Monday, October 21, 2013

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

Fight The Power

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio sounds scary enough than to emphasize its direness more. So, instead, let's focus on the good. After all, Mercury Rx's don't always have to fuck every minute of every day. At the minimum, if you're lucky, this one lasting until Nov. 10th could be 51% fuckery and 49% possibility.

10 Ways Mercury in Scorpio Rx Can Be Your Bitch:
  1. Avenging yourself. This Mercury Rx is a karmic black hole, so feel free to play with your voodoo dolls.
  2. Removing warts, lice and other nastiness from your genitals (including pubes, if you see bush that way).
  3. Pissing on your territory again.
  4. Celebrating The Day of the Dead.
  5. Getting back owed money long overdue.
  6. Reversing a vasectomy.
  7. Removing ungrateful a-holes from your last will and testament.
  8. Landing on good gossip about someone you despise.
  9. Experiencing familiar ghosts./Getting the Ouija to work./Going to a successful seance.
  10. Finding good deals on underwear.