Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moon In Leo

Modern Chivalry

Watch out ladies of the future, my intern is upping the bar on romance in a modern way -- by making a youtube declaration of love for his girl Nya. Who he will tell to watch this video when he sees her at school....Plus, he wanted to share his opinion on love. After learning about the reviling skywriter who wrote, "Gods Hates Fags," over Disney Orlando on Gay Days, he had something to say about it:

Lil J is 5, a Leo Rising and a Venus in Sagittarius (like me!). Yes, he's all lover!

We stopped by Nya's. She was fresh from a bath in her PJs, totally tickled pink to see Lil J. He then showed her his video, which impressed and overwhelmed her -- look at the cute couple just after that moment. (Cue video, meant to be a pic).

There were no words, except from Nya's Mom and her Mom's friend, who couldn't stop cooing over Lil J, who they already know and love. (Lil J's grandparents lived near Nya, that is how they met. Kindergarten only brought them closer)

...And it was obvious this wasn't Jake's first time expressing his emotions and from her gushing looks, he wasn't going into this blind. 20 minutes later, he told her she looked pretty. (OMG!) I then asked her if she thought he was handsome, to which she got all smiley and sweetly shook her head yes.

After, they ran around outside, kicked the soccer ball around, looked at the stars (He showed her the constellations with my phone.), played tag, pogo-ed and she put a glitter tattoo on him -- a total sign that a dude likes you, when he allows you to put make-up on him. Although, when she suggested one for his face, he said, "No." After all, he may be in love, but he's no fool for love.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sun Enters Sagittarius

Let Your Freedom Ring!

Yippee, a breath of new life comes today, as the Sun enters Sagittarius at 10:48 pm EST. Yes, time to turn the cosmic frown upside down -- as in saying goodbye to that deep, dark and deadly energy of Scorpio and welcoming the new guard of Sagittarius, bringing in hope, openness, spontaneity and truth. You know it, 'tis the season for flying by the seat of your pants, as it's all about learning, teaching and being, in the best way you know how. So, let your freedom ring!

As for areas per sign, sun and rising, you'll feel this surge of optimism and luck:
Aries: Keep your passport close at hand. Opportunities for the world are coming you.
Taurus: Get your freak on. Back, front, side-to-side, you'll want it from all angles.
Gemini: Believing in karma is putting it in action. To get it, give it. This time, it will add up.
Cancer: Existence is a flawed concept, so screw its rules. Stir it up now for profit and pleasure.

Leo: If life were fair, you wouldn't have been born so talented. Blow your own horn. Everyone will listen.
Virgo: Be as stubborn as you want to, as it'll make it that much sweeter to win at everything.
Libra: Trust your verbal auto-pilot skills, as words will fly from your mouth -- but their truth will set you free.
Scorpio: Luxury is your necessity now. Don't avoid it.

Sagittarius: Let your compulsions lead you and love it.
Capricorn: Escape through the rabbit-hole as many times possible.

Aquarius: If you ever wanted your own cult, this is your time to start it.
Pisces: There is nothing in this world that can't be yours right now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mercury Direct

All Is Right

JT Superstar wins The Tiger Award! A prestigious honor given to the 2 top students in each kindergarten classes for being a great role model and displaying a strong character!!!! Lil J goes over and beyond helping others! (and he is also the most advance in his class -- taking classes in higher grades. Brains, Sweetness, Compassion, Humor, Courage, Valor and 1000% Cuteness!!!)

YEAAAAH, BOOOO BEAR BRINGS HOME THE GOLD! This is like a Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy, Medal Of Honor, etc... all rolled into one!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct In Scorpio

Full Brain Function Resumes

My latest notebook: Moments Precieux!

Moments Precieux was a suprise from the last two days. I had the blank notebook lying about for weeks, meaning to paint it...but then time kept slipping by and I had the cute fabric covered book from AMS that I added stuff, to personalize...but it's not the same. I need my archives to be arranged properly...But I was lacking ideas, until Venus went to Capricorn and I just wanted to do it. I figured I could play around with my stuff, until something hits. With collage, it's  sorting out a puzzle and scavenging for the pieces.

Usually, I will have one hint, like the title, a concept or actual visuals--or a combo of the three. I love when it comes together and how amazing that feels to put finishing touches...

This time around, I was not working ahead of myself in any way. No ideas, but I liked the brown paper the best, so started by covering the entire notebook in it....Then, pulled out the supplies, started playing around and voila--as soon as the fence was laid, they were obviously tracks to me and obviously she would be at one end and the train at the other. Of course, despite the grim predicaments, there are still more than enough seconds for the track to get switched or she gets pulled off or she rolls off herself. She may not be tied to the tracks. She could of put on the blindfold herself. If anything, I see Moments Precieux as a study in hope.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jupiter Goes Retrograde In Cancer

Emotional Rescue

Jupiter retrograde is never bad, because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, adventure, truth and morality. So, as it stalls (until March 6, 2014), don't freak. By nature of what it represents, it always leaves room for optimism... Of course, the space for that hope could be tight, but rest assure, it'll never turn into a maelstrom of chaos out to ruin you (unlike other retrogrades)... However, Jupiter is  in Cancer now, which rules bottomless emotions, security and belonging. It's the sign of the sensitive suckler, with wishy-washy moodiness and defensiveness. So, at best, this will be a time with many extra emotional flourishes--and at worst, will have even more emotional flourishes....

As for areas per sign (sun and rising) these moments will strike, it is as follows:

  • Aries Home, Family, Security.
  • Taurus Community, Communication, Transportation
  • Gemini Money, Long-term planning, Self-esteem
  • Cancer Identity, Fresh Starts, Ego
  • Leo Fantasy, Charity, Worship
  • Virgo Hopes and Dreams, Friendships, Humanity
  • Libra Career, Reputation, History
  • Scorpio Spirituality, Hope, Understanding
  • Sagittarius Sex, Intimacy, Power
  • Capricorn Peace, Justice, Commitment
  • Aquarius Health, Productivity, Order
  • Pisces Love, Creativity, Celebration