreciating your truest friendships, helping the future be a better place, making solid connections.
Moving up the ladder of success, setting new standards, enjoying luxury.
Flexing your morality for strength and change, diving into new adventures, discovering new hopes and inspirations.

Pisces: Owning your inner power, practicing unconditional love, getting paid what you are worth and more.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mercury Enters Gemini

I Just Can't Stop Looking....

Gemini may be where Mercury belongs, but it doesn't make it right. In fact, by nature of the planet and the sign, it'll mean submerging into chaos and curiosities, willingly and accidentally, with the quest for information obsessing you, as you dart ahead in non-sequiturs.

Yes, Mercury in Gemini will amp up your mind with a million new curiosities, all at once: big and small, tall and short, merry and morbid, etc... etc...

...and trying to avert your eyes from train wrecks will be impossible, as you can't help, but want it all, no matter how dirty it gets or how devious you have to be to get. So, get ready, set and go, as they'll be no exploration that won't have it's rewards now.

....and on a side note. Mercury in Gemini also hits during the initial warmer weather of the year, as least in the Northern Hemisphere -- and in NYC that means roadkill time, as all the critters great and small come out to prance about. So, the first roadkill I see in a year is like the gunshot at the start of a race, counting down to summer...This time around though, I happen to be in Florida, where I got treated to a more exotic site, Exhibit A....but not to be outdone as soon I returned to NYC (Exhibit B), on my 1st bike outing right around the corner.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

No, not a necessary addition, but just couldn't stop myself. The armadillos is like nothing I've ever seen or smelled....Although, I have caught the scent of sea lion carcass...Merry Mercury In Gemini!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Venus Enters Aries

Hmmm, feels a lot like a hate-fuck...

As you should know, Venus is the planet that rules pleasure, so when it enters a sign like Aries, it's all about the fire, aggression and immediacy. It's a confusing phase, as what drives you the hardest is what typically pisses you off the most. Yes, it's going to feel a lot like a hate-fuck, when dirty-yummy-whoring-twists bring you in and out of visceral passions that make you feel as if your guts are being seared out, but also as if the sun only shines for you. 

So, feed your fury with fire, as this is the time when turning up the heat all the way is the only way to get hot and to get anything good from it all will mean hitting the pedal to the metal on everything that scares, challenges, confuses or aggravates. Make it all about you and fate will not fail you -- and you'll have until May 28th to complete this mission.

As for what, per sign (and rising), to place your energies for best results:
Aries: Image, new ideas and your integrity.
Taurus: Charity, inner peace and artistic endeavours.
Gemini: Group projects, technological ventures and your individuality.
Cancer: Career, authority and status.
Leo: Spirituality, travel and teaching.
Virgo: Sex, money and power.
Libra: Partnerships, balance in your environment and beauty.
Scorpio: Health, time-management and detailed-work.
Sagittarius: Creativity, performance and romance.
Capricorn: Ancestry, money for rainy days and home.
Aquarius: Learning, community and communicating.
Pisces: Generosity, shopping and pampering.