Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini

WTF? Really?!?

Brace yourselves. If you were in the line of a tragic event on any of the dates of the Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses that started on December 21, 2010 (click on "dates" to get to the full list and a funny gif), which are effective 5 days to and from the date and also one month before and after pretty much to the date, then guess what? Cue the next chapter, as you're about to get madder than the Easter Bunny on the 4th of July.

Yes, fireworks trumps candy, so get ready for the full moon absurdity as a turn of events is on the agenda again and can have you saying, "WTF? Really?" way more times than normal -- and with reason to substantial it. Whatever the surprise bump in the road, as in a brilliant or broke way, well, may the odds ever be in your favor, because it is getting Hunger Game-ish out there.

...but if you are that small percentage that does have something magnificent happen, don't count your chickens yet, because there is a crazy bunny out there out to destroy all in an instant. Know these are ratchet times...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Venus Enters Scorpio

Love It Or Leave It: Jealous?

I don't cook, but I can shop. So, when I saw this yummy delight on TV late late last night, I knew it was mine.

...and I had to hit up two BRs to track this down (Don't trust people that pick up phones at BRs in the LES. They are sweet, but they don't know. They just don't.)... Although I didn't break a sweat per se, it did take effort.

So, mission complete! My holiday prep work is done! From here on out, getting stuffed is my only priority -- as it's time to celebrate that part in American history where the natives were about to get swindled. Doh! Now, we have ice cream cakes made of chocolate, cookie and caramel in the shape of a large poultry bird to honor it, and more accessible casinos to play in afterwards. Happy Holidays, Y'all! Ain't it all so perverse?

UPDATE: November 22, 2012 9:07 p.m.

Sun Enters Sagittarius

Ahhhh, relief!

Life works out the way it must. You either take it like a martyr or a monarch. Whichever you choose, do it spectacularly, especially from now until December 21, because in the spirit of Sagittarius, it's about living out your ideals on your terms.

(Click on title to link to a streaming version of the entire film!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mars Enters Capricorn

Oh Daddy, Yes.

Do not slack. Do not divert. Do not fail. = Mars in Capricorn

Nick Zedd's War Is Menstrual Envy trailer (Click on title for complete movie streaming.)

Famous People Born With Mars In Capricorn: Freaky Geniuses That Get It Done:
(Click on name to see their natal charts)
Albert Einstein (Pisces)
Frida Kahlo (Cancer)
Edgar Cayce (Pisces)
Gustave Mahler (Cancer)
L. Ron Hubbard (Pisces)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Virgo)
Heather Matarazzo (Scorpio)
Joseph Smith (Capricorn)
Usain Bolt (Leo)
David Bowie (Capricorn)
Bernardo Bertolucci (Pisces)
Michael Moore (Taurus)
Rafael Nadal (Gemini)
Walt Disney (Sagittarius)
Aleister Crowley (Libra)
Shannen Doherty (Aries)
George Harrison (Pisces)
Shakira (Aquarius)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mercury enters Scoprio, Retrograde

...and again...

From now until December 10, Mercury will be in Scorpio -- but only in retrograde until November 26. So, get ready for an about face. To get a refresher on what it's all about, click here.

Transit Theme Song:
Back In Black

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Scorpio


Guy Maddin The Heart Of The World

Today begins the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. Eclipses, as you know (if you have been reading) are sudden harbingers of change. Now, that they are in the sign of secrets and Venusian desires, trust you'll be learning a bit more about deception, delusion and transformation. From here on out, you may start to feel a rumble, which will ultimately take something out and bring something new in -- and you can guess all you want, but fate is way more clever than you this time around. So, don't waste your time. Instead, just make yourself a little more pliable and keep marching on, as this plot-line can take up to two years to fully unfold, with new crazy circumstances thrown in 6 month intervals...

...As for probable places you'll feel the burn and love it (read your Sun and Rising sign always):
Aries: In your pants
Taurus: In your partnerships
Gemini: In your wallet
Cancer: In your heart
Leo: In your home
Virgo: In your community
Libra: In your investments
Scorpio: In yourself
Sagittarius: In your imagination
Capricorn: In your friendships
Aquarius: In your sense of authority
Pisces: In your soul

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Neptune Goes Direct In Pisces

Wish List.

Neptune is the planet of dreams; Pisces is the sign of the dreamer. Aligned together, the energy will turn to a softer shade of sunshine, making you want to close your eyes and drift away, into a dream state where all is perfect...and being that this magical day is also on 11/11, which obviously makes many people think of 11:11 and go into wish mode, go ahead, put a request out into the universe now. This transit is going to last until 2025, so there is time enough for infinite possibilities. Until then, be patient.

...and for all those who don't know about this "11:11" thing, it's a worldwide phenomena. There are a bunch of people who see it all the time and believe it's a message from somewhere beyond. I see it often because when I was younger, a friend told me if I see it, I should make a wish. So, because it was called to my attention, I've noticed it. Whether its actually anything to really consider, as in a spiritual wake up call, I don't -- at least for me, but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the people who do, especially the fanatical ones...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY socks 
Today was a day made for hot dog socks. I got them this summer on the boardwalk, at Coney Island. A real find for someone like me -- and you better believe I was at the register with my cash out quicker than you can spell mustard... I can't explain, something about them screamed excitement, as I knew these socks were meant to go places.

On today's itinerary: Discovering Columbus, the amazing installation at Columbus Circle, which unfortunately is only temporary -- like most of the decent public art that's funded in NYC, but so is a city that thrives on what's transitory.

....and in my latest obsession: Tatzu Nishi's work, a fun fact I learned is that Tatzu Nishi isn't his real name. He is constantly changing his name as another of his projects. He sees his name as 西野達, so using English letters holds no sentiment. Badass!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mercury Retrogrades In Sagittarius


Everybody has a John Hughes movie that is close to their heart, as it embodies some part of their  teenage angst. Mine was Some Kind Of Wonderful. In my mind, I was Watts. I had a guy best friend too, and was totally in love with him secretly. Even penning a letter to him in the case of my death...Anyway, I watched this movie so much, that when I finally confessed my feelings, I too walked away like her and cried....Although I didn't have him chasing after me with diamond earrings. Instead, I walked almost half the length of the parking lot we were in, until I was picked up in a car, by my sister, with him in the backseat saying nothing....No, life isn't like in the movies....

However, there was a somewhat happier ending to this story, as the next day, while at a concert, he asked me why I walked away. I said, "Because you rejected me." He then said he didn't and that I never gave him a chance to say anything and from there we attempted to "date," which consisted of fooling around and fighting back insecurities. To say the least, we were better as friends...and to this day, we still are! In fact, we're even neighbors!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sun In Scorpio

ENVY MY taste level

I love trash. And because I love it, I tried blk today. If you are also lo-brow, then you will know immediately that it's the black water that the Manzo brothers and their Uncle Chris are peddling...Verdict: It taste like water....Highlight: the cashier asking me to try it right then and there, because she had to know too. After all, Patti Labelle endorsed it...It was a good laugh...Lovers of trash will unite the world.