Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Venus enters Taurus

The itch for visceral sensations begin.

From Wikipedia:
Blood of the Beasts (Le Sang des bĂȘtes) is a 1949 short French documentary film written and directed by Georges Franju. Blood of the Beasts was Franju's first film and is narrated by Georges Hubert and Nicole Ladmiral. The film features on The Criterion Collection DVD for Eyes Without a Face (1960).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Full moon in Libra

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm getting to it.

Weee, Libra is the sign of beauty and today, the blog is getting a make-over! Voila!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sun enters Aries

It only takes a second...

Sound byte Saturdays

  • It's not that I am moody; I just have no allegiance to each moment.
  • I'm either super smart or totally psychic.
  • If being late is the only way you can make an entrance, then you're lame.
  • His ability to so easily take three fingers doesn't point to a virgin ass.
  • Men want to be needed and women need to be wanted.
  • Thank god there is no oxytocin bonding with plastic.
  • If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom is the father of luxury.
  • He's like a little turd I want to hide.
  • I could easily turn into a lady that talks to her rug.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New moon in Pisces

Oooh, and I feel sooooo pretty.

Days like these were made for escaping.

...anyway, Pisces is also a sign that can get scattered, as they fly by the seat of their pants and wear their heart on their sleeve...and so with that sort of energy, it really is too hard to say how fab or drab the results will be...unfortunately, this time around, it threw in a few monkey wrenches into my life. According to my horoscopes, which I wrote weeks ago, I would get a sudden change of routine. Of course, I always think something magical is going to happen, but never learn — as it's usually always something wrong that happens instead....Today, it was dealing with the Nor’easter’s aftermath and the leak in my bedroom from the roof... then waking up and dropping my laptop, in which the screen is now all fucked with only 75% of it working....I even had a weird feeling last night to leave it on the other side of my bed, which was carpeted — which leads me to also add, Pisces is also the sign of intuition...So lesson of the day: I am always right, but I just never know what form of right I am going to be and TRUST your intuition!!!! Listen to those little voices inside your head, no matter how minuscule the directions they tell you.

Subsequently, Pisces also represents escape and being a victim, so for that, I am thanking my lucky stars today that I have just that many options...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Venus squares Pluto

A conflict of interest...

Incidentally, I was asked to be on this episode, but turned it down because obviously I didn't want to be portrayed as a freak or a hack. However, they did do a good job of finding two that did.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mars goes direct in Leo


Since Mars in Leo is hitting the highest part of my chart, I was under the delusion that the day Mars went direct would be exciting and brilliant, or at least allude to it. Dang, was I WRONG. Instead, it was intensely fiery and combative. What a downer! I am hoping in a few days it'll get in the groove in the right way and all the magic and happiness I think it will bring will come...until then, fuck people who have no manners, are drama queens, or vague, insane, whiny, slow, selfish, nosy, bossy, cocky, unworthy, boring, etc., etc...

...and in other Mars in Leo news, saw Good Hair, the Chris Rock documentary about hair. Loved it! My fave quote from the movie:

“(I was taught by a lot of old hustlers) they said that the only way you could have a upper hand on a woman is to be flyer than her.” Ice-T


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Venus enters Aries

Be a rebel that loves a good cause.

The older you get, the easier it is to be a perv, since wanting sex is mostly glamorized for the young. So, if you still want it when you past a peak, you sort of instantaneously become a pervert by default. Today, I realized I prob am at that point where I can be perceived as a bit naughty for wanting some of the things I want...but now I’ve learned feeling like a perv is its own new turn on.

Besides, it's prob in the genes. Look at my lil nephew at 6 months of age:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mercury enters Pisces

Say something spiritual.

Following astrology and living by it is like betting on horses, but instead of the horse running the race, it's me that has to do it. Sometimes I win the big jackpot and other times I get shot on the spot.