Monday, September 29, 2014

Venus Enters Libra

Get Away with Murder

Roll out the red carpet because the mistress of the penthouse is back. Yes, Venus is home in Libra, one of her two territories. In la-la-Libra land, it's about grace, elegance, culture and harmony. Looks matter, etiquette applies and showing off your co-dependent side will win you an upper hand.

Think the justice and feel the prettiness, as this is the time to get away with murder with only 7 simple rules:
  1. Look the part = Be the part. (Dress up, crash ritzier parties & load up.)
  2. Create something; call it art.
  3. Flattery will get you everywhere.
  4. Symmetry is everything.
  5. Beauty is power.
  6. Buy now, pay later.
  7. Always say, "Please," and, "Thank you."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mercury In Scorpio

Gonna Make You Mental

With a string of freaky and gross happenings arriving in a cluster, know it's Mercury in Scorpio making your mental. Like licking lyseric lollipops inside a horror movie set, life will take that experimental route, as nothing appears as you think and straight-up reminders of how delicate sanity can be come right at you. 

Me, in just 48 hours, have had a large loudly buzzing fly somehow stuck inside my bathroom light, violently fluttering in a wonky circle, in the process of death,....several hours later, I'm walking towards my bathroom, step on something with a crunch sound and discovered it was the dying fly on the floor, still partially alive....FF 24 hrs, discovering a roach hijacked itself into my apartment by way of take-out utensils. (It upsets me more, since I ALWAYS request, "No utensils," but still get them 80% of the time)...FF 12 hrs. I'm in the subway and the person sitting perpendicular to me coughs, doesn't cover his gross mouth and I feel spittle on my neck. Of course, he was vile and of course, my instant response was grossed out bitch face, scaring him almost as severely as he repulsed me. (Luckily, I was prepared with sanitizer and wipes.....Still, it wasn't until 8 hours later, when I was able to shower, that I felt it was fully removed.)

....and to top it all off, in total randomness, I am totally weirded out that Chelsea Clinton's baby was born at 7:03 pm on September 26 -- because it is the EXACT time and day my cat had died years before and both in NYC. My friends and I joked that it's the reincarnation and I had to become the nanny. They loved the idea of me training her to use a litter box. 

...anyway, a lovely song for this day:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Moon In Libra

Clean, Like You've Never Seen.

Look Ahead

My latest notebook, just in time for the New Moon In Libra 2:14 am! A time for creativity, beauty, peace, harmony and partnership. Celebrate all of the above for the next 14 days!

Ideas Of Things To Do:
  • Repaint your Bedroom
  • Start A Journal
  • Work a New Beauty Palatte
  • Wave A White Flag
  • Meditate More
  • Create Art 
  • Embrace Diplomacy
  • Hold Hands Everywhere
  • Splurge Luxuriously
  • Add An Extra Kiss To Your Hellos

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sun Enters Libra: The Autumn Equinox

Turn, Turn, Turn....

7 is the number of heaven, which is also the number of Libra, which just happens to be where the sun  slips into on Sept. 22, kicking off autumn with the equinox. Besides pulling out the sweaters and gloves, Libra is a transit that deals with beauty, balance and commitment. It’s about pacing yourself and setting the right ambiance for the long haul — as now is the season of transition.  To hone this smooth energy best, here are 7 practices to complete as much as possible until October 23:

1.     Pamper Yourself. As a sign ruled by Venus, Libra is the beauty aspect and to honor, it’ll mean logging in the time at the salon, spa and stores. Feeling your best will mean looking your best.
2.     Sign On The Dotted Line. Whatever loose ends you have, in terms of relationship in love or business, make it stick. Sign a contract or make an investment into who and what you believe in. This is when equality and fairness matter.
3.     Confess. Whatever lies you’ve told or things you’ve not shared justly, confess it. If you don’t need to come clean, then it’ll mean giving forgiveness to someone willing to acknowledge their wrongs.
4.     Host A Party. Libras are social creatures that live for good times. Host an event with a dress code, like a theme party, as group efforts are also what you’ll thrive on now.
5.     Support An Art. This could mean buying art or treating yourself to box seats at the opera. Whichever cultural affair piques your interest, dive in with your wallet first.
6.   Meditate Getting the world to shut up around you and find your center is what Libra is all about. As the sign of balance, it's all about sorting out all your pluses and minuses.
7.   Practice Diplomacy Compromise doesn't have to be a dirty word, as the laws of the cosmos are out for everyone to get a little bit of something in their favor. if you work at it hard enough, you'll see that diplomacy is something you are capable of and can make you better for it....Or until Sun hits Scorpio..

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mars Enters Sagittarius


Mars in Sagittarius is a BIG energy. It's masculine, unyielding, spontaneous, adventurous, proud and competitive. There are many ways this power can move mountains and make the impossible happen. In fact, even when there seems like no hope, Mars in Sagittarius is that power that can pull out those glimmers of possibility and grow a kingdom. 

The downfall: Mars in Sagittarius is not  an easy energy to control, because like a wild horse that isn't looking to be broken, it does take a strong hand in guiding this strength in the right direction and into proper channels. So, despite the visions, hope, gallantry, intelligence and determination that can overcome you now, realize this transit that is happening until October 26, can also blind you and cause you to crash. To wield properly, it'll mean taking on a disciplined system of of checks and balances, in which gratitude, balance, patience, humility and preparation are blended into the mix.

As for places to push and pull the power:
Aries: Truth, Exploration and Idealism.
Taurus: Sex, Power and Money.
Gemini: Commitment, Justice and Peace.
Responsibility, Efficiency and Service.
Leo: Romance, Risk and Creativity.
Virgo: Family, Security and Foundations.
Libra: Communication, Learning and Connecting.
Scorpio: Comfort, Money and Long-Term Goals.
Sagittarius: Initiating, Pioneering and Ruling.
Capricorn: Dreaming, Caring and Sacrificing.
Aquarius: Sharing, Innovating and Socializing.
Pisces: Ambition, Reputation and Authority.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Moon In Pisces

Time For Ritual

A full moon is always an occasion to break out your most superstitious hippie, which means doing something to make yourself feel empowered, renewed, centered, at peace--aka a ritual. In Pisces, it means taking it to the next level, as Pisces is a sign that deals with legacy, escape, vice, intuition, institutions, prisons, romance, imagination, etc. To mark this transit, here are some ideas in which you can feel as if you are becoming deeper into being one with everything.
  • Dunk yourself into a body of water. A spiritual baptism of sorts, in anyway you believe you need to be cleansed and reemerged. The ocean is idea, but even a hot tub will do, as Pisces is also the sign of sleep and anything that can promote it is bonsai.
  • Go to bed early, wake up late. Yes, it's the sign of sleep and giving many hours over to dreaming will be special -- as prophetic dreams are now and getting celestial messages can happen. It's even easier than texting and can be more intense than even Skype.
  • Give up or indulge in your favorite vice and escape for the norm. If you normally do whatever too much, time to swing it the other way around and stop. If you don't go wild often, it's horrible and you must drop and roll into an altered reality now. Since Pisces are symbolized by the fish swimming in opposite directions, it's all about 180s now.
  • Dance! Move, groove, get up on your feet! Pisces rules dance, so go out and trip the light fantastic or go at it in your bedroom mirror. Either or, it'll help release demons. 
  • Pamper your feet! Buy a new pair(s) of shoes, wear your fanciest ones or get your favorite polished up. This is time to put the emphasis on your feet, as they are the ruled by Pisces and the foundation to your health. It is said that most lower back issues start at the feet---so treat yourself to something nice: flashier kicks, a foot massage, cashmere socks--you get the gist.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Venus Enters Virgo

Making It Happen

When efficiency marries pleasure, list making becomes a finer moment. No, not the sexiest sounding scenario, until you stir in the imagination. Yes, set goals and accomplish them. Do it in and out, just how you love it and life will be perfection!

As for places per sign on what to take inventory of:
Aries:  Your body. Give yourself 10 physical challenges: sexual or not.
Taurus: Your creativity. Make 10 pieces of art or craft.
Gemini: Your home. Make 10 improvements.
Cancer: Your community. Go to 10 places in your hood, to support the local economy.
Leo: Your pleasure. Buy yourself 10 new things that will last you forever (ish).
Virgo: Your courage. List 10 fears you have and confront each of them. 
Libra: Your psyche.  Write 10 things that weigh heavy in your life, why, etc. and then burn.
Scorpio: Your humanity. Do 10 good deeds anonymously.
Sagittarius: Your career. Reach out to 10 peers or mentors to talk shop.
Capricorn: Your inspiration. Read the 3 books you'd bring to a desert island, buy 7 more for friends.
Aquarius: Your sex life. Try 10 new sex tricks: positions, people, places, toys, etc.
Pisces: Your partnerships. Have 10 dates with your honey to create memories.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mercury Enters Libra

1+1 = Done

Summer's official end is now, with school bells ringing and new deadlines looming. However, instead of diving deep into the doldrums, the universe is sweetly helping reduce this painful transition with Mercury in calming Libra at 1:38 am today until September 27th. This means no need for concerns, as this time is when worry is just another 5-letter word. To make the most of this transit, follow these 5 basic rules:

1.     Relax. Libra is an air sign that moves life organically along at a moderate pace. There's no sense in rushing to get you where you’re going, because speed won’t matter now. Easy breezy thinking is a prerequisite for success. So, inhale and exhale.
2.     Cultural Stimulation. Ruled by Venus, Libra is in charge of culture and beauty. Anything from spending more afternoons at museums, getting tickets to a play or dating a musician will tune you into the power of art as muse.
3.     Team Up.
By nature of this partnership sign, best to bounce thoughts off another or work with someone on projects, because 2 heads will be luckier than 1 now.
4.     Manners Matter.
Elegance is a hallmark of the Librian way of life and playing fair and being kind is law, as karma will be fast to smack you back down now if you don’t.
5.     Demand Diplomacy
Being nice doesn’t mean being a pushover. Be willing to defend yourself and what you believe when necessary. Fairness will win out.