Saturday, September 29, 2012

Full Moon in Aries

Celebrate your heroes.

Mine: The Chivalrous, Loving, Stupendously Smart and Earthquakingly Handsome Lil JT Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO 4Ever & BFF&∞!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sun enters Libra, The Autumn Equinox!

It's always beautiful.

Libra is a sign renown for its graciousness, which means sometimes Libras will lie to your face just to keep all cool. Sure, they may consider the consequences, perhaps momentarily, but will negate a negative end to anything they wish to see in other ways, as it's the moment that matters and for that, you just got to love them. Of course, you may wonder to yourself where they get this ability to sound hopeful despite rancid circumstances -- and its because Libra will always look for that something beautiful in all that they see and concentrate on just that. Yes, a Venusian birthright. Not to say that ugliness, rudeness and injustice isn't part of their vernacular, but it's not what they will hone in on. So, take this lesson to heart and embrace the fake it until you make it theory, as there is always something beautiful to focus on, if you look hard enough.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Moon in Virgo

Time to clean house.

Virgo is the sign of no nonsense, with its downfall being not necessarily knowing how to be assertive or at the least, suave about being assertive. No matter, because today the New Moon is in control and as long as you know how to clean house directly and effectively, then you will have no worries, as doing it is about the message, rather than the execution. So, set the precedence today and make NO MORE BULL your standard.

As per sign where to end the mess:
Aries: Health, down with the extraneous fats and sugars!
Taurus: Love, it's got to feel good or forget it.
Gemini: Home, refuse it to be anything less than your castle.
Cancer: Talk, its cheap and waste of time. Make actions your words!
Leo: Security, because somethings in life are better drama free.
Virgo: Priorities, as in happiness or bust!
Libra: Karma, use your talents! They are your keys to everything good.
Scorpio: Surprises, let them happen, because not all dreams happen on a linear path.
Sagittarius: Reputation, stand up for what you believe and all else will fall into place.
Capricorn: Spirituality, make all that you do feel good down into your bones!
Aquarius: Money, its not evil, unless you want it to be.
Pisces: Equality, for yourself and with your most intimate someone, because it can exist!

Mercury enters Libra

Wave the white flag.

With the cold weather marching in, this isn't the time to stand alone and hold grudges. It's time for peace, love and understanding that waves high under the Mercury in Libra flag, as it's message is all about bridging gaps and creating unity -- at the least, for appearance sake, at the most, for your sanity. So, as per sign where to be the bigger person:

Aries: Your Boo
Taurus: Co-workers
Gemini: Your Crush(es)
Cancer: Family
Leo: Siblings
Virgo: Shopkeepers/People in the Service Industry
Libra: Yourself
Scorpio: Your Muse(s)
Sagittarius: Friends
Capricorn: Parents
Aquarius: Teachers/Your Guru
Pisces: Clients/Whoever is Payrolling You

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Venus enters Leo

Are you wild at heart?

Compulsions will be hard to contain, as pleasure seeking Venus enters romance-crazy Leo today at 10:28am (and until October 2). Nothing short of fiery passion and extravagant drama will due, as this is when control is only for those weak at heart. So, live it up and turn it out, as it's wild and fantastical love or bust!

As for areas you'll likely feel the most heat, it is as follows:
Aries: Your love life and sense of challenge.
Taurus: Your home and all that makes you feel cozy.
Gemini: Your brain and churning out the curiosities.
Cancer: Your sense of relaxation and all that you know you own.
Leo: Your ego and ability to dance with danger.
Virgo: Your inner urges and romantic ideals.
Libra: Your social graces and all whom you want to touch and be touched by.
Scorpio: Your status and ability to rise up the ladder of success.
Sagittarius: Your adventurous nature and its ability to surprise you.
Capricorn: Your sexuality and all it can encompass.
Aquarius: Your sense of harmony and all that you can balance.
Pisces: Your daily existence and each day's series of goals.

Venus in Leo Inspiration: VENUS IN FURS (1969) (Can't find the full movie, but Netflix it, it's totally worth it!)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Moon in Gemini

Double trouble or double the fun?

It's actually Wed. AM right now and I am still thinking about Monday and wondering WTF did it all mean? So, to get right down to business -- it was a freaky day chock-full-of super strange coincidences and odd occurrences ...The day started late, as I vegged in my bed most of the AM...Later in the  afternoon I went out for coffee and to write in my journal for an hour. After, on the way home I stopped by a store and bought a pair of black flats, then dropped them off and walked over towards Mott St., to where I was meeting my friend Kizzi for dim sum...On the way, I stopped in at a Buddhist temple to get a fortune, which I love doing. I usually go to one closer to my apartment, with the biggest Buddha in NYC, but this time I went to one on Mott. Crazy, crazy, my fortune was quite interesting and it had two things that slightly freaked me out (in a good way). It mentioned a blue moon -- which there was on Friday -- and also about moths. The day before I saw a movie with moths!!!!!! ....So, then I get to the restaurant and meet up with Kizz -- and WTF, she comes in wearing the SAME EXACT FLATS I BOUGHT JUST MOMENTS BEFORE! AHHHH! What are the chances, in this whole entire city of shoes that I would happen to buy the same pair that my friend would be wearing the day we are meeting up!!!! SOOO CRAZY!

Anyway, after freaking out about that. I tell her about my fortune and we discuss....then I tell her I have another fortune from a prior time in my bag and I should see what that says -- to compare. I reach in, look, it has the same words...hmm?... I thought it was it, but guess I was wrong, so I fish around and find another, open that up and OMFG, it's the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the same fortune twice, months apart, from two different temples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me that isn't freaky?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, after eating, we head to Hotel Chantelle for Monday Bingo with the amazing and hilarious Murray Hill and Linda Simpson. I play the silly mental game of, "If I win, it means this..." and holy crap, I won two times!!!! The first was a lovely beach towel and the Satina Sister dolls, of which I gave to Kizz. She teaches pre-school, so its for the kids....

Anyway, that last part wasn't so strange per se, but in the wake of all this crazy stuff happening I tell my friend about my 119 thing -- how I always see that number in the oddest places. Last time was a few weeks ago when I bought a pair of shoes. When I got them home I noticed one of them had pieces of tape on the inside with numbers on it. I pulled off the top one #256, and the number underneath was 119!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fucking crazy is that! ....So, tonight, after telling Kizzi about 119, and how people will see it with me in a weird way after I tell them about it, guess what was the jackpot amount for Bingo that night??? $119!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES $119!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And even crazier than that, Kizzi wins it!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN??????? Am I crazy or is the universe trying to tell me something????