Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Moon In Capricorn

Get Your Facts Straight

2013 is just days away and hoorah, just in time is the 2013 Astrology Frisky Guide! Yes, it's up, all you need to know for your Love, Madness and Obsession and complete calendar of your dates for sex, romance, love, luck, and relationship!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mars Enters Aquarius

The Spirit Of The Times: Ho Ho Ho.

Christmas Story 
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What this movie has to do with Mars in Aquarius, I don't know. I just love it and glad they are endlessly looping this on TV today, because this is a movie worth looping endlessly.
My favorite scene:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Venus Enters Sagittarius

With love, anything is possible.

Impossible loves are the only loves that Venus in Sagittarius love. Why? Because only love with an extreme heighten sense of romance, drama and destiny can reach them, as people born under this aspect aren't looking for someone just to keep warm with, but someone to fly to the ends of their  imagination with, learning, experiencing and verifying their existence and purpose in profound ways. Anything short of the fantastical will never do, as these people aren't afraid to be alone and do not  settle. Wild love affairs are their art-form, and they never strike out for anything less than a masterpiece. So, to soak up the sensation of this energy from now until January 9, 2013, go for it in the biggest way you know how, because real love defies all and is amazing.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Uranus Goes Direct In Aries

Spew out the crazy.

When it comes to planets, Uranus is the weirdo in the bunch. Factually, it is the coldest planet and it spins strangely from the others, as in the top or bottom faces the sun, making their night times last 40 years. Astrologically, it rules inventiveness, revolution and science. Currently, it is in Aries, which adds an extra dose of uncontrollable energy and today, it stopped retrograding and is going direct. So, that means time to let your crazy back out, but not the nutty kind, but the wild kind, in which you touch upon a sense of genius that turns it out for you and the world, as this is the era about embracing the chaos.

Of course, there is always a dark side to all that is good, so be prudent of your consciousness now too...which leads me to why there is a Lisa Ling report on Meth posted for today, it's because I watched it yesterday. I love Lisa Ling. The lady is smart and bad ass. She represents so good. Plus, she is married to a Korean guy and their babies will wind up looking like me! Sooo lucky for her...Anyway, here is a whole 50 minutes of sad crazy to the umpteenth degree: fallen superheroes, if only in their minds...

P.S. It's in English and subtitled in Spanish.

New Moon In Sagittarius


Take a big sigh of relief and take solace in that cliche, "What hasn't killed you has made you stronger." Yes, you'll have finally reached a plateau today, as it's time to take on a happier attitude and re-center your chi. So, for the best results of your overall maintenance, jump start the adventure in these general areas for the next two weeks:

Aries: Your freedom. Break out!
Taurus: Your finances. Ask for a raise!
Gemini: Your partnerships. Have faith in your closest other!
Cancer: Your work environment. Hit up happy hour with co-workers!
Leo: Your creativity. Express yourself!
Virgo: Your home. Revamp your decor!
Libra: Your community. Throw a party!
Scorpio: Your possessions. Go shopping!
Sagittarius: Your confidence. Try something new!
Capricorn: Your generosity. Give more to others!
Aquarius: Your ideology. Trail blaze into the future!
Pisces: Your authority. Know you are right, always!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mercury Re-enters Sagittarius

Hello World, Are You Listening?

Announcing: getting a bit of Kiki in more places in the world! As always, I will be doing my 2013 Love, Madness, Obsession Astro Guide on the, with the complete calendar of when you have the luckiest times in love, sex, money and all that. Post date TBA.

Also, gals in Australia check out my 2013 Astro Predictions Guide in Girlfriend, including your magical tarot message of the year and a mini-numerology guide. Out in the January 2013 edition, on your newsstands now!

For Canadians, I'll be in your country too--hoorah! Flare magazine is doing a special 12-page fashion feature of my 2013 predictions, with lucky style tips to ensure a year of pretty prosperity. Out in the January 2013 edition, on newsstands now!