Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus (AKA The Full Pink Moon, The Full Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg Moon or the Full Fish Moon!)

Sweet Surprises Popping In Everywhere!

Of course, there would be such grandeur in the name of the full moon now, with the height of spring peaking in its ripeness, giving something juicy for all to bite into! 

Yes, despite the harsh times of the full moon eclipse in Aries that started this roller coaster on April 15th, to the grand cardinal cross that formed in the sky throughout the month, to now the benevolent moon of steady-eddy Taurus, it's been one big mash-up of chaotic and challenging. However, it's now time for the good part and to plant seeds that you grow from, as new moons and solar eclipses dictate. 

Finally, there are positive new beginnings, opportunities and chance encounters that can spark something special and enduring in your life. Wishes, miracles and love happen under these skies, so open wide your mind, heart and spirit, as we head into Tuesday's celestial action that is at its starting point at 2:14am EST and is at its most powerful for the next 5 days.

Don't worry, even if you miss out on the 5 days, you still have one month to the day that fate can roll its lucky dice for you. So, sit back, relax and enjoy life through all your senses, because the pleasantly visceral slice of life is going to be served up to you a la mode!

As per where each sun sign and rising sign will likely give receive the magic: (Also note, if you are born in the early middle part of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio, you will have the best chance of getting a bigger dose of the pie. Second in line would be early middle born Cancer and Pisces. Early middle part would be 27th to the 10th of each month.)

Aries: Money! Money! Money! Stretch out your hands, because this is jackpot time! Money to sink your teeth into and make proper investments with.

Taurus: Revel in new opportunities and new ways to think of yourself. You'll discover new talents you never thought you had and others will want some!

People from the past will help you you in an unexpected way. Surprise! Surprise! Leopards can change their spots!

Cancer: Your humanity will have a way to express itself and for that, it can lead you down a new road that has you leading a revolution. Hoorah!

You rule and you know it! Now, everyone will get it too -- and best of all, your bank account will be showing it too, as you'll gain more than a title, but rewards that show it too.

A spiritual awakening is heading towards you, which can have you acting out spontaneously and adventurously. Go with its flow, you are one with all now!

Something lost will get found and it'll bring you cash, power and haters -- a trifecta of perfection that secretly will cheer you to the bone.

Resolution, harmony and equality will have you understanding commitment in a new and much more mature way. Expect the universe to show you karma in a beautiful way.

New day-to-day routines will bring challenge and happiness, as the grunt work of yesterdays will begin to fade. Purpose and direction will get more solid than ever. Love it!

The hunt will get intense: Prepare to be chased down or expect to do the chasing down. Either or, it'll be the best catch of the day, giving you something
delicious to feed on, in every inch.

Dream homes and rock-star living takes sacrifice, but think of it like a challenge and trust when it comes to cashing in or off your transactions now, it will be in your favor.

Talk is cheap. Thankfully the words you hear now will have substance in which you can trust and learn. Yes, a divine understanding and exchange is underway!