Monday, July 29, 2013

Sun In Leo

Flaunt It!

Due to the fact we had to shoot two weeks of Style By Sign in one day, there were only pics of the main outfit...

As for how to Bite My Style:
Thanks to my new eBay addiction, I scored this lovey dress....although I wasn't sure if the small would fit me, I was able to stuff myself in...Although when I got the dress in the mail, I put it on and it was super hot in my apartment and argh, it took me forever to get out of it, since the zipper only goes part way and the top is narrow. I got so frustrated I called my friend Mina half way through to moan...Anyway, after that, I realized I was retarded and since, have not had problems...And the dress is beyond cuteness! It's from a British company called Hell Bunny. I have to say I was way impressed with the quality and would for sure venture out to buy something from them again...and as for my cute white clogs, they are from Marc Jacobs--and they are comfortable as hell!!!!! I got them a while back, before a trip to Seoul and was able to walk all over their crazy sidewalks, side streets and hills for hours on end! 

As for the other accoutrements, my gold fan earrings are from G-ma; Scorpio nameplate necklace from some boutique in Brooklyn and bangles are the ones from my cute friend Ingrid. As for my rings, which may be hard to see: one is a cute "Zombie's Lunch" ring I found on Etsy, at a shop called CatrinasToybox and another is my Scorpio glyph, also from Etsy, from MarieKDesigns. She is a sweetie and her rings may look delicate, but are totally durable. She does the entire zodiac, but Gemini, which she is still working out, but once she does, I'll be sporting it, as it's my Rising Sign! Also on my right hand is my Kiki nameplate ring, that I got in all the weirdest places -- Disneyworld! (At Epcot in Mexico!)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pluto And Mars Face Off

There's No Escaping The Dramatics

I must be better than German TV, because I don't think the route to Rheinsberg has seen this much glamour since the turn of two centuries before last. Those little blonde German children couldn't even blink when gazing upon me -- granted, this was only when I was officially in the middle of nowhere Germany and I was on a bus boarded at Neuruppin. A 45-minute ride that gave me just enough time to transform completely in clothes and make-up into something special to reunite with my awesome and amazing Shlomi, who was there to perform in Barber of Seville.

...And even though I was sent a detailed itinerary, down to the minute of each arrival and departure and even approximate walk times between platforms, I still fucked it up. Two minutes before the proper stop, I got off. What the fuck I was thinking? This is Germany and if the arrival time says 13:16, it's 13:16, not 13:14.

If I had any brain, I'd of put it all together before it was too late, seeing that there was no Shlomi, a two-minute time difference and then the nothingness of where the stop was located, as in no castle in sight, which was my destination... So, there I was looking like a craigslist hooker walking down the road in this German countryside with nothing, but field, forest and asphalt surrounding me: Me, Asian and in rhinestoned-encrusted silver heels, animal print short-shorts, red lips, big hair and flashy and obviously fake jewels.

Thankfully, my shoes were comfy and walking wasn't a bitch, even in the dirt. However, the 100 degree weather was. I tried flagging down passing buses, but to no avail -- although a few drivers did wave back...and seeing there were a few buses, I happily assumed the stop had to be somewhere obvious and if walking was the only way, it could be done....but when I got to an abandoned-looking gas station down the road, with only three random characters there, it made me wonder where I was going to wind up, as my resistance was low...Yes, from there I jumped into the back of a van with tinted windows with two complete strangers. One, never did I see without his sunglasses on and the other was shaving in the mirror of the passenger window and saying in seconds they had to be at the castle in a hurried manner like The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, but resembling the professor from Back To The Future.

Seems they just happen to be on their way to meet their old friend for lunch, the Creative Director of the opera, and was heading to the castle too! Hoorah! I didn't even care if they were actually serial rapists at that point, I just wanted out from the sun and being anywhere other than were I was...but all was fine and my wacky new friends were a pure delight. If anything, my entrance into town was even more dramatic that planned.

...Yet, that was only the start of the amazing time to come and the fabulous people I'd meet...

P.S. As for my 2¢ about the production: WUNDERBAR! PHANTASTISCH! I have seen many operas (mostly at the MET. My favorite opera is La Cenerentola) and this is my second time seeing Barber of Seville. The first time was at the Vienna Opera House, but the Rheinsberg production superseded that experience and will be the Barber of Seville I will remember always.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon In Aquarius

Friends Forever
(click for creepy friendship song)

Celebrate your friends, no matter who they are! Time to spread the love!!!

Iconic TV Songs About Friendship:

Sun Enters Leo

Lights, Camera, Action

My fave Style By Sign video of the week: Leo!

Bite My Style
In honor of Leo, we (Jozie and I) went for a new approach to my hair. Plus, on a day we had to do 24 videos, we had to make it more structural, to not f-up the green screen magic you see in the background...Anyway, as for the outfit, I scored this gray number on eBay--which I can see why it was being sold off, because it makes one look like a hippo...So, to offset, I have my lovely In God We Trust "Sweet Tits" necklace, dangle earrings from my grandmother, pyramid ring from Patricia Field, mint oblong ring from somewhere in Istanbul, mint green ring with sparkle from Modcloth, leather strap bracelet from Hotic in Istanbul, and lucky charm bracelet from Archie McVee's jumbo super awesome surprise box -- one of my favorite b-day presents ever, from my friend Arion, AKA LaLa, and this was back when they had a jumbo box, which was enormous and filled with the most ridiculous things ever! Love!

Venus Enters Virgo

Do What You Must, To Get Yourself Off

Venus in Virgo isn't a time romance, love and fantasy happens in the way most dream. Instead, it's the mechanics of those things that will go under the microscope.  At best, this just means fine tuning your pleasures to work for you, or at the worst, be driven like a slave for the sake of getting off. Either or, it's meant to bring out the best of your pleasures for easily accessibility and efficiency. So, as you enter this phase, which will last until August 16, put your thinking cap on for what you crave, because results is always the aim for any Virgo-esque transit, and this one happens to involve feeling good.

As per sign, what will need working on:
Aries: Being humble and of service to others.
Taurus: Enforcing your ego.
Gemini: Trusting your foundation for love to grow on.
Cancer: Speaking your needs and emotions. Saying what you want directly.
Leo: Investing into what makes you comfortable.
Virgo: Setting priorities back onto you.
Libra: Having a good conscience for all that gets you off.
Scorpio: Inciting a revolutionary attitude about love.
Sagittarius: Putting all that you love on a pedestal.
Capricorn: Allowing your spirituality to evolve.
Aquarius: Being brave to dig deeper into your emotions.
Pisces: Making sure you get what you are give.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Uranus Goes Retrograde in Aries

You Just Won't Be Yourself These Days...

As the planet of ingenuity stalls in the sign all about you, don't expect anything about yourself to be the same -- which can be a great or grim thing....Hmmm, time to see how much you love or hate yourself.

...and better late, than never...Here is my fave Style By Sign video of the week: ARIES!

Bite My Style
Due to shooting 24 videos in a day, didn't keep up with the pics of all the outfit changes...but as for my main one, it was simple and sweet: pink heart print dress from Modcloth and black suede wedges from Jeffrey Campbell, which I got years ago and were the first I bought from Jeffrey Campbell and sort of fell apart after the first time I wore them. The wedge is rubber, which doesn't make for the nails holding down the suede to work so well. Most of them stayed in, but you know, you'd expect them all to stay in....Yet, I still bought more shoes from them.

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Moon In Cancer

Disguise As Your Defense And Loving It

Happy New Moon On Monday Y'all!

This week's Style By Sign is CHOCK-FULL of precious moments! Cancer wins for the week because it's a New Moon in Cancer today and the brilliance of Jeffrey P., AKA the Steven Spielberg of the Internet. I'm homeless, I'm a black sheep...Only under this direction could I bring out these emotions....and also in the entire mix are a slew of new characters...

I know this picture is far and blurry, but you can see my dress in the videos or if you click on the pic. The lace from the sleeves extends to the back, so it's got that sexy touch to balance the sweetness. I got it at Modcloth. My belt is Ted Baker and my clogs are Jeffrey Campbell. I have to admit, I love J.C. shoes, in terms of style, and have a few, but dang, they fall apart easily. Still, I love them and get them fixed every time, but I'll no longer buy them.
My dress is a hand-me-down from my sister from ages ago. I love it, the collar is my fave. It's wool, so it's only for fall, winter and these occasions. My blood drip choker I love!!!! I got it at a goth store in the East Village somewhere. I was told someone in Brooklyn makes them. Love!...and my cigarette is actually a necklace. I'm holding the chain in my hand, so that's why I am holding it a little strange....And the extra arm is Jeffrey, my stage daddy.
Ooh, love my old lady look that came out again. Pink Flamingo fascinator from DollsvilleNYC, blue silk dress is my mom's dress from the 80s, and the long green ring is from Istanbul, the flower Lego ring is from the Hester Street Fair and the other shiny bauble is from modcloth and of course, the strands of pearls from random sources Fake glasses from the streets of Chinatown.
As for my Prancersize homage: my wig is my grandmother's from the 70s, the pink sweater is Allie's (Our awesome Assistant Producer and host of her own LookTV Show on DIY-ing) and the pants are from Uniglo, which is down the street from the Bedrocket headquarters. Wilma Flintstone necklace a gift and pearl drop clip-on earrings are my grandmother's.

Saturn Goes Direct In Scorpio

Turmoil, Back On Full Blast

Oh yeah, got to love it, bad ass Saturn is back to full tilt boogie and in that crazy bitch Scorpio. To honor it in true Mercury Rx style, here's one from the archives, Life Sucks!

I wrote this gem when I was a teenager, for the hardcore band I joined when i was 15, called E.G.O., which stood for Extra Genital Orgasm. We formed one night at our friend Roberta's post X-mas party, where we had crazy experiences ouija-ing. It was my friend Inchan's idea and his band name. He was the guy that was in a band with anyone and everyone with any musical ability, even if it was just being into the same stuff.

By default of not knowing how to play any instruments, I was the lead singer. And of course I can't  sing, so we were hardcore, because I could scream. We had a rehearsal the next day, where we composed a song about the Ouija and I went outside to scream my lyrics, while Inchan and Christine, the two in the band that could play music, banged something out on a baby grand piano in Christine's living room with the front door open, so we could hear each other. That lasted for an hour or so.

Six months later, we had another rehearsal. This time, in Inchan's garage with a real set-up -- drums, guitar and amps. Inchan even drank beer....Our friend John did say, from his experience of being in a band wth Inchan that, "... he always takes over the whole band."

Obviously, I was totally cool with that, since the only thing I liked about any of it was saying I was in a hardcore band, which I actually had no one to tell. Eventually, I did get booted to the back, to the drums, but I did sign up for lessons, but only got so far as to buy the sticks and carry them around. I just couldn't wake up early enough to get to any lesson. My life as a pseudo rock star was a disaster and had no chance. All I could get down were the habits.

Anyway, Life Sucks was actually written after my first day of college, when I was17, in 5 minutes, because in that deep desperation, I really did wish E.G.O. could of been my option. That was/is how I felt/feel and somewhere in another dimension, it would of been our band's anthem song.

...and years later, I put it in my 1st book ANGST, but under the name Babelicious, who I made live in London, in hopes the publisher would think there was an audience there and would send me there. Of course, they never did, but in the book I did include 4 of the poems from my teenage days.....and it seems nothing has changed at all.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Venus In Leo

Starlight, Starbright

Bite My Style
Be careful of what you wish for... It is probably obvious, I'm a gal that likes to having her get ups, but with Style By Sign, I'm now on a shopping treadmill! Yes, I spend many of my spare waking minutes hunting for new looks and have found a new appreciation for eBay.... And that's where I scored this cute scooter dress on this week's segment. It's actually a part of an adorable suit, which will be seen in full in the fall... And argh, learned again not to disregard label tags. It's made of rayon and says dry clean only, but I decided to hand wash anyway and duh, it did shrink. That made me sad to know, as I realized I fucked up something new I bought, but it made me happy to know I didn't gain a few mysterious pounds in just days.

As for the rest of my look: earrings are my grandmother's; horse shoe locket necklace from CosmicGirl on Etsy, inside a pic of my favorite Santa Claus; gray shirt with black bow from Forever 21; brown booties from somewhere on 23rd St. between 5th and 6th; and adorable collar socks made by Salome Mamrikishvili. I met her at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn, where you can find her every Sunday hocking her cute wares.

As for this week's characters: The eccentric aunt has a amazing DollsvilleNYC pink flamingo fascinator. I bought it a while back and got to wear it to a camp wedding and have been dying to have an occasion to break it out again--and here we are! My pearls are from various sources and the dress is my mom's from the 80s.
My Dorothy Gale intepretation is comprised of white chiffon top from American Apparel, Blue Gingham skirt from American Apparel, collar socks are made by Salome Mamrikishvili and Red Bow Wedges are from Melissa.