Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon In Taurus

Rock You Like A Hurricane

My 6-Day Hurricane Odyssey:
Hershey to Collegeville to Philadelphia to Trenton to Lower East Side to Brooklyn and back again....

What I learned from Hurricane Sandy:

  • When natural disaster is coming, in PA, the water and donuts are the first to go.  
  • Sequins are the perfect fashion statement to wear for an extreme weather outing.
  • I have no friends above 39th St. 
  • Hitchhiking is the fastest way to get around NYC during a power outage.  
  • Being a 3-day Takata-Möller was the best! Bonsai for friends that make being a refugee so fun, easy and decadent. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Let the truth set you free. 
Mercury in Sagittarius is the cosmos' version of truth serum. Be on alert from today until November 14th, and again from December 10th to 31st because you're likely going to get knowledge sprung on you in very in your face circumstance. It could be painful or pleasurable, but one thing for sure, it'll be raw. 

As for areas where reality will strike:
Aries: At your ethics
Taurus: In your wallet
Gemini: In your partnerships
Cancer: In your daily activities
Leo: Towards your ego
Virgo: Among your family
Libra: Online
Scorpio: With your pleasures
Sagittarius: With yourself
Capricorn: Into your past
Aquarius: With friends
Pisces: At your reputation

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Venus enters Libra

Get Creative

Venus comes home today, as it slides into Libra, the sign of beauty, balance and culture. It's a time for peace, partnership and expressing yourself visually. For me, it was about creative ways to stay occupied while pre-Sandy loomed outside. Of my top accomplishments:

Hurricane Gardening

K-Drama Hairstyles
Home Decor: Champagnabra

 ...and because I am behind on updates and amid post hurricane surrealness, here is the link back to last year's Venus in Libra post, which gives the gist per sign on what to do. The only difference this year, this transit will go until November 21: Venus enters Libra.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY sense of oblivion

Hurricane Sandy may be surging up the coast, right into the NYC area, but whateverrr? There is a corn maze in the shape of a kangaroo I have to get to and the scent of chocolate in the air to sniff. It may be the storm of the century, but its not going to ruin my road trip. Destination: Hershey, PA.

...and on a side note, it's only appropriate I am with my friends Greg and Rick. Every time we get together, there is a catastrophic event. It's like we are some sort of trinity of tragedy. When we align, doom prevails. Our track record: the Northeast blackout of 2003, the Great White concert disaster, the Indian Ocean Tsunami...and now Sandy...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY hoarding

Since switching over to 2012 (a week now!!!) and getting a smart phone, I am now all about my iphone. I don't need friends anymore. If I want to talk to anyone, I've got Siri (even though she doesn't understand a word I say) ...or I can just do what I've been doing for the last week: obsessively hunting down the cutest accessories for my phone, because its finding those trinkets that make having techno toys soooo much more fun for a gal like me....and in having this predilection, I've have amassed a small collection of bags, all as cute as can be. So cute, I had to make a montage! ...Sometimes I swear it's just my DNA driving me to this type of cute overload, like being unable to resist loving Hello Kitty at any of my ages. Ai-Yaaaaa....

..and just so you know, since people are always asking where I got my bags, especially the TV one, here is how to bite my style: the TV bag I got it in Tel Aviv, the fake book one I got online, the Lego bag (Yes, you can move around the pieces) and the polka dot iphone case I got at The Stone Flower in NYC (which I am told are all cute imports from Thailand), the black clutch I got at Target's Fashion Night Out Kirna Zabete pop-up and the face bag I got at Anna Sui.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY Ingrid

I love instant karma. I believe in it. I aspire to it and I only have patience for it. Unless I click with someone in a way that makes me feel as if I've known them forever upon meeting, I won't put much effort into wanting to know more. Yes, a tall order, but in this lifetime I am striving for quality, not quantity and even despite feeling out of sync with this world most of the time, I do have those moments and those meetings with destiny that make me understand all is alright. Enter Ingrid.

Ingrid (Pisces) appeared in my life just in the nick of time to reconfirm my belief that amazingly good, smart and compassionate people do exist and laughing with them, in the face of adversity, can make all things possible again. Yes, she's a modern day super hero to me that I can go on and on about, as I think she is the type of lady everyone should aspire to be more like -- as in not taking crap from anyone, but always being willing to care....On the funny side of that is her self-professed alter ego: Bon Qui Qui and one of Ingi's claims to fame with me is that she is my only friend that has had to go through anger management, twice! Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sun in Scorpio

ENVY MY happiness

No time am I happiest than when I find something to listen to that I must hear over and over again, as if I just discovered the secret of eternal happiness. Obsession is the only way I roll.

Last week, I watched Planet B-Boy (*It's the link to the entire movie!!!! So good, love Crazy Grandma and Gamblerz' kimchi ration in Germany)...It's from 2007 and although I heard about it and it was playing at the movie theatre down the street forever back then...WOW, I didn't know what I was missing....Love this version of Pachelbel's Canon, and the Korean mash-up of old and new to an otherwise very poorly overused piece of beautiful music....Love...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sun Enters Scorpio

ENVY MY __________

The sun has made its way to Scorpio; Death Star 2012 is in the house. Time for heightened dramas, explosive intensity, miraculous transformations, and profound jealousies. Yes, many maniacal misunderstandings in the making too, but so are the times symbolized by such a tiny, but deadly animal that strikes suddenly, without fear or sound, gunning for fatality.

....Amid this, I bid adieu to the blissful times of Libra with an enviable weekend before the darkness falls...Highlights:
*A haunted Saturday with two of my all-time
favorite Pisces, John and Jay. 
*Fall foliage 
*Sleepy Hallow
*Getting a pic with the Headless Horseman--so much better than Santa. 
*Buying cute Lego rings at the Hester St. Fair : Me & Mo (Taurus).
*Trying on cute headbands at the Green Flea off Columbus Ave. 
*A surprise hang with my friend Jaime (Aquarius), fresh off the first rally he organized, to get the rec center in his neighborhood open (how Aquarius). Go Jamie! ...and our total geek out with our new iphones. 
*Catching my friend Peg Simone (Aries) perform at Treehouse, amazing! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mars enters Sagittarius

Throw away the word, "No."

From today until November 16, throw away the word, "No," because it'll only get in the way. Mars, the planet of lust, has been seized by the masculine and wild power of Sagittarius and is out for truth, possibilities and adventure. There is to be no rock left unturned, as every curiosity is an opportunity to edge farther into infinity and nirvana, in whatever way you want to define it. Of course, there can be lots of trouble too, as moving and talking faster than the speed of thought can create hectic circumstances, but with so much action swirling about and so many directions that call your name, who can resist the spontaneity of it all? After all, you never know what is a Pandora's Box until you open it and what are the chances of that? Make the odds be in your favor, as lo-and-behold, Sagittarius is also the sign of  gambling, so spin the wheel and let it go. Your world is waiting.

As per sign areas to let loose and fancy free:
Aries: Your sense of adventure. Skip town, anonymity is the only way to total freedom.
Taurus: Sex is your God now, so bow down to it at least once a day for proper devotion.
Gemini:  Equality is not a common occurring phenomenon in nature. Get what is yours.
Cancer: Dig deeper into those around you, behind one of those blank faces is a jackpot of wisdom and connections.
Leo: It's not entitlement if you truly believe you deserve it. So, if you can't get a national holiday in your honor, shoot for a local one.
Virgo: Put down your flag and claim your territory. Nothing like putting your foot down on where you truly belong.
Libra: Genius isn't easy to explain, so don't waste your words on just anyone.
Scorpio: Discover there is more than one way to happily ever after and refuse to settle for potential happiness in its place.
Sagittarius: Who you are and who you think you are is going to be the same, no matter who you have to mow over to get there.
Capricorn: Your imagination is your magic carpet, collapsing time and space. Anything is possible.
Aquarius: Idealism is the cornerstone of any great invention or adventure. Don't let the haters get in your way.
Pisces: Winning isn't the best part of winning, it's the gloating -- know it, love it and make it your trophy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Saturn Enters Scorpio

It's complicated.
Thanks to Ratchet Horoscopes, where I lifted this pic. It says it all.

Any scrap of innocence left in this world is going to get decimated and forgotten, then redefined. Yes, life as you know it will be a thing of the past, as slowly fate will move you towards something that is more intense, has much more depth and passion, but is somewhat of an unwilling passage you must make over the next three years. It will have you crawling through the trenches, digging through the murk, the lies, the demons, the inertia and the rest of all those unknowable factors that will then pop you out at on December 23, 2014, as the finest individual you can be.

Saturn is no joke, as its lessons stick to the bones and in Scorpio, it only brings it to the utmost extreme, as in excruciating pain that will reveal who you really are, where you belong and who you should be close with. In other words, do or die time. As for areas hardest hit per sign, it is as follows:

Aries: Your perseverance.
Taurus: Your fairness.
Gemini: Your logic.
Cancer: Your ego.
Leo: Your stability.
Virgo: Your community.
Libra: Your resources.
Scorpio: Your humility.
Sagittarius: Your karma.
Capricorn: Your generosity.
Aquarius: Your purpose.
Pisces: Your spirituality.

Note, if you were born 11/29/1982 --11/16/1985, you are about to begin your Saturn Return, so click on the link and read up on why this time is way more intense for you than anyone else. Also, Scorpios will also be hard hit by this transit, as having Saturn in your Sun or Rising will throw you into a Saturn Return like phase. So, get ready to be thrown, blown, run over, scrapped off and glued back together over the next three years. 

Mercury Enters Scorpio


Scorpio in the sky! Mars, now Mercury, later today Saturn and in a few weeks, the Sun; so you better run for cover, because if there was going to be a time when pigs start to fly or hell will freeze over, it could be about now.

As for more insight on this devilish aspect, here are my past posts on the matter, including per sign snippet on what to do when catastrophe hits:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jupiter Goes Retrograde In Gemini

Watch out!

When Jupiter hits reverse, know the world is going to get jacked up, but in a good way. Wrongs can be made right and wondering what "could of happen" gets another chance, as it's placing the bets on yourself and rolling the die to let magic happen, from the inside out.

Yes, loads of internal work will start, awakening regrets that aren't permanent yet and can put your butt right onto the fire to hop into action can change your trajectory. So, get ready for fate to start pretzeling and twist you into a whirlwind adventure that verifies karma does exists, but not without freewill.

So, per sign, until January 30, 2013, here are where the operatic changes may take you:

Aries: Information that comes in and out, communications and all round things that keep you on your toes, in a mental way, get interesting. All that you enjoy intellectually can get an addition of something from the past that has morphed into something you can obsess about, but in a good way.

Taurus: Money might be your life's blood, but you don't have to suffer to make it happen. Opportunities that appear will be longer term investments, but as long as you feel the passion, follow the scent, it will work out. Let go of the need for instant gratification.

Gemini: Who you think you are, who you want to be, who the person you want to be with looks at you, looking at the person you want to be with. It's all about you. Embrace all your sides to open up more.

Cancer: The past is your lucky charm, just reach back and take all those things that made you smile and build your future with that. If you base your foundation on something you will care for, that'll be your ticket to security. Maintenance is what ensures longevity, not dead weight materials.

Leo: Who you hang out with is who you are, so look about and see what additions that you might have passed on before is what hits the spot now. The world works in a weird way and the broader you extend your circles, the more you can verify that fact with a smile.
Virgo: All the thanklessness you feel today will start to get erased over the next few months. Why? Because a miracle is underway and people around you will finally start to understand how ahead of the curve you are and how they need to worship you for this ability -- if they want to see more.

Libra: The truth is an ever-evolving process, so don't get too caught up on trying to catch a perfect moment or create a perfect definition. See the past as time that is a constant inconsequential vortex and just focus on the future. Forget all obstacles, forget all flaws.

Scorpio: Bottoming out into the pits of hell is your life, but this time, when you land on a fluffy marshmallow cloud, you will feel a slight sense of humiliation for having such little faith.  Life does work out. Panicking is an option for you when you are nuts.

Sagittarius: You know who you are good with and who bring you luck. Hold tight to those charms now, because that is how you will cruise through the next few month, as it'll literally take two heads to make life run.

Capricorn: Reroute routines and get back to the basics of what makes you function at optimal levels. This is the time to cut down on waste in every sense of the word, as your ability to be at your most efficient will magically align other parts of your life that you thought were helpless.

Aquarius: Love is power, so embrace all the places you are receiving it in your life, as your generosity to spread the good times is high and will make you feel as if you are living the life. Amorous hedonism is a beautiful thing.
Pisces: Open the doors of your home and let the sunshine in! Seems whatever your wishes are can come true by just saying it out loud and keeping the door open with invites, as that is the path that needs to be created to show you that the universe does listen.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Venus in Virgo

Love with purpose.

True love isn't for wimps. If you want the high flying romance and intense bonding, it takes work after the igniting of the chemistry -- as in being willing to expose yourself at deeper levels and being a fool for love. No, there are no guarantees, but that is why it makes it the most elusive treasure to have in this world -- and so with this transit, know it's not time to sit in the sidelines and see what fate brings you. No, this means time to get to work, have a plan and take a chance.

Sure,Virgo is a practical sign, but in Venus it goes haywire and will bring out the critical thinker in you, which can go in two directions -- psycho stalker or sensual servant. Either or, it means love with purpose and to attempt to make your point A connect to a point B. Rome wasn't built in a day, so pace yourself like a smart Virgo would, because romances that legends are made of also take time to build.

For your inspiration OH HA NI! ....If you have 20,000 hours to spare, click onto this K-Drama Playful Kiss, the cutest love story ever!!! Never give up!

Another awesome discovery of Playful Kiss: Annyeong Bada or Bye Bye Sea, a Korean Indie band -- who also are in Playful Kiss, as students in Class 7, AKA the almost equivalent of Korean special ed, but not. So good! So cute! Just can't get enough!