Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mars enters Taurus

No rush. Hedonism all the way.

My day: woke up shamelessly late even for myself, emergency callback to a friend in need about love woes, dealt with mercury retrograde aftermath — no dial tone to my land line, argh...painted... blew off the gym to meet up with my friend at a waterfront park in Brooklyn...made it on time for big rain drops, but I didn't care. My friend though, he cared, left, hung, left again....made it to the gym after all, then met up with my uber fantastic gal pal, ate cheese at if it were god and did tarot readings for each other...rode home, the long way, around the river, until something caught in my eye and ended the leisure...home, eating papaya...midnight massage, greasy noodles — this f'ing transit is going to make me fat...concluded with painting and deep conditioning my hair. Overall, Mars in Taurus? Super duper.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mercury goes direct

A reversal of misfortune begins.

An anthem for the last 23 days:
The Strokes, 15 Minutes of Pain.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Neptune goes retrograde

Idealism goes haywire.

Since inspiration will be harder to find these days, here is something to lighten your life, an Untitled poem from William Packard, poet, playwright, novelist, editor and founder of the New York Quarterly.

I met Bill back in college, on a recommendation from my advisor. I desperately wanted to be published in the Quarterly, but was always rejected — and even despite becoming friends with Bill, my precociousness at 18 did not comprehend why he didn’t want to publish me along with Anne Sexton, W.S. Merwin, Sharon Olds, Charles Bukowski and James Dickey. However, I always respected his advice and loved our long conversations throughout coffee shops all over downtown New York. The last time I saw him was a few years before he died, his health was already declining, so I visited him at his apartment, we talked about writing and he sent me off with a few books. Among them was his, “To Peel An Apple.”

In the book is my favorite poem of his, which I heard during a lecture of his, and a decade later, I chose to read the same poem at my friends' wedding in which I officiated....Yes, I am an Internet minister and I married two friends in my pink tutu, with all the guests in the ocean during high tide. Bill’s poem made people cry. Although they were all quickly able to recoup to smiles with the ceremony I wrote, that blissfully had us feeling the love for my two friends and has us all back in our cars off to party within 10 minutes.

Without further ado...

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT i mean considered all the starving in this world & no i don’t mean orphans holding empty plates & hungry no i mean the starving for that one essential known as love just think of all the cities right now everywhere O some alight & some asleep & think of all the rooms within these cities think of all the people now who sit within these rooms & wait & wait & waiting & the less courageous people who go out and leave their rooms to drink & think of all the artists painting passion in their loneliness just think of all the starving maybe going on right next to you right here right now & maybe just a little in yourself?

& LIKEWISE HAVE YOU EVER REALLY THOUGHT i mean considered all the people who every minute of their (call it) lives are going out to hell (or rather hell is coming into them) because they cannot love because they never had enough to start a chain reaction anywhere because they never really knew the real reason for smiling because they are afraid because they know death is always & only the denial of their love & so they are afraid these people & they also starve hideously & maybe you too you starve a little in your inability to love?

WELL & IF YOU HAVE THOUGHT THESE THINGS i mean considered them then look across this park to where this young girl puts her arm around this young boy draws him down upon her how they lie together now his head resting gently ultimately next to hers & O my god the secret center of the sun could not contain such radiance it is alive & life & if you do not know what i mean if you have never really been that boy or girl then it is hidden from you you will never know & I could never tell it to you in a hundred thousand fifty poems.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jupiter and Neptune entwine in Aquarius

Hints of the future unfold.

(Links to the entire documentary right here, via youtube.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Moon in Gemini

New dialogues begin.

The older I get, the less I want everything so fast. It's tiring trying to constantly outsmart boredom. Not everything has to be so exciting, not every day has to be a parade and that is ok...perhaps this is the onset of senility, a deeper sense of apathy or just a more Zen like quality to my thinking, whatever the case it is, I like it.

..and on another note, I could watch this on loop all day long...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mercury retrograde in the natal 12th

Retracing footsteps.

Any place I am forbidden makes me want to go. Last year, that place was Belvedere Castle, a guesthouse exclusively for men on Fire Island. Like a white monstrosity from the heavens it dominated in the middle of the walk between the Pines and Cherry Grove. The first time I passed it, I couldn't help but get sucked into its grandeur, just gazing from behind and squishing my head into the "Venetian" wrought iron gates, wondering what was inside that glamorous paradise, like a peasant upon the gates of Versailles....

Enter my second visit to Fire Island, brought on spontaneously and auspiciously. There were we, my two friends Shlomi and Gil and me, just at the right place at the right time to randomly meet two friendly drunken strangers on our way home that night, soon resulting in them becoming our houseguests. From there, they went on to explain the horrors of their accommodations and much to my excitement, it was Belvedere Castle. No women, no luxury and nothing but sleaze in sight. OMG, get me there STAT!!

...This led to that and soon enough, I was changing into Gil's clothes to assume the identity of his drunken boyfriend, propped onto his side and hidden under my hoodie drawn as tight as possible to look as sexually ambiguous as possible — followed by the the four boys giving me a lesson on how to be a "dude." After midnight, we infiltrated. However, warned that if my true identity was discovered there would be hell to pay, like a lamb being eaten by a rabid pack of coyotes...I felt just like Woodword and Bernstein, but with only one set of balls...

Belvedere Castle only has two channels: CNN and porn.

This is the most expensive room in the place — the "Baroque" (broke) room. The headboard may have been painted onto the wall. If not, it was nailed closely to it. All other furniture, busted.

Unrivaled elegance to jerk off in.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by this picture of the owner and someone he no longer likes — the paint just sprayed over the glass. Love it!

Overall, the rush of secrecy was the hottest part of the night. Unfortunately, the tower, which is the ultimate cruising spot, was already closed. Otherwise, this could of been just a little more of a hot rocking XXX post. Oh well...but today, today at Fire Island, the water was so cold it only took ten minutes to chill my can of pear juice and that felt almost as exciting too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sun enters Gemini

You wake up as one person, but go to sleep another.

It was too amazing of a day to do what I planned, as in be responsible, work all day and go to the gym — a back to the drawing board day. By mid-afternoon I had to let go and let the day be what it wanted — as in blowing off work to meet up with my friends Stevie and Alejandro, eat fried food and then wander towards the river to watch the sunset. Found some rocks to sit upon, then laid out like stranded mermaids. Lo and behold, moments later, enter these three characters...

Little did we know we were witness to their scooter getting stolen, but as soon as we did, we gave them a full description of the culprit and shortly after, when N. (right) was the hero by running after the crook to retrieve his sister's scooter, they all wanted to be our new best friends, asking us all about ourselves and wanting to continuously tell us about themselves: their opinions about the scooter crime, other misfortunes of the scooter, the upcoming school play, taking pictures, etc. All six of us laughing and hanging as if we'd known each other forever.

Their instant love and openness was the cutest thing ever, just a burst of pure fun energy. The most hilarious moment was when they were all being hauled off by their mothers for a second time and K., the little brunette turned to us and asked, "Which one do you like the best?"

When I tried to pretend I didn't know what she meant, she charmingly said, "You know what I mean. Which one do you like the best?"

We cheered back, "We love you all the same! You're all amazing!"

Hee hee, Bonsai for days of meeting kindred spirits and knowing there'll always be cool people in our world.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Venus trines my Venus

The universe loves me!

When I first walked outside my house this late afternoon, way into my ipod, the weather was a perfect 66.6-degree and clear. Amazing. Feeling giddy crossing the street, going to unlock my f-ed up bike and ride off to a certain cute someone’s place, so he could fix my bike — too sweet.... As I was unlocking my bike, I saw three women looking at me (in a nice way) and it seem as if they were talking to me. I popped off my earphones and asked them if they needed anything, in which one woman said, "We were talking about how beautiful we think you are." It was so unexpected, so
kind. I thanked them and then said, "Oh good, I'm going to this guy's place." hee hee...It was a moment that was a most amazing gift. Venus trines Venus rocks my world!

The three awesome women were from Israel. I wound up talking for a few… told them about my fab friend Shlomi in Tel Aviv and my hotness for Israeli guys... Here is a pic of Shlomi. If you knew him, you’d love him too. He’s gold bikini to the right and to the left is FLC Superstar, my right hand man. A pic from Eurotrash Miami 2007, a legendary weekend of fun.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturn goes direct

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead! Karma back working for you, not against you.

A big dose of happiness for you today!
It's Margarita Pracatan, magic maven, performer extraordinaire, a friend of mine and one of my personal heroes. I first saw Margarita on her public access show in which she plays hot hits in her special style, with her keyboards and flashing psychedelic graphics throughout. It was a late afternoon some time in the late 90s and it was instant love. Her number was on the bottom of the screen throughout her show and I called immediately to interview her as a role model for the teen girls I was writing for at that time and lucky me, we became friends. Even more amazingly fun in person, I love her to bits — full of life, love and positivity and if you click below, you'll know what I mean. Enter the fun and glamour! Pracatan!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pluto and the moon in the eighth: the house of death, mystery and transformation

Morbid curiosities.

As a Scorpio, I can't help myself from being intrigued and repulsed by roadkill. Lucky me, in my neck of the woods, there seems to be a high number of animal causalities during the warmer months. This one was particularly disturbing, since in fresh squished form, it looked like it was a pleasantly cute creature. The next day, not so much.



Click on photo for ultimate revulsion.

(Update: by day three, all evidence was gone.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mars trines my Venus and Mercury

Feistiness is in the air.

My last date, a reenactment. (I'm the chihuahua.)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full moon in Scorpio, my solar first

Time to shed the old worn out skin and take back the power. No more bullshit excuses.

I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak. I will no longer be an obsessive freak.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mercury goes retrograde

Oh no, it’s that time of the year again. Have the anxiety medicine ready until the 30th.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jupiter starts conjuncting Neptune

Surreal experiences are prevalent.

Sometime after 9pm, the cab pulled up to the building at Central Park West and 79th street. Nothing so strange or ominous, until entering and an immediate feeling of stepping into a Stanley Kubrick movie started to roll, complete with overly soft lighting, retro decor and slightly eerie people too eager to serve, even to push the elevator buttons. I had no idea why I was here, it was only upon exiting the cab I was informed I was attending two parties, not just one. The elevator ride only allowed enough time to learn I was going to the birthday party of an eccentric arts patron... Arriving onto the 3rd floor, into a tight hallway space covered in dated floral wallpaper that looked expensive for its time, we waited. Momentarily, the doors opened and it was like nothing I ever witnessed before or could of even imagined…

He claimed this was all because he loved the animals...If this is how he loves, I'd be scared to see how he hates.