Thursday, June 27, 2013

Venus Enters Leo

Let Love Rule!

How apropos that DOMA got shot down yesterday, on the eve of Venus, the planet of love, going into the Leo, the ruler of romance! ...And woohoo, also the day one of my bestest friends John Sampson (Pisces) from ages past quit his job to pursue his true love and made it on TV too, a DOMA down reveler! Here is the channel 2 segment and highlights of my festivities:

Cheers to drinking on the street!

Look, a Weiner outside Stonewall.
Look what else I saw outside Stonewall
Yeah, FLC!

FLC and Raja

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

Watch Your Tongue

Approximately a week after July 20, you can say, "Two down, one more to go," as you will have completed the second Mercury retrograde of this year, leaving only the last one, which is going to be in Scorpio and is bound to be a bitch, especially when it aligns with Saturn, the planet of tough love ethics...Until then, enjoy this little tale of caution.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jupiter Enters Cancer

Suckle On Your Hopes
Today marks a big astrological day! Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is moving into Cancer at 9:40p.m. EST, a position known as "exalted," meaning one of the best places in the universe for Jupiter to emit its powers! Yes, Jupiter will be oozing out the optimistic surprises that can nurture and activate whatever nature is  in you. So, use this phase as your gateway to a new freedom, because this is one of those times when caring is the answer.

As for places to spread your wings wider and expect a fortunate change, it is as follows: (Don't forget to read your sun and rising sign.)
Aries: Family, home and business -- laying down new foundations for solid long-term growth.
Taurus: Writing, learning and being part of a community that challenges you in good ways.
Gemini: Money, pampering and generosity are all places to positively express yourself.
Cancer: Explore new ideas, a new image and a new way of life. New is your black now.
Leo: Tap into your higher powers, let your imagination flow and share your wisdom. This is your time to get full on guru.
Virgo: Connect people, delve into cutting-edge technology and be part of a revolution! There is major power in numbers now.
Libra: Fame, authority and structure is your jackpot, so don't be scared to climb to new heights.
Scorpio: Adventure, spontaneity and worldly wisdom will factor into your life, changing it all up for the better.
Sagittarius: Intimacy, finances and transformations will be magical, expect the unexpected.
Capricorn: Teamwork, commitment and patience are beautiful skills that you'll learn how lucky you are to have and to give.
Aquarius: You'll master health, efficiency and service now. Finally, what you reap will be proportionate to what you've sown.
Pisces: Expressing your creativity, being confident and living for the romance of it all can be yours, just let it be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sun Enters Cancer, Summer Solstice

Mood Swing
Today, Cancer officially rules the skies. With its reign starting summer at 1:04AM EST, it's also bolstered by Mercury and Venus already in Cancer and soon, Jupiter and Mars. What does this mean? 

Moods will be swinging left, right and all over the place, which can give your valuable insight into seeing whatever you are experiencing from various angles. Of course, it could also make you whack too, but no worries, as all you'll have to do is give it two minutes, and all will likely change again. However, to gain some sense of security, keep in mind these are the likely areas of your life now that will bring on the onslaught of emotions:

Aries: Home
Taurus: Intelligence
Gemini: Comfort
Cancer: Identity
Leo: Intuition
Virgo: Friendships
Libra: Popularity
Scorpio: Ideology
Sagittarius: Sex
Capricorn: Commitments
Aquarius: Routines
Pisces: Ego

As for today's shameless plug: Run out and get your copy of Cosmo For Latinas! Find out what your summer has in store with my love and sex horoscopes! Will it be sexy or skanky? 

Yup, that's the summer issue!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moon In Scorpio

Bite My Style

Sneak peak my upcoming Style By Sign look.

I find it ironic I started Style By Sign just after getting all my grandmother's costume jewelry. She's been part of my looks every week, which is such a lovely homage, since I know my life, especially my career, wouldn't of been possible without her in so many ways. Plus, funny enough, when I was little, she did suggest broadcast journalism as my future career. I think since in my day it appeared to be a top job that Asian women had an advantage (at least in NYC). While I never aspired to work in front of the camera growing up, focusing my efforts on being a nihilistic writer type, I am totally excited and into my glamorous turn of events and the amazing opportunities that have come my way.

This week, I have G-Ma's clip-on pearl button earrings. Dress from Forever 21, Necklace from In God We Trust, bracelets a gift from my friend Ingrid, mint and gold ring bought in Istanbul, pearl-burst ring bought at a flea market in Berlin, sparkly mint green ring from Modcloth, white belt from the black dress I got from the Castro in Tel Aviv and my ankle strap heels are Fornarina.

This week, there are several vignettes!!!! I love it. One of my most favorite parts of making SBS is playing the characters. I don't have pics of all of them, but the red carpet look. The fox stole is from my wacky sis-in-law Michelle and the dress is from Jozie, my make-up and hair hottie. She snatched it from her sister's closet, tags and all...hahahah...Oh and the bejeweled stilettos are from some totally discount store on Delancey Street that I bought on the way to a wedding. They weren't going to be really be seen with my outfit, and for one time use they did the job.

Mars Squares Chiron

Splat: The Story Of Yes

What word does not apply: harmless, gold, aquatic, alpha?
A few weeks ago, because my latest frogs are not very bright, I bought a new tank with a filter. Since they couldn't find the blood worms fast enough to eat and the worms dissolved, the water would get cloudy fast.

Then, in the new tank, they didn't eat either, because the filter sucked up the food too fast. Plus, I noticed they no longer hung-out with each other. One would hang by itself and the other would wedge itself up in-between the filter and wall of the tank most of the day. So, they went back into the bowl.

So, with the new empty tank sitting around unused, I decided to go to the aquarium and pick up three goldfish in which became: Yes, No and Maybe. Yes is completely gold. No was mostly black and Maybe, half and half.

Maybe was the first to go. I found her lifelessly getting sucked onto the filter pipe a few days ago. I thought a few weeks was expected for goldfish. They lived forever or just a short while. Then, a few days after that, No was at the bottom of the tank, upside down. I felt so bad for little Yes, who was now alone. So, today I went to the Aquarium with my intern on Skype to pick out new friends for Yes...But then at the store learned that Maybe and No most likely did not die of natural causes, but killed by Yes... If it had to happen, I'm happy Yes reigned supreme...but hmm, seems it really is lonely at the top.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Sun And Jupiter Aligned In Gemini

Feel Like The Queen Of Sheba

It's week four of Style By Sign and things are falling into place. I am loving script writing, styling looks and working with people. As a writer, my typical work day requires I talk and see no one, which is shocking considering how much I do talk and like to talk. Sure, I have no problem talking to myself, but having responses from someone other than myself is kind of nice.   

As to Bite My Style:
My dress is from Stone Flower, a cute and totally random store I found one day at South Street Seaport. That place has the crappiest collection of stores, but Stone Flower is a little treasure. They're from Thailand and there are two locales within the Seaport; one for clothes, another for accessories.

This cute dress is from their summer collection -- the headband is suppose to be tied around the waist, but in a homage to The Stepford Wives, the original, which was on this weekend, I wore it as a headband to give a more retro look. The pearl drop earrings are another pair from my G-ma's amazing collection and my Wilma Flintstone necklace was a b-day gift from my friend Mina. The white gloves I picked up ages ago at Screaming
Mimi's; my pink bow belt is Ted Baker and shoes are Bruno Magli (the brand OJ made famous) which I bought last summer at Artists and Flea in Williamsberg, at the vintage stall on the right side just as you enter.

As for my Queen of Sheba look, it's mostly comprised of stuff Jeffrey, our producer, found around the office. My black Tracy Feith shift dress was the only thing that belonged to me and the infinity scarf and gladiator lace up sandals were Jozie's, the hottie behind all my fantastic hair and make-up.

Anyway, this week's favorite video is...TBA...
June 17, 2013

Click here for the entire playlist!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Moon Conjuncts Mercury

Turn Your Feelings Into Words

My fave video of this week, Scorpio! Click on to get to the entire playlist!

Bite My Style

Hola! Here are action shots from last week's shoot and my look rundown: Earrings are my fab Grandmother's; heart rings from Asbury Park, purchased on the Broadwalk; white shirt from Korea (most likely in the Dongdaemun area); pink dress from Forever 21!!!! Can you believe it???! It's from their 2010 prom collection of all things!         Who knew!... and belt, a vintage

Jill Stuart. Shoes: Melissa Kali wedge.

My telenovela look: Hair attachment bought in Harlem at 10pm the night before and it just happen to be called Latina! Braided hair headband bought on Etsy, from Puppycatmeow -- which I have to say when I wear as a headband, I get compliments galore! The mink is my grandmother's -- and I just have to say I am not a fur person at all, not even a big fan of eating meat either, but my aunts thought I should have her short mink, so here it is making it's on-camera debut! ...Gold hoops, somewhere in NYC and M-I-S-S K-I-K-I gold rhinestone rings from Patricia Field. Slip from a vintage shop somehwhere on Grand St. in Brooklyn, off the Graham L or Hewes J stop. Not sure of the name, but amazing place--their slips are all only $5 each!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Moon In Gemini

Ideas At Work For You

My latest masterpiece: Pink Moon Seance. (slightly still a work in progress....and notice the levitating table, the pièce de résistance of my diorama....although what is coming in the other window to save the day may be...stay tuned...)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Neptune Goes Retrograde In Pisces

When old dreams come back to haunt you.

Don't get distracted!
It's so Neptune issues when a tropical storm interjects into your life. Today, Tropical Andrea and and Neptune Retrograde arrived, stirring up vulnerabilities, as ideals you once held dear come back to haunt you. Now is the time to reexamine choices you've made and change of directions you wonder about. Dreams that could of been....

As for each area best to zone your attention to, and reassess your emotions, here are the following suggestions...

Aries: Your deep psychological understandings or excuses you have given into.
Taurus: Your hopes for humanity.
Gemini: Your aspirations and deeper purpose, over status.
Cancer: Your sense of truth, independence and adventure.
Leo: The ways you conduct intimacy in your life.
Virgo: Your balance and finding harmony amid the day-to-day.
Libra: Your productivity level and building towards a greater purpose.
Scorpio: Your romantic nature and creative impulses.
Sagittarius: Your home and where you think you belong.
Capricorn: Your words and communicating what you think to the world around you.
Aquarius: Your comfort level and being able to trust once again, for the long term.
Pisces: Your confidence and identity, who you want to be.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Venus Enters Cancer

Feel It!

Venus in Cancer is a time of intense inner emotions, as it brings out all the feelings you can't deny and back to a humble place....So, time to give thanks for those who nurture you and those you should nurture back. So, now until June 27, feel it!

As for who I am feeling the love for,  it's the team of awesome people at Look TV and my fellow Style By Sign crew, a hilarious bunch I've instantly fallen in love for: Jeffrey, he's a Taurus, and the producer, a total sweetie--he knows how to run a tight ship, while making our shoots and show extra fun and fresh; Jozie, my make-up artist and a smokin' Capricorn lady that's beyond talented in so many more ways than just hair and make-up. Also a positive force in every way a woman should be!

Allie, a Leo with her own Look TV show , all about DIY-ing! It's so cute, check it out! Thank God for her impeccable grammar skills and funny insights, we'd be less without her; and Jeremy, our camera man, a sweet Pisces and perfectionist. Just don't piss him off by making noise while we are filming!!! ...and of course, the awesome and amazing Liz Dewey, our Executive Producer, and Gemini who is head-bitch-in-charge of our Style By Sign world. She makes ruling with kindness, diplomacy and efficiency seem effortless!!!!!

...Anyway, as for this week's batch of scopes, here are the links...They're funny, even if you aren't that sign, because of all the people at Look TV making them that way. My favorite this week is Aquarius, since I got to flex my acting skill in an Amanda Bynes reenactment!!!! One of my favorite past times: being ridiculous.

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