Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon In Libra, In My 12th House


I know I am ridiculously late on posting (4/13 today), but unfortunately there was a death in the family...While others were in total fear of this "monster moon" early on, after reading about it on, I feared not, but oh how I was wrong...

On March 13, my grandmother passed away, after turning it out for over 90 years (she always kept her age vague). A Scorpio like me, with a birthday just three days ahead of mine, she was a lady in every sense of the word and an amazing role model that I feel lucky to share the same DNA as. A total trailblazer, like being an economics major in college in China in the 1930's or being by my grandfather's side as he led the first Asian protest to City Hall in NYC, she made everything seem effortless. Her legacy to me made me feel all was possible and that it could be fun and it should be glamorous too. To honor her, I accepted the chance to eulogize her at her funeral:

Teresa Tom (November 13 19??-March 13 2013)
I’m lucky that I got a hip and hot grandmother. While other kids got cookies, mine wanted to gamble and drink with me… mine encouraged my fascination with high-heels and makeup at the age of four, reminding me always to, “Walk, talk, act like a lady.”

…Then there was the time I was a teenager, and she caught me with a boy, but never busted me to my parents. She asked me if he was nice. I said, “Yes,” and she never mentioned it again.

I knew she trusted I wasn’t senseless. She accepted me to be who I am, and never talked down to me or told me what to do… But, of course, she did like sharing her opinions. In our gossiping one day, she told me that for a relationship to work, the man has to be the smarter one, because a woman would get bored of a dumb guy, but a man would never get bored of being the smarter one…Then, another time, when she came over to my overpriced apartment in a rat-infested Mott St. building and said, “Well, once you close the door it’s all worth it.”

She always kept an open-mind and wanted to see the best in this world, never losing her chutzpah or composure. Always elegant, even in the face of life’s worst challenges, I aspire to her level of grace, generosity and courage. Having taught me by example, I loved that she showed me the world with a sense of adventure: to explore it, be a part of it, own it, make friends in it, fall in love in it, have purpose in it, enjoy it and most importantly, look good in it.  

I believe our spirits will meet again and our love is eternal. A gazillion thank you’s would never be enough, MaMa forever!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Venus Enters Aries

Deeper, Harder, Fuller.

I just realized it's so apropos that I just made a mix called, Brainwash, comprised of military marching music and other musical propaganda from fucked places and today Venus entered Aries.

...Yup, the pleasure planet is in the sign of war, making now until April 15 days you'll want packed with productivity. If need be,  take in some kool-aid, and get its rush. For me, having added these songs into my head while doing household chores or any menial task, like cleaning dishes, scrubbing the toilet, etc. It makes me feel like I'm getting the job done better, and even better as I go along...and for all mankind....

Brainwash Sampler:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sun Enters Aries, The Spring Equinox

And We're Off! ( insert bang sound to emphasize)

Like entering the last stretch of a marathon, Spring is here -- which means Aries is in full effect and the new astrological year begins! New beginnings are ahead, with growing as the theme and non-stop energy the speed, so move, move, move...

As for places to focus your burst of energy on, it is as suggested:
Aries: Your Look.
Taurus: Your Sanity
Gemini: Your Social life
Cancer: Your Career
Leo: Your Passport Use.
Virgo: Your Money
Libra: Your Relationships
Scorpio: Your Health
Sagittarius: Your Hair
Capricorn: Your Authority
Aquarius: Your Intellect
Pisces: Your Bare Minimum

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct In Pisces

You: The universe is telling me what?

Mercury is back into forward motion as of 4:03 pm EST today, which means forward-ho. So, with Pisces, the ruler of the feet, it makes it an International Shoe Buying Week! To get your body and mind revved for the road ahead, think shoes!

(It's so weird, I am not really a shoe addict per se, but one time of year I go nuts and buy all the shoes I usually get for a year, and it always winds up being Pisces time...So far over the weekend I bought two pairs of boots. A brown suede pair and a silver glitter pair. The week before, I got cute green platforms and started the season with new riding boots. Today, I can't stop looking at slingbacks for summer...The sales are so good out there!!!!)

....and I'm a gal that does like to hunt for a good deal, in person and on the internet. I just love to shop...One of the best is 6pm. They seem to always have the lowest prices, no shipping and most of the shoes have a video of someone wearing them, so you can see them in action, which is as close as doing it yourself. If anything, it's more info that helps with the hunt.

(Can't get it to be bigger...scroll around and see the cute silver boots I needed...)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mars Enters Aries

Fearlessly tough and ready to roll!

The universe is slightly back in order with the Mars, the planet of war, going back to its cosmic home in Aries. This means 110% pure energy to charge ahead. Destination: invincibility.

To help bring on the vibe, a Mars in Aries theme song with a retro twist. After all, we still have 5 more days of retrograde...

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Moon In Pisces

Feel It! Feel It! Feel The Burn!

When it comes to emotional breakdowns, no one does it like Pisces. As the last sign of the zodiac, they accumulate everything -- as in energy, emotions, knowledge, etc. Everything. So, its no wonder they are also the ruler of insane asylums, as balance is a tenuous thing for them, as they can go out of whack as easily as stepping on the wrong side of a sidewalk crack. If they don't know how to channel their energy amid what they receive around them, then can wind up in a sponge-like-state just reflecting the chaos or calm that surrounds them rather than knowing what they feel or think as a priority.

While always a work in progress, Pisces is changeable and at times, completely unreliable, as they are truly moment to moment, and can get easily sidetracked by guilt, faith, superstition and romance. So, as we enter this new moon in Pisces, celebrate your lovely craziness and indulge those emotions extremely, as in hitting bottom and top, purging and perfecting, as that is how you will gain more character and less nonsense. As for places per sign you want to feel this burn:

Aries: Your sense of karma.
Taurus: Your humanity.
Gemini: Your aspirations.
Cancer: Your idols.
Leo: Your perversions.
Virgo: Your sense of equality.
Libra: Your idea of purpose.
Scorpio: Your belief in chance.
Sagittarius: Your roots.
Capricorn: Your methods of communication.
Aquarius: Your perception of ease.
Pisces: Your sense of urgency.