Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sun Enters Scorpio

It's The Season Of Sex!

Welcome to Sun In Scorpio, AKA The Season of Sex in the astrological world. This is when skeletons come out of the closet, freaky turn-ons make you compulsive and the whole act of getting off will feel as if it is a life or death matter, as this is the sign that also rules death, obsession and power. So, be ready to go at what you want 110%, because anything that doesn't feel extreme won't be worth your time.

As for the best ways to get off for each sign under this intense sign, it is as follow. Read for your sun and rising sign! Also, note these tips are excerpts from my monthly column in Cosmo For Latinas, which also includes horoscopes for singles and attached. (Link to be added.)
Trust is when you and your intended both can hold one key and make sure no one else gets their hands on it. Let out one of your skeletons in your closet. Then, roll those dice to see if lady luck does ride with you.
Pearl necklaces are classic and can never go wrong. So, collect as many strands this month and exchange the favor whenever possible.
Take up practicing the Kama Sutra or some exotic ancient sexual method, as your taste for spice will need a throwback for ultimate orgasmic explosion.
Let’s face it, sometimes you put in so much extra in bed that you should be paid for services rendered. This month, even the sexual playing field and remain the pretty bottom.
Get ready for your season of the anaconda. Yes, it’s going to get bigger and badder now, so get ready to suck out all the venom if you want to make it out alive.
Take in a more sensual slice of life by adding plusher blankets on your bed and wearing the softest of clothes. This month is going to be all about touch.
Change it up this month with new sensual personas. Try out new accents or use different names in bed. It’ll add a new dimension that can raise your sexual confidence like never before.
Hit the gym with your baby or flirt your ass off at one, because it’ll be at your sweatiest and strongest that your pheromones will be doing all they are meant to. Plus, who can resist multi-tasking?
You’ll be acing the orals this month and vice versa, as it’ll be with your mouth (and tongue (and theirs)) that you’ll find your sweetest paradises now.
Keep your mind open to adventures as they come, as feeding your compulsions will get your confidence back into top shape. No, not so romantic, but definitely racy.

First come, first severed. If that seems unfair to anyone, well then they just aren’t working as hard as they can. Make no excuses for yourself and have no regrets.
Amp up the competitive spirit with your person of interest. Seems friendly competition will turn sexual fast and can have you both reaching the finish line in harmony. It’ll be a perfect win-win situation.