Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full moon in Virgo in my 4th house

Perfection gets verified in the details.

Even if I didn't want to believe in it, astrology finds a way to make me believe. This weekend, the full moon (which signify finales) just happen to land in my 4th house, which rules home and I did just happen to have moved — which must mean I am totally in tune with my universe!!!

...Not to say I was forced to pick up and go, coincidentally having this full moon seal my fate — but I did have to break my lease and things did happen to work out in this way, which I think is totally insane! So, as I am settling into my new life, just 7 blocks away from where I was, which in NYC means several light years away, I celebrate the new and cherish the old under this fab full moon!

Here is a pic of the moon from my new view! (…and even more craziness, the # pic on my camera was 1109!!!! It's fate!!!)

...and in other not-so-interesting news, due to my creative-half-mast brain that has been operating only on packing and unpacking functions, I have learned that a lot of people (who don't know me very well) get me fancy pens as gifts because I am a writer. Yo people, I use a laptop...and not waking up in my kitchen is already making me skinnier!

..and in slightly more interesting news:
Gentleman with a Van are the BEST movers ever!!!!! The company is run by a guy named Paul and while he was kind of cranky to deal with after a vehicle issue, the crew he sent was AMAZING! Totally efficient, polite, and on top of it. Absolutely nothing was damaged, missing or broken! Even the one egg I had thrown into a box with other groceries wasn't broken!!! I recommend them 100%. Plus, their rates are incredibly reasonably and they don't dawdle. When all was said and done, the move was completely stress-free and wound up being the least expensive of all the places I had called. So, if you are moving, call up Gentleman with a Van!

Here are the guys with proof of their relocating prowess — the one unbroken egg! (…and btw, my camera is dying, so all my pics as of late look as if there are in a dream sequence, which sort of suits me fine, as my life in transition right now totally feels dream-like!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sun enters Pisces

Go ahead, read into things. It's all about intuition now.

On Sunday night walking home, there was a $1 outside my door. It was Chinese New Year, so I picked it up, as I am totally superstitious of all the things that you do on a New Year's day to set a precedence on the upcoming year.

Then today, while out, as I was waiting for the light to change and zoning out, all of a sudden this blows to my feet — a $5 bill!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going to get rich this year! ...and if in a few days a $10 bill winds up at my feet, I'm going to donate myself to charity!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Venus and Jupiter together at last!

Instant pleasure.

Today marked a grand day in my life, as it was the day I was introduced to the depravity that is known as CHATROULETTE!!!

I was at my friend's hanging out with a bunch of people when my friend’s friend Matthew brought up Chatroulette. He explained it as a web cam chat room that connects you to random strangers, and every third person you get is usually some guy jerking off — and of course with that, we all wanted to get on it STAT.

OMG, did it deliver!

It's totally a porn super highway, with a few brilliant PG moments thrown in — like the two teen girls that flashed on the screen to say, "Shave the 'stache retard," to Matthew, then disappeared and the hot guy in Boston dancing with glow sticks in his kitchen, with only his aviators and pilot's cap on...and you don't even have to log in or register or anything. Just click on and you're ready to go!

Some highlights of our night on Chatroulette:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Moon in Aquarius & Chinese New Year 4707, The Year of The Metal Tiger (Feb. 14)

Give way to new traditions!

Chinese New Year is my favorite time of the year in my hood, as the whole place goes nuts with sights and sounds that is so fun and festively exciting that it totally makes up for all the crap I put up the rest of the year living down here (AKA the smells, the excessive road kill, the third world conditions (like dead phone service after rainstorms, etc.).

During CNY, I love waking up to the drumming, like I'm in the jungle; the massive amounts of confetti flying in the air; the lion dancing; the hordes of people I can watch, but not have to subject myself to and of course, the best part is that it's all about superstitions, and recalibrating yourself with symbolic gestures to ensure a better future. I totally love all that, am a total sucker for it and also, I grew up with it, so I am use to it.

However, since I moved down to Chinatown, I wanted to make the holiday my own. So I created a few new traditions to ensure my life keeps going with more good than bad. These rituals include throwing confetti and whatever else that won't kill anyone out my window and off my fire escape (there is no reason CNY can't be C-town's Mardi Gras); always color coding the food and drinks of the day, like dying the dumplings blue (peace) or red (love); give out stuffed red envelopes with candy and fortunes, with a few extra lucky ones with coins that can win someone fabulous prizes. (Prizes from the past include the punching Yasser Arafat hand puppet, the boobie stress balls and a stick of 'Macho' deodorant--and yes, all local finds) ...and always have the day be a collective effort, as in everyone joining in must contribute something in a color that represents something they want more of in the new year, (like yellow for success, bananas; green for money, spinach, etc.)...but most importantly, it's having the best time possible for as long as possible....and while living in the heart of it all, sometimes that meant 12+ hour parties in my compact apartment, with karaoke sometimes being involved and decadence always being involved.

One of my favorite CNY moments was during the Year of the Rat. While I was doing party prep, I kept going back and forth to look at lion dances from my window. The day just started, but the streets were packed and people were going nuts shooting off tons of confetti rockets into the air (pre-recession). That year there were surprises in the tubes, fortunes written on big fat red ribbons and some attached to parachutes. I had just got to the window, when I saw a lucky parachute coming down from the sky just out of reach. As in slow-mo, I stretched out of my window to just be able to grab it and as I did, the crowd down below broke out in a LOUD roaring cheer. They were all watching my 3-second plight. The wave of energy and excitement from 4 floors down that shot up was amazing! I waved down after, like Evita — a moment of celebrity I’ll never forget!

..but atlas, the good times are coming to an end, as I'm moving out at the end of the month and will no longer have this access just outside my door....or the other perks of my address, like living next to a barber shop called MEI DICK, and when giving directions, being able to say, "If you've gone past MEI DICK, you've gone too far."

...but whatever, got to keep on keeping on and its been a fab 7 years...but as I go into the home stretch of time over here, hoorah for it going out with another bang!

Scenes from Chinese New Year 2010, Year of the Tiger...

The midnight parade. The drums start beating 15 minutes before midnight, usually with 3 lions dancing. Love this one, because it's a secret.

My favorite people of the day coming...

...and going.

Fong Inn Too, Inc. makes CNY!!! They are the best. They always put out cabbage for the lions to eat, so they all come there to dance and sometimes in groups. Last year, during the CNY closing ceremony they had 11 lions, all in different colors. If you ever come down here for CNY, stake out a spot there and stay put, lots-o-fun.

CNY is the only time I really cook and I love coming up with new stuff. This year's invention: fried Hickory Smoked Tofuky and shredded Parmesan pirouettes! Delicious!

This is the insanity that is CNY. The most ridiculous part of the day: when the cops had to get a marching band through the crowd — and they kept playing!

Added Video Bonus:
2009 Closing Ceremony, Fong Inn Too, Inc. shutting it down!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Venus enters Pisces

Everything is beautiful.

...and who better expresses the glory and grandeur of life than Celine Dion? No one.

Watch this without laughing and feeling good by the end, impossible! Everything is wonderful.

...and for more inspiration, Celine's life story through the eyes of made-for-tv-movie-magic...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mercury enters Aquarius

Communal thoughts.

LAX is boring. They need more stores. But definitely more hot guys than any airport in America. I'd even do some of the staff.