Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sun Enters Scorpio

It's The Season Of Sex!

Welcome to Sun In Scorpio, AKA The Season of Sex in the astrological world. This is when skeletons come out of the closet, freaky turn-ons make you compulsive and the whole act of getting off will feel as if it is a life or death matter, as this is the sign that also rules death, obsession and power. So, be ready to go at what you want 110%, because anything that doesn't feel extreme won't be worth your time.

As for the best ways to get off for each sign under this intense sign, it is as follow. Read for your sun and rising sign! Also, note these tips are excerpts from my monthly column in Cosmo For Latinas, which also includes horoscopes for singles and attached. (Link to be added.)
Trust is when you and your intended both can hold one key and make sure no one else gets their hands on it. Let out one of your skeletons in your closet. Then, roll those dice to see if lady luck does ride with you.
Pearl necklaces are classic and can never go wrong. So, collect as many strands this month and exchange the favor whenever possible.
Take up practicing the Kama Sutra or some exotic ancient sexual method, as your taste for spice will need a throwback for ultimate orgasmic explosion.
Let’s face it, sometimes you put in so much extra in bed that you should be paid for services rendered. This month, even the sexual playing field and remain the pretty bottom.
Get ready for your season of the anaconda. Yes, it’s going to get bigger and badder now, so get ready to suck out all the venom if you want to make it out alive.
Take in a more sensual slice of life by adding plusher blankets on your bed and wearing the softest of clothes. This month is going to be all about touch.
Change it up this month with new sensual personas. Try out new accents or use different names in bed. It’ll add a new dimension that can raise your sexual confidence like never before.
Hit the gym with your baby or flirt your ass off at one, because it’ll be at your sweatiest and strongest that your pheromones will be doing all they are meant to. Plus, who can resist multi-tasking?
You’ll be acing the orals this month and vice versa, as it’ll be with your mouth (and tongue (and theirs)) that you’ll find your sweetest paradises now.
Keep your mind open to adventures as they come, as feeding your compulsions will get your confidence back into top shape. No, not so romantic, but definitely racy.

First come, first severed. If that seems unfair to anyone, well then they just aren’t working as hard as they can. Make no excuses for yourself and have no regrets.
Amp up the competitive spirit with your person of interest. Seems friendly competition will turn sexual fast and can have you both reaching the finish line in harmony. It’ll be a perfect win-win situation.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

Fight The Power

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio sounds scary enough than to emphasize its direness more. So, instead, let's focus on the good. After all, Mercury Rx's don't always have to fuck every minute of every day. At the minimum, if you're lucky, this one lasting until Nov. 10th could be 51% fuckery and 49% possibility.

10 Ways Mercury in Scorpio Rx Can Be Your Bitch:
  1. Avenging yourself. This Mercury Rx is a karmic black hole, so feel free to play with your voodoo dolls.
  2. Removing warts, lice and other nastiness from your genitals (including pubes, if you see bush that way).
  3. Pissing on your territory again.
  4. Celebrating The Day of the Dead.
  5. Getting back owed money long overdue.
  6. Reversing a vasectomy.
  7. Removing ungrateful a-holes from your last will and testament.
  8. Landing on good gossip about someone you despise.
  9. Experiencing familiar ghosts./Getting the Ouija to work./Going to a successful seance.
  10. Finding good deals on underwear.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Moon Eclipse In Aries

There are going to be causalities.

Today begins the Aries and Libra eclipses that will continue into 2016. Yes, you read right, approximately 3 years of the forces of war and peace that will strike suddenly and periodically. It'll be as beautiful as reviling...and as for the dates for this to hit on or near, it'll be a 5 day window before and after or to the date a month prior or after:

October 18 2013 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Aries 45]
April 15 2014 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Libra 16]
October 8 2014 – Lunar Eclipse [15 Aries 05]
April 4 2015 – Lunar Eclipse [14 Libra 24]
September 28 2015 – Lunar Eclipse [4 Aries 40]
March 23 2016 – Lunar Eclipse [3 Libra 17]

These eclipses are the most relevant for Aries and Libra, bringing changes to identity and committed relationships. Whether is is work or personal, it's anyone's guess, but it's always about learning compromise, balance and command. There are many roles to maintain a healthy and productive relationship and in this cycle, you'll find out which ones suite you better, as it's time to update. Think of them as cosmic fastballs that you either hit or miss. Sudden decisions will come with an eclipse, so be ready to see the true strength of your impulses.

...And for tomorrow's, Aries and Libra born in their sign during the last week and a half of the sign's transit or have a rising sign of Aries and Libra in the later part of the degrees (which will need looking up by an astrologer or on the Internet with your birth time info on hand.) will be the ones with the highest chance of feeling tomorrow's lunar eclipse.

The next group after with the highest chance of affliction is Cancer and Capricorn (also later born and for rising sign), which will feel it in their home and career. This can bring a change of residence for work or dealings with family, foundations and status. But remember, eclipses bring opportunities or take them out. So, while one cycle can bring a vertical move, the next can pull a rug out from under you. It's all a throw of the dice with eclipses, as their lunar natures are moody.

...So, after that, there is Sagittarius and Gemini, Leo and Aquarius, Pisces and Virgo, and Scorpio and Taurus. Each will have a lower degree of eclipse action -- and if they are later born degrees in sun and rising. Sagittarius and Leo will be the next to feel some strife, but because it is an eclipse and they are known to work in twos--which in astrological terms, means the axis is the thing that gets affected. Think of it like a chain reaction. So, it's Sagittarius and Gemini, Leo and Aquarius--and an example of the eclipse can be a Sagittarius can meet someone they instantly connect with, but hooking up with that person can ruin a friendship.

With eclipses, there is never just one finite action and fast decision making is always a part of it. It's a test of who you are in that area of your life in which the eclipse strikes....And, if all that makes sense, great. If not, reread slower.

...And as for the other signs: late born Sagittarians and Geminis can expect love and friendship issues to clash. Late born Leo and Aquarians will deal with integrity and intellectual challenges. Later degree Pisces and Virgos will feel it with their security and intimacy. While late born Scorpio and Taurus issues dealing with health and day-to-day routines will go under the gun.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mars Enters Virgo

Anal Compulsion Disorder

Never seeing anything as half-full or half empty, just always a work in progress. Being unable to go beyond flaws and details. Germaphobic behavior. Motivated by critiquing and a constant need for perfection. Showing others they are wrong, so you can be right. Odd body tics.

Staying busy until December 7.

May result in a startling amount of personal progress in various areas of one's life, if compulsions are purposeful and organized.

Areas in which this compulsion is most likely going to strike:
Aries: Overall analness about your time, routines and health. An extra keen eye for details.
Taurus: Creative masterpieces get reworked, romance is put under the microscope and all-round unstable sense of self may hit.
Gemini: Sorting out your sense of security, sense of belonging and planting seeds that matter.
Cancer: Issues developed by deciphering between listening and hearing, over-editing yourself and learning new ways to communicate.
Leo: Extravagance giving way to frugalness, slow decision making and cross-examining one's self.
Virgo: Appreciating your vanity, avoiding anyone else having a subjective point of view and instilling your will everywhere.
Libra: Playing emotions like an instrument, profiting off escapist behavior and being able to read everyone that comes your way.
Scorpio: Judging those around you and everyone's humanity, being in an inventive mode and having extra voices sound off in your head.
Sagittarius: Needing to win at everything, seeking power in numbers and wanting recognition for all your efforts.
Capricorn: Reacting without thinking, needing to feed a deeper purpose and avoiding responsibility.
Aquarius: Learning by observation, embracing your intensity and being willing to let obsessions lead you.
Pisces: Seeking balance, defending your idea of justice and keeping style in the picture.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Venus Enters Sagittarius

At 1:54 pm today until November 5, 2013 Venus will be in Sagittarius, which means excitement, adventure and the beyond! Yes, the pleasure planet is going to be pushing into the sign of idealism, wisdom and catharsis, which means this won't be a time anyone will get bored, as the universe will be out to throw in spontaneous surprises that can have you crossing over into new territory farther and wider than you'd ever expect. This isn't the time to hold back, as bravery will get rewarded. So, muster up all the courage, enthusiasm and hope you can and realize once you start, you won't/can't stop.

As for what areas per sign that will get affected (Remember to always read for your sun sign and rising sign!):
Aries: Lift limits and say, "To hell with it," to anything that doesn't pleasantly open up your perspective and spiritual state. Today and forward will have you seeking out a new point of view that can be used for pleasure and profit. If anyone is going to exploit you, make it you, because you're worth it.
Taurus: You'll be having an itch that you can't resist scratching and at weird times, in whatever way you can. As they say, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with." Of course, these days, it can easily turn one in the same through sheer determination.
Gemini: Relationships and making peace within yourself in a new way is going to take a hold of you in a refreshing style. So slurp it all up, because the more you drink up its beauty, harmony and good ole fairness, pieces of the puzzle will fall into place quicker and more assertively.
Cancer: The details will reveal all. So, look for cracks of light in your looming darkness and slip through, because destiny is waiting. Sure, there will be some humility when making the transition, but what you get will far outweigh the price you pay.
Leo: There is nothing your ego can't push through now. So, play bigger bets, because the jackpot is calling you name. Use your imagination and believe in your visions, because there is no such thing as impossible now.
Virgo: Being as brash as you want to will feel good and show others you can handle the pressure to do it in your own unique way. So, show yourself off and take a higher step up the ladder of success. Own it and it will be yours.
Libra: Let your mouth run with the wind, because it'll be in pouring out your heart and soul from the rawest of places that others you want to hear you will finally really get to hear you. It's all about communication, learning and being part of an exchange, so stand your ground without sugarcoating.
Scorpio: If you have it, spend it. This isn't the time to cut the corners when it comes to pleasure and feeling luxuriously happy. Comfort is part of your life, love it or not, so do not compromise the style in which you enjoy it. There are good lessons that come with excess, so show up for that class now.
Sagittarius: Consider your leash to be cut and you are free to run wild and as naked as you want to. This energy will pour into more than just your love life too. This will mean a revived energy that has you reaffirming your invincibility. 
Capricorn: Forget practicality and accept whatever bizarre compulsions you obsess over now. They come with a bigger message than norm, so let yourself feel out the recklessness. If anything, this again will prove that you always land on your feet.
Aquarius: Dive into swarms of everybody and be the life of the party. You will know how to turn it on and off more than ever these days, but if you are doing your best, you'll have it 24-7 to help you connect your dots, as it'll all seem easier and more spry than ever.
Pisces: This is your world for the taking and it's all up to you on how much you grab, because the opportunities will be pouring in and there will be many new paths that can open up, all with buckets of gold and happiness. Yes, expect a Cinderella moment.