Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mercury Enters Capricorn

Are You Serious?

Mercury in Capricorn is no fucking around. Fact over fiction and order in the court 24-7. To keep semblance of sanity, dose with laughter as necessary.

Nastasha Leggero Coke Money

Anjelah Johnson  (Taurus)

Miss Swan (Alex Borstein Aquarius)

Lisa Lampanelli (Cancer)

Amy Schumer (Gemini)

Whitney Cummings (Virgo)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Uranus Goes Direct in Aries

Rebel With A Cause

Uranus is back in action in full speed absurd mode, cruising at the altitude of Aries -- which means time to get back to fighting the fights for what you feel would be for the greater good of this world. From honing your ingenious thinking to combat a disease to enforcing tough love on a wayward pup, which ever is your contribution, believe in it as it will save the world and so it shall be, so says Uranus in Aries.

Full Moon In Gemini

Double-fist It

Congratulations Y'all, we made it to the last full moon of 2013 and it's in Gemini! So, by nature of the moon's duality, double-fist all you can. Yes, under the light of the Full Cold Moon, grab all your options, because just one will never do now.

As for areas to double-fist your way to happiness:
Aries: Gossip/Information.
Taurus: Comfort/Money
Gemini: Control/Victory
Cancer: Escape/Compassion

Leo: Friendship/Ideology
Virgo: Authority/Respect
Libra: Truth/Freedom
Scorpio: Sex/Power

Sagittarius: Peace/Beauty
Capricorn: Convenience/Fulfillment

Aquarius: Romance/Worship
Pisces: Nurturing/Sanctuary

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mars Enters Libra

Time To Own Up

Mars is now in Libra until July 25, 2014! That is major news in the astro world because Mars, the planet of determination, ego, ambition and passionate-intensity-that-can-often-be-misunderstood-as-bitchery is usually done with each sign in 6 weeks. So, the fact that this masculine and sexual planet is going to lay back in Libra for over 7 months is heavy duty. As in there are going to be no more excuses to getting balance and peace into your life in a more meaningful way. After all, don't we all owe it to ourselves to feel life in the most absolutely pulchritudinous way capable? Of course, so here it goes with Mars in Libra, as in tick-tock...

As for places that will more dramatically feel this cosmic mandate, in terms of where to make changes or look for opportunities, it is as follows: 
(Remember to read your Sun sign and Rising sign (Click there to get your rising sign for free. You will need to know your time of birth.)
Aries: Restructuring your sense of equality with those closest to you, commitments, legal issues.
Taurus: Declaring peace with co-workers, taking back control of your time, maximizing your efforts for love and money.
Gemini: Working your creativity, falling in love for the beauty of it, being justly worshipped.
Cancer: Planting new roots, redefining your sense of security, dealings with family.
Leo: Challenging your brain, being community-minded, expressing yourself.
Virgo: Enjoying what you've earned, indulging your five senses, being self-assured.
Libra: Being a genius, starting a new journey, feeling motivated.
Scorpio: Learning to better balance reality and fantasy, trusting in karma, aiming towards Nirvana.
Sagittarius: Appreciating your truest friendships, helping the future be a better place, making solid connections.
Capricorn: Moving up the ladder of success, setting new standards, enjoying luxury.
Aquarius: Flexing your morality for strength and change, diving into new adventures, discovering new hopes and inspirations.
Pisces: Owning your inner power, practicing unconditional love, getting paid what you are worth and more.

The best holiday-related watch: The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moon In Leo

Modern Chivalry

Watch out ladies of the future, my intern is upping the bar on romance in a modern way -- by making a youtube declaration of love for his girl Nya. Who he will tell to watch this video when he sees her at school....Plus, he wanted to share his opinion on love. After learning about the reviling skywriter who wrote, "Gods Hates Fags," over Disney Orlando on Gay Days, he had something to say about it:

Lil J is 5, a Leo Rising and a Venus in Sagittarius (like me!). Yes, he's all lover!

We stopped by Nya's. She was fresh from a bath in her PJs, totally tickled pink to see Lil J. He then showed her his video, which impressed and overwhelmed her -- look at the cute couple just after that moment. (Cue video, meant to be a pic).

There were no words, except from Nya's Mom and her Mom's friend, who couldn't stop cooing over Lil J, who they already know and love. (Lil J's grandparents lived near Nya, that is how they met. Kindergarten only brought them closer)

...And it was obvious this wasn't Jake's first time expressing his emotions and from her gushing looks, he wasn't going into this blind. 20 minutes later, he told her she looked pretty. (OMG!) I then asked her if she thought he was handsome, to which she got all smiley and sweetly shook her head yes.

After, they ran around outside, kicked the soccer ball around, looked at the stars (He showed her the constellations with my phone.), played tag, pogo-ed and she put a glitter tattoo on him -- a total sign that a dude likes you, when he allows you to put make-up on him. Although, when she suggested one for his face, he said, "No." After all, he may be in love, but he's no fool for love.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sun Enters Sagittarius

Let Your Freedom Ring!

Yippee, a breath of new life comes today, as the Sun enters Sagittarius at 10:48 pm EST. Yes, time to turn the cosmic frown upside down -- as in saying goodbye to that deep, dark and deadly energy of Scorpio and welcoming the new guard of Sagittarius, bringing in hope, openness, spontaneity and truth. You know it, 'tis the season for flying by the seat of your pants, as it's all about learning, teaching and being, in the best way you know how. So, let your freedom ring!

As for areas per sign, sun and rising, you'll feel this surge of optimism and luck:
Aries: Keep your passport close at hand. Opportunities for the world are coming you.
Taurus: Get your freak on. Back, front, side-to-side, you'll want it from all angles.
Gemini: Believing in karma is putting it in action. To get it, give it. This time, it will add up.
Cancer: Existence is a flawed concept, so screw its rules. Stir it up now for profit and pleasure.

Leo: If life were fair, you wouldn't have been born so talented. Blow your own horn. Everyone will listen.
Virgo: Be as stubborn as you want to, as it'll make it that much sweeter to win at everything.
Libra: Trust your verbal auto-pilot skills, as words will fly from your mouth -- but their truth will set you free.
Scorpio: Luxury is your necessity now. Don't avoid it.

Sagittarius: Let your compulsions lead you and love it.
Capricorn: Escape through the rabbit-hole as many times possible.

Aquarius: If you ever wanted your own cult, this is your time to start it.
Pisces: There is nothing in this world that can't be yours right now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mercury Direct

All Is Right

JT Superstar wins The Tiger Award! A prestigious honor given to the 2 top students in each kindergarten classes for being a great role model and displaying a strong character!!!! Lil J goes over and beyond helping others! (and he is also the most advance in his class -- taking classes in higher grades. Brains, Sweetness, Compassion, Humor, Courage, Valor and 1000% Cuteness!!!)

YEAAAAH, BOOOO BEAR BRINGS HOME THE GOLD! This is like a Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy, Medal Of Honor, etc... all rolled into one!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct In Scorpio

Full Brain Function Resumes

My latest notebook: Moments Precieux!

Moments Precieux was a suprise from the last two days. I had the blank notebook lying about for weeks, meaning to paint it...but then time kept slipping by and I had the cute fabric covered book from AMS that I added stuff, to personalize...but it's not the same. I need my archives to be arranged properly...But I was lacking ideas, until Venus went to Capricorn and I just wanted to do it. I figured I could play around with my stuff, until something hits. With collage, it's  sorting out a puzzle and scavenging for the pieces.

Usually, I will have one hint, like the title, a concept or actual visuals--or a combo of the three. I love when it comes together and how amazing that feels to put finishing touches...

This time around, I was not working ahead of myself in any way. No ideas, but I liked the brown paper the best, so started by covering the entire notebook in it....Then, pulled out the supplies, started playing around and voila--as soon as the fence was laid, they were obviously tracks to me and obviously she would be at one end and the train at the other. Of course, despite the grim predicaments, there are still more than enough seconds for the track to get switched or she gets pulled off or she rolls off herself. She may not be tied to the tracks. She could of put on the blindfold herself. If anything, I see Moments Precieux as a study in hope.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jupiter Goes Retrograde In Cancer

Emotional Rescue

Jupiter retrograde is never bad, because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, adventure, truth and morality. So, as it stalls (until March 6, 2014), don't freak. By nature of what it represents, it always leaves room for optimism... Of course, the space for that hope could be tight, but rest assure, it'll never turn into a maelstrom of chaos out to ruin you (unlike other retrogrades)... However, Jupiter is  in Cancer now, which rules bottomless emotions, security and belonging. It's the sign of the sensitive suckler, with wishy-washy moodiness and defensiveness. So, at best, this will be a time with many extra emotional flourishes--and at worst, will have even more emotional flourishes....

As for areas per sign (sun and rising) these moments will strike, it is as follows:

  • Aries Home, Family, Security.
  • Taurus Community, Communication, Transportation
  • Gemini Money, Long-term planning, Self-esteem
  • Cancer Identity, Fresh Starts, Ego
  • Leo Fantasy, Charity, Worship
  • Virgo Hopes and Dreams, Friendships, Humanity
  • Libra Career, Reputation, History
  • Scorpio Spirituality, Hope, Understanding
  • Sagittarius Sex, Intimacy, Power
  • Capricorn Peace, Justice, Commitment
  • Aquarius Health, Productivity, Order
  • Pisces Love, Creativity, Celebration

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sun Enters Scorpio

It's The Season Of Sex!

Welcome to Sun In Scorpio, AKA The Season of Sex in the astrological world. This is when skeletons come out of the closet, freaky turn-ons make you compulsive and the whole act of getting off will feel as if it is a life or death matter, as this is the sign that also rules death, obsession and power. So, be ready to go at what you want 110%, because anything that doesn't feel extreme won't be worth your time.

As for the best ways to get off for each sign under this intense sign, it is as follow. Read for your sun and rising sign! Also, note these tips are excerpts from my monthly column in Cosmo For Latinas, which also includes horoscopes for singles and attached. (Link to be added.)
Trust is when you and your intended both can hold one key and make sure no one else gets their hands on it. Let out one of your skeletons in your closet. Then, roll those dice to see if lady luck does ride with you.
Pearl necklaces are classic and can never go wrong. So, collect as many strands this month and exchange the favor whenever possible.
Take up practicing the Kama Sutra or some exotic ancient sexual method, as your taste for spice will need a throwback for ultimate orgasmic explosion.
Let’s face it, sometimes you put in so much extra in bed that you should be paid for services rendered. This month, even the sexual playing field and remain the pretty bottom.
Get ready for your season of the anaconda. Yes, it’s going to get bigger and badder now, so get ready to suck out all the venom if you want to make it out alive.
Take in a more sensual slice of life by adding plusher blankets on your bed and wearing the softest of clothes. This month is going to be all about touch.
Change it up this month with new sensual personas. Try out new accents or use different names in bed. It’ll add a new dimension that can raise your sexual confidence like never before.
Hit the gym with your baby or flirt your ass off at one, because it’ll be at your sweatiest and strongest that your pheromones will be doing all they are meant to. Plus, who can resist multi-tasking?
You’ll be acing the orals this month and vice versa, as it’ll be with your mouth (and tongue (and theirs)) that you’ll find your sweetest paradises now.
Keep your mind open to adventures as they come, as feeding your compulsions will get your confidence back into top shape. No, not so romantic, but definitely racy.

First come, first severed. If that seems unfair to anyone, well then they just aren’t working as hard as they can. Make no excuses for yourself and have no regrets.
Amp up the competitive spirit with your person of interest. Seems friendly competition will turn sexual fast and can have you both reaching the finish line in harmony. It’ll be a perfect win-win situation.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

Fight The Power

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio sounds scary enough than to emphasize its direness more. So, instead, let's focus on the good. After all, Mercury Rx's don't always have to fuck every minute of every day. At the minimum, if you're lucky, this one lasting until Nov. 10th could be 51% fuckery and 49% possibility.

10 Ways Mercury in Scorpio Rx Can Be Your Bitch:
  1. Avenging yourself. This Mercury Rx is a karmic black hole, so feel free to play with your voodoo dolls.
  2. Removing warts, lice and other nastiness from your genitals (including pubes, if you see bush that way).
  3. Pissing on your territory again.
  4. Celebrating The Day of the Dead.
  5. Getting back owed money long overdue.
  6. Reversing a vasectomy.
  7. Removing ungrateful a-holes from your last will and testament.
  8. Landing on good gossip about someone you despise.
  9. Experiencing familiar ghosts./Getting the Ouija to work./Going to a successful seance.
  10. Finding good deals on underwear.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Moon Eclipse In Aries

There are going to be causalities.

Today begins the Aries and Libra eclipses that will continue into 2016. Yes, you read right, approximately 3 years of the forces of war and peace that will strike suddenly and periodically. It'll be as beautiful as reviling...and as for the dates for this to hit on or near, it'll be a 5 day window before and after or to the date a month prior or after:

October 18 2013 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Aries 45]
April 15 2014 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Libra 16]
October 8 2014 – Lunar Eclipse [15 Aries 05]
April 4 2015 – Lunar Eclipse [14 Libra 24]
September 28 2015 – Lunar Eclipse [4 Aries 40]
March 23 2016 – Lunar Eclipse [3 Libra 17]

These eclipses are the most relevant for Aries and Libra, bringing changes to identity and committed relationships. Whether is is work or personal, it's anyone's guess, but it's always about learning compromise, balance and command. There are many roles to maintain a healthy and productive relationship and in this cycle, you'll find out which ones suite you better, as it's time to update. Think of them as cosmic fastballs that you either hit or miss. Sudden decisions will come with an eclipse, so be ready to see the true strength of your impulses.

...And for tomorrow's, Aries and Libra born in their sign during the last week and a half of the sign's transit or have a rising sign of Aries and Libra in the later part of the degrees (which will need looking up by an astrologer or on the Internet with your birth time info on hand.) will be the ones with the highest chance of feeling tomorrow's lunar eclipse.

The next group after with the highest chance of affliction is Cancer and Capricorn (also later born and for rising sign), which will feel it in their home and career. This can bring a change of residence for work or dealings with family, foundations and status. But remember, eclipses bring opportunities or take them out. So, while one cycle can bring a vertical move, the next can pull a rug out from under you. It's all a throw of the dice with eclipses, as their lunar natures are moody.

...So, after that, there is Sagittarius and Gemini, Leo and Aquarius, Pisces and Virgo, and Scorpio and Taurus. Each will have a lower degree of eclipse action -- and if they are later born degrees in sun and rising. Sagittarius and Leo will be the next to feel some strife, but because it is an eclipse and they are known to work in twos--which in astrological terms, means the axis is the thing that gets affected. Think of it like a chain reaction. So, it's Sagittarius and Gemini, Leo and Aquarius--and an example of the eclipse can be a Sagittarius can meet someone they instantly connect with, but hooking up with that person can ruin a friendship.

With eclipses, there is never just one finite action and fast decision making is always a part of it. It's a test of who you are in that area of your life in which the eclipse strikes....And, if all that makes sense, great. If not, reread slower.

...And as for the other signs: late born Sagittarians and Geminis can expect love and friendship issues to clash. Late born Leo and Aquarians will deal with integrity and intellectual challenges. Later degree Pisces and Virgos will feel it with their security and intimacy. While late born Scorpio and Taurus issues dealing with health and day-to-day routines will go under the gun.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mars Enters Virgo

Anal Compulsion Disorder

Never seeing anything as half-full or half empty, just always a work in progress. Being unable to go beyond flaws and details. Germaphobic behavior. Motivated by critiquing and a constant need for perfection. Showing others they are wrong, so you can be right. Odd body tics.

Staying busy until December 7.

May result in a startling amount of personal progress in various areas of one's life, if compulsions are purposeful and organized.

Areas in which this compulsion is most likely going to strike:
Aries: Overall analness about your time, routines and health. An extra keen eye for details.
Taurus: Creative masterpieces get reworked, romance is put under the microscope and all-round unstable sense of self may hit.
Gemini: Sorting out your sense of security, sense of belonging and planting seeds that matter.
Cancer: Issues developed by deciphering between listening and hearing, over-editing yourself and learning new ways to communicate.
Leo: Extravagance giving way to frugalness, slow decision making and cross-examining one's self.
Virgo: Appreciating your vanity, avoiding anyone else having a subjective point of view and instilling your will everywhere.
Libra: Playing emotions like an instrument, profiting off escapist behavior and being able to read everyone that comes your way.
Scorpio: Judging those around you and everyone's humanity, being in an inventive mode and having extra voices sound off in your head.
Sagittarius: Needing to win at everything, seeking power in numbers and wanting recognition for all your efforts.
Capricorn: Reacting without thinking, needing to feed a deeper purpose and avoiding responsibility.
Aquarius: Learning by observation, embracing your intensity and being willing to let obsessions lead you.
Pisces: Seeking balance, defending your idea of justice and keeping style in the picture.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Venus Enters Sagittarius

At 1:54 pm today until November 5, 2013 Venus will be in Sagittarius, which means excitement, adventure and the beyond! Yes, the pleasure planet is going to be pushing into the sign of idealism, wisdom and catharsis, which means this won't be a time anyone will get bored, as the universe will be out to throw in spontaneous surprises that can have you crossing over into new territory farther and wider than you'd ever expect. This isn't the time to hold back, as bravery will get rewarded. So, muster up all the courage, enthusiasm and hope you can and realize once you start, you won't/can't stop.

As for what areas per sign that will get affected (Remember to always read for your sun sign and rising sign!):
Aries: Lift limits and say, "To hell with it," to anything that doesn't pleasantly open up your perspective and spiritual state. Today and forward will have you seeking out a new point of view that can be used for pleasure and profit. If anyone is going to exploit you, make it you, because you're worth it.
Taurus: You'll be having an itch that you can't resist scratching and at weird times, in whatever way you can. As they say, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with." Of course, these days, it can easily turn one in the same through sheer determination.
Gemini: Relationships and making peace within yourself in a new way is going to take a hold of you in a refreshing style. So slurp it all up, because the more you drink up its beauty, harmony and good ole fairness, pieces of the puzzle will fall into place quicker and more assertively.
Cancer: The details will reveal all. So, look for cracks of light in your looming darkness and slip through, because destiny is waiting. Sure, there will be some humility when making the transition, but what you get will far outweigh the price you pay.
Leo: There is nothing your ego can't push through now. So, play bigger bets, because the jackpot is calling you name. Use your imagination and believe in your visions, because there is no such thing as impossible now.
Virgo: Being as brash as you want to will feel good and show others you can handle the pressure to do it in your own unique way. So, show yourself off and take a higher step up the ladder of success. Own it and it will be yours.
Libra: Let your mouth run with the wind, because it'll be in pouring out your heart and soul from the rawest of places that others you want to hear you will finally really get to hear you. It's all about communication, learning and being part of an exchange, so stand your ground without sugarcoating.
Scorpio: If you have it, spend it. This isn't the time to cut the corners when it comes to pleasure and feeling luxuriously happy. Comfort is part of your life, love it or not, so do not compromise the style in which you enjoy it. There are good lessons that come with excess, so show up for that class now.
Sagittarius: Consider your leash to be cut and you are free to run wild and as naked as you want to. This energy will pour into more than just your love life too. This will mean a revived energy that has you reaffirming your invincibility. 
Capricorn: Forget practicality and accept whatever bizarre compulsions you obsess over now. They come with a bigger message than norm, so let yourself feel out the recklessness. If anything, this again will prove that you always land on your feet.
Aquarius: Dive into swarms of everybody and be the life of the party. You will know how to turn it on and off more than ever these days, but if you are doing your best, you'll have it 24-7 to help you connect your dots, as it'll all seem easier and more spry than ever.
Pisces: This is your world for the taking and it's all up to you on how much you grab, because the opportunities will be pouring in and there will be many new paths that can open up, all with buckets of gold and happiness. Yes, expect a Cinderella moment.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mercury, Venus And Saturn In Scorpio

Death Of A Disco Dancer

Bite My Style
Style By Sign is officially on hiatus after this week, so love it. How aprospro that this week is the only time I am wearing all black too...but yeah, got to pull out a baby out of my bag, in Pisces, which is down below....It's my new Secret PonPon bag -- a cute bag company from Italy I found on yoox.com....and I got to wear my elk head necklace--which I bought in Berlin and wore during Pride in Amsterdam, with my red Dickies jumper (2nd best eBay purchase!)....I thought I lost it, when I realized I didn't have it in NYC and then freaked and got totally OCD, going through my apartment like I was missing a winning lottery ticket, g-chatting Shlomi/Mazy in Berlin at the yay-early-a.m. after Google-earthing the name of the store I bought it in (which took forever) and asked him to get me a new one...Cue to over a month later: I am putting on my boots I brought to Europe and in the toe of the left boot...DUH.

Anyway, new ideas are being developed and reconfigured...so be back with updates... and new videos! If you miss them, comment your woes away on Style By Sign's youtube channel.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Venus In Scorpio

Venus In Furs

Bite My Style
Wow, I got an e-mail wondering where my post about my outfits was...loved that....It's the pending Mercury Rx arriving in Scorpio, October 21...I know it's far away, but with Venus in Scorpio, I just can't help languishing myself a little plusher.

So, the ostrich feather coat in Aquarius (down below) says it all. LOVE! Yes, I got it on eBay. It got bloody with one battle, to the last seconds. Then, I let go--and gladly so. I love the fullness of mine. Just borderline ridiculous in size....and actually, I saw the one I got a few hours before the final auction of the one I was DYING for and it made me die a lot less for the one giving me restless sleep...So, push came to shove, but yeah, at the end I puttered out.

As for the one I got, I just love it. I love the trim of the longer feathers at edges....And besides getting to wear it for a vignette, I debuted at the opera--The Anna Nicole opera that is! It was purrrrrrfect. So fun! The sets alone were amazing to see, and it all just worked. Pulling off opera in English is tough, in my opinion--but obviously, Anna Nicole is the perfect opera to do, if you're going to go there. It worked.

In honor of ANS, under my coat, I wore it with a one-sleeve stretch jersey leopard print dress from the Jersey Shore (Asbury Park, Boardwalk. Style Rocket. Cute Stuff.) Total strangers came up to me to compliment me. Two women at different times said I am dressed exactly how they would dress if they could. That was sweet....Oh course, my fave is always the bad reactions people get of me. Just loved the old lady that wouldn't let me sit in a chair for not even a second, because her old man was coming back. The tone in her voice. She thought I was a tramp. Loved that. I wanted to sit on her lap and tickle her flaps.

...As for the main outfit in this week's Style By Sign, my dress is from the internet. French Connection. I love it. It took a double take to see what the images were and after that, I was sold because I love that motif. (I do have 4 planets in Sag.)...I saw the dress at a store first, but was like, "No, somewhere this dress costs way less...and voila, got it for 40% less. Ah, the internet. What did I do with myself before you? ...Ah, am I already that old?....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sun Enters Libra, The Autumn Equinox

Wave The White Flag

Fall is here! The day that is marked with the Sun moving into Libra, which is a sign ruled by Venus and puts the focus on love, beauty, and peace. However, since this season is also about getting ready for hibernation, it means to get any balance, it'll mean waving the white flag and compromising in areas of your life that can bring the greater good for the long-term. As they say, justice is blind, so if it means only being able to get your glass half full, accept it's better than nothing. 

As for areas most auspicious to settle the score (and per usual, read your Sun and Rising (based on time of birth):

Aries: Legal battles, relationship issues, overall partnership problems.
Taurus: Co-worker disputes, power struggles with subordinates, general health issues.
Gemini: Ego clashes, romance woes, creative differences.
Cancer: Family struggles, roommate problems, business start-up complications.
Leo: Disputes with siblings, communication issues in general, learning problems.
Virgo: Confidence difficulties, investment worries, concerns over personal values.
Libra: Problems initiating new ideas, image distortions, lacking of energy.
Scorpio: Dealings with your past, deep-rooted psychological traumas, suffering in general.
Sagittarius: Friendship problems, technological messes, humanitarian beliefs.
Capricorn: Status concerns, career injustices, red tape.
Aquarius: Challenges to your idealism, global affairs, spiritual struggles.
Pisces: Money concerns, sex/intimacy issues, secret dealings.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon In Pisces

Pass The Tissues Please

Pisces is one of the most overtly emotional signs of the zodiac and when it's power gleaming in the sky by way of a full moon, know it'll send out shock waves of sentiment that can drown out all else. So, when bracing for this flood, prepare by backing up these areas or these relations, as it will generally hit the hardest in the following ways per sign:

Aries: One's inner demons and general psychological twitchings.
Taurus: Among friends and fellow good samaritans.
Gemini: Dealings with career and authority.
Cancer: Among your gurus and mentors.
Leo: Amid your own power struggles.
Virgo: Partners which you have a legal obligation to.
Libra: Teammates and peers, which are not friends.
Scorpio: Romance and your sense of pride.
Sagittarius: Dealings with your family and home.
Capricorn: Dealings with people in your community.
Aquarius: Money, the good and the bad.
Pisces: Your own sense of nostalgia and shedding of your old skin.

The 411 On The Harvest Moon:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Venus & Saturn Crashing In Scorpio

What Will Be Will Be.

We are living amid crazy times and the world you know when you awake can be a totally different  one that you go to bed in -- and that can be in a personal way and a collective one. So, isn't it nice to ensure at least 90 seconds of hope per week--AKA, Style By Sign? Yes, time for a new week of my winsome cosmic interpretations through fashion, pop culture and just good ole' fun! This week, my fave is Taurus. I just love cat lady. She really has no idea pussy is a bad word. It's just what Fluffy is.

Funny, today at the shoot we joked about doing a Stylish Life, (another LookTV series that are docu-bios on various personalities in fashion) on me, revealing all the tape, pins, etc that is sometimes happening in the back of me. I had so much duct tape on me today, I felt like a drag queen! ...Anyway, this week's black dress had its issues -- the zipper broke. It got off track and was never going back. This was our first zipper disaster and duct tape solved all. Anyway, RIP this dress, which I bought so many moons ago and had in my closet YEARS longer than I wore. It's actually really lovely, with the golden embroidery and the I Love Lucy silhouette, flattering even when I deserve to look fat.

...But for practicality's sake, the skirt part, at times, felt like too much material for me to haul about. I prefer pants or hems that go no further than the knee. I wore this dress at most three times. I even tried to give it away last summer, but my friend insisted I keep it because it was so pretty and I'd regret it. I told her it's too late for me. It had it's heyday and I wanted the space...But seems she was right, it had one more adventure in her yet.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Venus Enters Scorpio

Dark Urges, One: You, Zero.

Welcome to the most somber time of the year with the tail end of summer ending and needing to think about living with a certain sense of reserve due to the winter. This is the time when everything "dies", which pretty much sums Venus in Scorpio. Now is that time to dig deeper into pain and pleasure.

I love my thug cameo.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mercury Enters Libra

Think Beautiful Thoughts.

Welcome Today! Mercury in Libra is all about mental balance and the ultimate peace of mind, in which ever way you want to define it. For me, it's the science of existence beyond just the physical....What's yours?

BiTe My StYle
I totally love my dress this week and I'd have to say this is more like what I look...in terms of hair and make-up and the dress is so my silhouette. I got it on eBay, of course. It was new though--but it's made well and it's 100% cotton. It's from the UK, but it's made in China. If you dig it, it'll come up in the search if you put in retro dresses or rockabilly....And to flatter it, my black shrug from Berlin. It's so light and soft. Even on super hot days, it's cooler than having bare shoulders. 
My cute shoes I completed it with:

The same ones I had on for the first SBS...Wow, I feel like we've come a long way and we are really sorting it out now. Plus, I couldn't of asked for better people to be working with -- especially Jeffrey and JoZie. Taurus and Capricorn!
As for other pieces that are found throughout the week's scopes is my Aries "MacBeth" look with the retro capelet I got on eBay and more of Jeffrey's adventurous styling.
My "I can't believe it's such love" red satchel might also be in Aquarius--purchased at KaDeWe Berlin. Oh, protesting shirt is my Angry Little Asian Girl tee. Love it. Check her out. She rocks.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Moon In Virgo

You Know What's Wrong With This World?

It's New Moon In Virgo, the start of new things to get persnickety about and have to fix. And in tune with the cosmos,  I just so happen to have already labeled the areas in your life that you'll want to turn into the H.B.I.C. for. Yes, this week's Style By Sign we celebrate being critical! Yup, harvest season begins. Time to see results for your efforts.

Plus, today is Rosh Hashanah, the new year on the Jewish calender, making it 5774 and a day to turn over a new leaf...and I also happen to use "Shalom" as my exit greeting--that was a coincidence!

Anyway, my fave Style By Sign this week is Libra, scary times....

This top caused a bit of controversy -- as in do I keep it or do I let it go? I liked it, but now seeing it on screen and how it looks, I am not digging it. It cuts off in an an unforgiving way that makes me look the opposite of lithe...I still like it though...Argh, if I dressed with my taste, not for my body, then things would be a bit different. So, until I decide on that top, I can't tell you where I got it.

Underneath I am wearing a Spanx tube as my wiggle skirt. I wore this on my second visit to the Mike and Juliet Show, which I bought the tube for--because I couldn't find a super tight black wiggle skirt...Improvisation, that's what syle can help you out with! ...and also an oldie is my beaded necklace, which I wore on my first TV appearance and was asked to take it off--which resulted in oh-so-funny-tv-banter.

...My black cocktail ring is from Amsterdam, my earrings and bangles, the usual...My grandmother designed costume jewelry in the 60s and this was one of her necklaces. The clasp, which you can't see, is great: a giant clear yellow gem. It's awesome. I'm glad this was the accessory that made it on, as I made a leather choker with a cameo the night before, but was nixed by Jeffrey, my Andre Leon Talley. (But unlike Andre, Jeffrey is gay. (lol))...Oh, he hated my top too. Half-way through shooting this week's, Jeffrey had to just say it, say he hated it. He thought it looked like I was wearing a quilted blanket. However, Jozie (Make-Up) and Ally (the AP) liked it...who knows if that was just girl solidarity. Whatever.  I like trying things out and if it is a catastrophe, well, thank god I was born with such little shame.

Stay Tuned For More:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mars Enters Leo

Unleash Your Inner Superstar!

Today, at 10:05 P.M. EST, Mars, the planet of sex, passion, and aggression will be settling into fiery, ego-driven Leo, which rules creativity, romance, and leadership. So, until October 15, expect a hotness to burn in your brain that won't let you do anything half-ass. Yes, good times. However, realize with every bonus, there is a minus, as in dealing with egotistical assholes at a higher rate too. Of course, who ever is left standing will be the winner, so prepare to make life grander by showing the world your inner superstar!

Yes, time to feel your power and embrace your showmanship, because this is the time of year when the universe wants you and nobody else to get into the driver's seat and steer your fate onto sunnier horizons, where all the world's possibilities will be there for you to pick and choose from. All you have to do is believe in it and then work it.

As for where this power will come in strongest in your life, it is as follows -- and don't forget to read your sun and rising, as both are always relevant for anything dealing with predictions!!!

Aries: As a fellow fire sign, you'll be feeling this transit in your confidence and your ability to move mountains. You thought you were a superior leader before, but with Mars in Leo you will be able to kick-ass in any direction you choose. Plus, good hair days will be plenty throughout this phase, so don't be scared to head to the salon and try something daring and new!

Taurus: Your home is your castle and this is when you can spread your territory out! Yes, moving or expanding is now -- and anything involving the people in that space with you is also beneficial, if you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. So, don't get sedentary, because laying down foundations will take verve and creativity!

Gemini: Your brain will be on fire and it will be absorbing new thought and creative new ideas at record speed. However, all brains and no action will amount to nothing, so don't be short-sighted to let yourself run off in every which way, because having a definitive plan of action will matter. Remember potential is nothing without the humility to explore it.
Cancer: Thinking for the long term is your gold, and this is your time to forge ahead with financial commitments and put your money where your dreams are.Of course, nothing is a guaranteed, but the least you can do is go after your happiness, as that is the only way to gain the ultimate comfort and security you crave.

Leo: You can do no wrong and the universe is backing you up on that now. Just don't get too cocky and think that ruling the world is just about barking orders. No, it's your time to carry out justice in the highest form you know how. Be what you believe and others will follow. Your example is crucial to keeping all in line, so don't fuck it up!
Virgo: Your imagination will be working overtime and can drive you to seeing visions that can create beautiful masterpieces that can inspire the world for ages to come. Think of your talents as a way to show your compassion now, because it is within you to express yourself at a larger scale. Of course that will mean sacrifice, but trust it will be worth it. If not just for you, for the world.

Libra: People love you all the time, but in this phase, they'll be going nuts for you, giving you power and prestige. So, don't just bask in the glory of the worship. Use it to make wishes and dreams get into your reach, as it'll be now that you can cash in your karma. See that there is power in numbers and they'll all add up for you to succeed.

Scorpio: Fame and fortune is something you can handle, so don't shy away from the spotlight now, as all the work you've paid off will get acknowledgement. While it can get a bit out of control, don't sweat it when it comes to taking on too much, because if anyone can go beyond human strength now, it'll be you.

Sagittarius: You were born with a smile on your face and this week, you'll have the power to spread it all over the world. Yes, open yourself to international opportunities by way of forcing them open yourself or taking on something foreign that comes your way. Yes, sex, money, love, etc., whatever fuels your fires, let it be your passport to an adventure of a lifetime.

Capricorn: Your intensity can get deadly now, so be careful with whom you share your powers with and on what, because a little will go a long way -- and because of this, don't be too trusting with even those you do know well, as they might not have the insight to do as you want now. Detach yourself to see more and ultimately, you will gain more financially, mentally and spiritually.

Aquarius: Working in pairs will do wonders for your morale in many ways. Not only will you be able to cash in on two expertise, but it'll give you the confidence to know there is more than just you out there with such progressive ideas. So, if you need to seal any deals now, go for it, because there is no losing when you commit to a team.

Pisces: Your health is your wealth and although you want to take in all the excitement in your life now, you are going to have to prioritize. Sure, practicality has never been your strong suit, but so it life and this new direction you are taking and if you see there is logic to the universe, you'll see that luxury and longevity can be one in the same.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moon In Taurus

It Feels So Good

Here we are, heading into the final week of the summer vacay time and Mars is entering Leo tomorrow, which means a final close out that will leave us all feeling a bit banged up, but in all the best ways (if you can help it). For tips to make your week as stylin as possible, click into Style By Sign, the most fun way to get your weekly horoscopes! Also, so easy and inspiring -- and less than 2 minutes of your life! What else can save you for just 2 minutes of your time? Anyway, this week, my fave video for purposes obvious to those who know is Scorpio!

As for how to Bite My Style:
My pink spades dress is from BB Dakota. I bought it very long ago at a surf shop in Ocean City, Maryland. I can't decided if I like it or hate it. It had a weird fit in some areas, but then a good fit in other. It's cute and all, and everyone seems to like it... Today, even my intern said when he watched my video said, "You look beautiful and I'm not just saying it. I'm saying it because it's true."

Yes, that little bundle of love is a Leo Rising and they do know how to lay on the charm...In fact, the dress I will be wearing for the Sept. 16th is something he told me I also looked beautiful in too. I wore it to pick him up from school. When he saw me, he didn't even say hi. He just went into, "You look beautiful." (Yeah, he's my favorite)

...And as for my jewelry, it's from the usual places: earrings from g-ma, charm bracelet from Archie McPhee Mystery Box I got from my friend Arion one year, my black cocktail ring is from Amsterdam and the necklace is from In God We Trust. Other things thrown into the series this week: the pink shoes I am holding as "my designer shoes" in Libra are from Amsterdam and my red satchel in Pisces is from Berlin's KaDeWe.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mercury Enters Virgo

Time To Get It Straight

Virgo is all about making things matter and as the summer is coming to a fast end, now is the time to get back into the detail-orientated and result-minded way of life ....So, this week, it'll mean my attempt to post my favorite Style By Sign video of the week on time from now on and Bite My Style... Of course, this week is filled with so many cute, funny and unexpected delights, which makes all of them fun to watch and hard to pick a fave -- but it has to be Sag. Not only because it has my current favorite dress (the feather number I got on eBay), but because I remind myself of Jujubee (one of my fave Drag Queens and my choice of who could play me in a Lifetime biopic)...Anyway, as for my main look and how to:

Bite My Style: My cute Peter Pan collar dog-print dress, which I for some reason when I bought, I thought the red part was a hydrant. Anyway, it was too cute and whimsical to pass up and last year, when I bought this dress and two others at Think Closet (Mulberry St.), it was just what I needed, as there was something sucking all the hope out of me...That day, there was something inside me that made me feel hopeful again and my expression was shopping. I even got a discount from the shop-girl as an incentive to buy three dresses, which was just lovely, considering I know that all the stuff in the store is from Korea and I know how crazy their mark-ups are (like 300-400%)...but whatever, their stuff is cute and if it means buying the airfare for the dress to have come into the country, then so be it. Until then, I'll shop 'til I drop, as in buying cute clothes makes me need to have places to show them off....And as for the accessories I'm wearing this week, it's again all the same tricks I pull out every week, with slight variations.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full Moon In Aquarius (The Blue Moon)

Jump Into The Future

JFK to LAX and back again, in 24 (well, 21 really) hours...There was fun, laughs, sweetness, surprise and suspense! From plane delays, a surprise wedding announcement, reunions and a hotel that looked like the place teen girls go to recover from an abortion. (However, the inside was alright, with a big and bouncy bed.) Oh, the glamour of it all!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Venus Enters Libra

Everything Is Coming Up Rosy

Venus entered Libra today, putting the planet of love, beauty and pleasure into its natural position. Time for swooning and spooning! So love it as your creative muse and and express it!

My latest:
A five-day odyssey with one of my favorite boy/girl. Shlomi and Mazy Mazeltov and me hit Amsterdam and it just happen to be pride week. Weeeheee, the perfect adventure! (Minus the AirBnB experience, which included walking in and seeing a stray cat chilling on the bed, a toilet plunger in the shower and being asked to take out her garbage -- a person I paid way more money to than the place was worth....and that was just a few of the things that grossed me out.)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mercury Enters Leo

Take Creative License

Hola! Hola! Yes, it's that time of year when Mercury goes into Leo and it's all about setting your brain into a more egotistical mode. If this means posting something already late on the wrong date, then do it, as it's all about taking creative licenses to do as you wish.

Anyway, these are our first since we all got back from our respective holidays 48 hours prior. I slept for a day after returning (not even kidding), so I was ready to hop back into saddle, complete with a new dress I bought in Amsterdam, during gay pride -- a nautical theme dress (you can't see the cute anchor on the pocket below, but it's cute). I was inspired by the canal parade (movable porn) and the festive mood of the city. It was amazing (slideshow to come), one giant party! Even the Bank of The Netherlands replaced the country flag with a rainbow one on top of their headquarters.

I was with my amazing friend Mazy MazelTov and she was quite the sensation!!! ...but more on that later.... Until then, this week's series is chock-full-of-cute-moments. My favorite is Virgo -- as I get to live out my fantasy as a twin. (Although I am playing best friends that dress alike in the video.)

As to Bite My Style:
Yes, the cute dress is from somewhere in Amsterdam... Wilma Flintstone necklace is of course the ones from my friend Mina, my earrings are my grandmother's, as is the red scarf I wore as a headband. I wanted to wear it as a neck scarf, to complete the nautical theme, but Jeffrey, my producer, thought it was too sock-hop and overrode it. :( I love him anyway...I barely remember what else was happening, I think I wore a bracelet from my friend Tina's Sangeet, some new stackable rings from Amsterdam (a red bow and a sparkly number) and my Scorpio Glyph ring in gold from MarieKDesigns on Etsy. Marie was so sweet. I originally got sent a silver one, but when she realized the order was wrong, she sent me a gold one and told me to keep the silver. Awww...Can't wait to get the Gemini one, so I can have all my main signs adorning me! Yes, I'm whore for astro jewelry!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Moon In Leo

Look For The Spotlight And Assume The Position

Part two of our shooting marathon:
Bite My Style
I love my red denim Dickies dress, which I scored on eBay! I auctioned my ass off for it and it became mine!!! Weee.... To dress it up, I paired it with the same rings and necklace from July 29's week, but switched the earrings to gold hoops and my bracelets for a leather strap I got in Istanbul, at a store called Hotic and added flair to my hair with the red polka dot wire headband I got somewhere in Tel Aviv. I have to say the headband is brilliant, why they are not sold on every street corner in NYC, I don't know. The wire inside is lightweight and allows easy tightening or options in whether to have an antennae or not. (I always prefer to have the antennae.)...Anyway, I was hating myself that I didn't load up on more headbands, in every color. So, I had to have my friend send me more... However, it's the polka dot red one I always use...As for my shoes, my Marc Jacob white clogs worked overtime...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sun In Leo

Flaunt It!

Due to the fact we had to shoot two weeks of Style By Sign in one day, there were only pics of the main outfit...

As for how to Bite My Style:
Thanks to my new eBay addiction, I scored this lovey dress....although I wasn't sure if the small would fit me, I was able to stuff myself in...Although when I got the dress in the mail, I put it on and it was super hot in my apartment and argh, it took me forever to get out of it, since the zipper only goes part way and the top is narrow. I got so frustrated I called my friend Mina half way through to moan...Anyway, after that, I realized I was retarded and since, have not had problems...And the dress is beyond cuteness! It's from a British company called Hell Bunny. I have to say I was way impressed with the quality and would for sure venture out to buy something from them again...and as for my cute white clogs, they are from Marc Jacobs--and they are comfortable as hell!!!!! I got them a while back, before a trip to Seoul and was able to walk all over their crazy sidewalks, side streets and hills for hours on end! 

As for the other accoutrements, my gold fan earrings are from G-ma; Scorpio nameplate necklace from some boutique in Brooklyn and bangles are the ones from my cute friend Ingrid. As for my rings, which may be hard to see: one is a cute "Zombie's Lunch" ring I found on Etsy, at a shop called CatrinasToybox and another is my Scorpio glyph, also from Etsy, from MarieKDesigns. She is a sweetie and her rings may look delicate, but are totally durable. She does the entire zodiac, but Gemini, which she is still working out, but once she does, I'll be sporting it, as it's my Rising Sign! Also on my right hand is my Kiki nameplate ring, that I got in all the weirdest places -- Disneyworld! (At Epcot in Mexico!)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pluto And Mars Face Off

There's No Escaping The Dramatics

I must be better than German TV, because I don't think the route to Rheinsberg has seen this much glamour since the turn of two centuries before last. Those little blonde German children couldn't even blink when gazing upon me -- granted, this was only when I was officially in the middle of nowhere Germany and I was on a bus boarded at Neuruppin. A 45-minute ride that gave me just enough time to transform completely in clothes and make-up into something special to reunite with my awesome and amazing Shlomi, who was there to perform in Barber of Seville.

...And even though I was sent a detailed itinerary, down to the minute of each arrival and departure and even approximate walk times between platforms, I still fucked it up. Two minutes before the proper stop, I got off. What the fuck I was thinking? This is Germany and if the arrival time says 13:16, it's 13:16, not 13:14.

If I had any brain, I'd of put it all together before it was too late, seeing that there was no Shlomi, a two-minute time difference and then the nothingness of where the stop was located, as in no castle in sight, which was my destination... So, there I was looking like a craigslist hooker walking down the road in this German countryside with nothing, but field, forest and asphalt surrounding me: Me, Asian and in rhinestoned-encrusted silver heels, animal print short-shorts, red lips, big hair and flashy and obviously fake jewels.

Thankfully, my shoes were comfy and walking wasn't a bitch, even in the dirt. However, the 100 degree weather was. I tried flagging down passing buses, but to no avail -- although a few drivers did wave back...and seeing there were a few buses, I happily assumed the stop had to be somewhere obvious and if walking was the only way, it could be done....but when I got to an abandoned-looking gas station down the road, with only three random characters there, it made me wonder where I was going to wind up, as my resistance was low...Yes, from there I jumped into the back of a van with tinted windows with two complete strangers. One, never did I see without his sunglasses on and the other was shaving in the mirror of the passenger window and saying in seconds they had to be at the castle in a hurried manner like The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, but resembling the professor from Back To The Future.

Seems they just happen to be on their way to meet their old friend for lunch, the Creative Director of the opera, and was heading to the castle too! Hoorah! I didn't even care if they were actually serial rapists at that point, I just wanted out from the sun and being anywhere other than were I was...but all was fine and my wacky new friends were a pure delight. If anything, my entrance into town was even more dramatic that planned.

...Yet, that was only the start of the amazing time to come and the fabulous people I'd meet...

P.S. As for my 2¢ about the production: WUNDERBAR! PHANTASTISCH! I have seen many operas (mostly at the MET. My favorite opera is La Cenerentola) and this is my second time seeing Barber of Seville. The first time was at the Vienna Opera House, but the Rheinsberg production superseded that experience and will be the Barber of Seville I will remember always.