Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius

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P.S. Pic shot by the delicious lovely known as Eric Ray Davidson, fashion photographer extraordinaire and make-up is by my uber-pretty and talented friend Stevie Huynh, who also sweetly organized this shoot...and styled it too.... I just had to show up! Xoxox to you both for a totally va-va-voom pic!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sun enters Capricorn

Whipping it all into shape.

Even despite all the insanity of Mercury Rx, Capricorn's power of efficiency can't be slowed, as in whipping all back into shape... As you might know, I like to tempt fate, but it does seem that I always have communication heavy activities when I am hitting the retrograde. Of course with X-mas underway, it's those holiday errands taking control--but this time around, X-mas miracles were all abound, and despite the obstacles, all wound up working out and I own this to the power of a Capricorn sun.

Example: My camera died on the first day of the retrograde, with no warning--as it was working smoothly the day before. I thought it was going to be hell getting it fixed, especially after going to the usual place with my warranty and told I had to send it back to the factory--which just sounded like the most impossible situation, as it was the holidays and Mercury Rx too...I saw a calender with months peeling away in my mind that went into 2012...but less than a week later, it came back all ready to go and despite what I read all over the Internet, I wasn't even charged for it! X-mas miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, as for the places in your life that you will experience a lift in efficiency:
Aries: Your sense of authority
Taurus: Higher learning, could be spiritual or even educational
Gemini: Power and revenge if you want it
Cancer: Commitments and knowing where your loyalties lie
Leo: Being helpful to those around you
Virgo: Wielding the power of the spotlight
Libra: Dealing with family
Scorpio: Expressing yourself
Sagittarius: Feeling calm
Capricorn: Trying new things
Aquarius: Leaving sentiment behind
Pisces: New bonds either with new or old friends

Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini

Light, Dark, Light Again...

2:41 AM Total Eclipse Begins

3:16 AM Peak Eclipse

Welcome to the darkest day of the year...but to get to the light, you have to get past the dark. Viva, the surprises in store...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

Recheck your sanity.

Mercury retrograde has arrived as of 7:04 AM EST. That means the monkey wrench had been officially thrown into the communication works and you can expect snafus in all things that deal with talking, walking and breathing. You know it, nothing comes easy when the planet closest to the earth decides to go on a lunch break and leaves every one hanging to sort out its mess, like a bitter secretary...  You can try to fight it, or you can take its cue and realize nothing has to be so urgent or so black and white. In Capricorn, the sign of building, it's about slow progress anyway, so at the least, this retrograde will verify or decimate your hunches.

As for me, for sure, it's making me a believer all over again. As my friend has told me, "You know Kiki, I don't believe in all that stuff you do, but Mercury in retrograde, I totally believe in that."

You know it, despite the calamity, the universe is acting in a way I can get again, as in aspects/transits and planets acting the way they should. For me personally, the Mercury retrograde is in my 9th house, ruling international relationships and lo-and-behold, just prior to the official RX, which is when it starts to gurgle, I heard from a few friends I haven't heard from in a while and all of them overseas! My friend in Buenos Aries, a Nepali friend living in Japan and one of my BFFs from high school in Korea! What are the chances? So no matter what chaos I will be stepping into until December 29th (when this whole debacle will settle down), I get there is a method to this madness and that it ultimately means I am not nuts, astrology does happen! Yeaaaaaay!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mars enters Capricorn

Keep your eye on the prize.

I couldn't find a full streaming version of 80s comedy, Ruthless People, but found this smushed version of it instead--which works. After all, it's Mars in Capricorn, who has time to waste on being entertained? You get what you need and you move on. Think ruthless, people!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Uranus goes direct in Pisces

Come up with new ways of to give a shit.

This weekend I had my first shift as a volunteer for this amazing organization, called Right Rides. They are free service for women, LGBTQ and gender queer individuals, offering safe, late night rides home on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:59 PM - 3 AM, (early Saturday or Sunday morning) in up to 45 NYC neighborhoods across four NYC boroughs. Vehicles are sponsored by zip-car and to get a ride, all you have to do is call (888) 215-SAFE (7233) and voila!

Although I had signed up to be a driver, I didn't get my paperwork in on time, so instead I was the navigator...The deal for volunteers is you're paired up, driver and navigator, and then throughout the night you get texts from a dispatcher and then drive about to pick up people and drop them off. I've always had this fantasy of being a cab driver, romanticizing the strange encounters that can occur, as in people and places, so I thought this is a way to accomplish my Jim Jarmusch dream, while being of some use...The thing that wierded me out is that this service is soo amazing, I am surprised their phones weren't ringing off the hook!!! 

Seriously, we got two calls in two hours!!! That was only three drop-offs, which meant a lot of wasted time and fuel just driving around. No matter, it was interesting nonetheless...So yeah, if you live in NYC, save this # (888) 215-SAFE (7233) if you fall into any of the categories aforementioned, because this is a service for you! Save it, use it and pass it around! Maybe one night if we're lucky, you'll have me as your driver and I'll tell you your fortune! ...something is going to happen...

[If you aren't in NYC, don't fret. Right Rides may be coming to your city too. Contact Right Rides to find out how you can help make it happen faster.]

New Moon in Sagittarius

Hello world!

If you live in Australia or know of anyone that lives there, let them know Kiki T. is coming to town!!!!!!! Although I wish I literally was coming, I'll be there in my own little way--as in the details have been confirmed today, this crazy new moon in Sag day, that I am officially the new astrological columnist for Australian mag, Girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While this column will be more of the PG variety, since the readers are teen, it'll still be filled with the smartest star advice I can drum up to steer you from the do's and don'ts of the month...leaving your imagination to take it where you will, in terms of smut level.

Debuting in March 2011, be on the look be mine!