Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jupiter Goes Direct in Gemini

Happy Dance.

Yippee! Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system and the one that rules luck, expansion, truth and morality is back in full working order today! Not since June 2012 has it been in proper forward motion, so get ready for a flip of the switch in terms of all your curiosities and luck with venturing out into the giant unknown, as it'll be with big risks that come your greatest surprises. In terms of what each sign can hone in on with this energy until June 25, 2013, here is the refresher:

Aries: Venturing to outer neighborhoods, being a bigger part of community and seeking more mental stimulation.
Taurus: Taking it one day at a time, enjoying comfort and being prudent with long-term planning.
Gemini: Being adventurous, unguarded and letting surprises find you.
Cancer: Allowing your imagination to wander; believing in the impossible and sharing your compassion.
Leo: Now, it's all about friendship, the future and living out your freakiest fantasies.
Virgo: Ruthlessness is fine, as long as it will bring results. Be it, live it and love it.
Libra: The world is yours to explore, enjoy and change to your taste.
Scorpio: Obsessing about money, power and sex will not fail you now.
Sagittarius: Feeling beautifully. Living beautifully and loving beautifully.
Capricorn: Vitality, efficiency and purpose. They are your themes.
Aquarius:  It's not just about what you do, but also the show you put on. Showmanship will count for a lot, so turn it up to turn it out. Risk-taking recommended.
Pisces: Be as slow as you need to, as finding your place and setting down roots will never be as  real or welcoming as it is now.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full Moon In Leo

Embrace Your Vanity

Willam's Beatdown
The best beauty series ever!!!!! Thank U Tubby for the link!

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