Saturday, November 26, 2011

Venus enters Capricorn

Money can buy love

Capricorn has no shame in loving money, so celebrate the season of Venus in Capricorn by lavishing yourself with something $$$, because money can buy love... As for which gift would be most condoned by the stars, the list is as follows... 

: Anything designer
Taurus: A plane ticket
Gemini: Lingerie
Cancer: Art
Leo: Something for your pet
Virgo: Tickets to a performance
Libra: Estate jewelry
Scorpio: A fun mini getaway
Sagittarius: 4-star dinners
Capricorn: Spa treatments
Aquarius: Shoes
Pisces: Whatever techno gadget

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius


Get ready for a big ball of truth to plop into your life and give you an eye opening experience of the very interesting kind. Yes, this is no joke when it comes to New Moon Solar Eclipses, even if they are partial, as Sagittarius never does anything without a punch. So, as the sign of truth, epiphany, adventure and spontaneity align in the skies in such a magical way, expect results. As for what each sign can expect? A shot of spirit and awakening in these various areas:

Your higher self

Taurus: Your sexiest self
Gemini: Your most balanced self
Cancer: Your most efficient self
Leo: Your most confident self
Virgo:Your sweetest self
Libra: Your most communicative self
Scorpio:Your most comfortable self
Sagittarius:Your ideal self
Capricorn: Your inner self
Aquarius: Your most giving self
Pisces: Your most ambitious self

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sun enters Sagittarius

Make the world your home!

I've got a Gemini rising and 4 planets in Sagittarius, which means I can't resist filling out questionnaires that tell me about me....My latest discovery, creating maps on where I've been...One of my plans, to visit every state in the U.S. and get to every continent....So far...

Kiki visited 18 states (8%)
Create your own visited map of The World or

visited 40 states (80%)
Create your own visited map of The United States 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon in Taurus

Spoil yourself rotten!

When you have full moon in Taurus lighting up the sky, it means time to settle into your skin and give it what it wants. As the ruler of sensuality, Taurus is all about marinating in what makes you feel good, as in seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing. So whatever it is that puts you in your element, do it, as that is what full moons are about: indulging, celebrating and sharing (and good for up to two weeks)! As for the best ideas per sign in areas to splurge, the list is as follows:

Aries: Buy something expensive and decadent.
Do whatever you want. You get the cosmic free pass to abandon all rules and eat, drink and be merry!
Dance all night and sleep all day.
Enjoy everyone you know, everywhere you go.
Throw your power around.
Book an exotic vacation or take one now!
Screw until his balls (or something) falls off.
Do everything that makes you feel beautiful.
Hit a spa!
Let love rule!
Embrace your inner homebody.
Let your mouth run wild.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mars enters Virgo

Waste not, want now. 

Mars in Virgo means no fucking around and because it is staying put in one sign for an EPIC STAY of over 8 months (now until July 3, 2012), this time around it'll also mean NO EXCUSES. 

Yes, Mars, the planet of passion, sex, ambition and all out intensity typically stays in a sign for no more than a month and half, but this time around it's going to take its sweet ass time to help all turn it out with all the bells and whistles, because this truly will be a period about getting it perfect.

So, with no time or anything to waste, go and conquer...
Organizing, Quantifying, Gaining

Taurus: Loving, Creating, Risking
Gemini: Nurturing, Establishing, Belonging 
Cancer: Expressing, Learning, Relating
Leo:  Spending, Saving, Enjoying
Virgo: Trusting, Thinking, Leading
Libra: Believing, Understanding, Mystifying
Scorpio: Giving, Hoping, Revolutionizing
Sagittarius: Striving, Achieving, Solidifying
Capricorn: Idealizing, Exploring, Expanding
Aquarius: Delving, Sacrificing, Possessing
Pisces: Committing, Balancing, Unifying

Neptune goes direct


Happy times are here again, now that Neptune, the planet of delusion, victimization and all out loss of reality is moving forward, and saving ourselves from ourselves. You know it, an all out bonanza of energy to propel us onto new ideals, dreams, positive thinking and hopefully some good karma too. Sure, this might just be switching up one illusion for another, but at least now fate may be a bit kinder...

As for what each sign should know, in terms of dreaming a little farther and aspiring a bit higher, it is as follows -- because as it so happens, this forward motion ho of Neptune will be the last spin around in quirky Aquarius, which it's been since January 29, 1998 and until February 3, 2012, and then never again to return for another 165 years (approximately). So, pay attention...

Aries: It's not that you want to tell everyone what to do, it's that you must.
Taurus: It's great to feel great, especially when doing nothing makes you feel great.
Gemini: You make total sense all the time.
Cancer: It's like you just get just know.
Leo: They really can't stop staring at you.
Virgo:  You are smarter than everyone.
Libra: Everybody likes you.
Scorpio: Everybody wants to be you.
Sagittarius:  Everyone believes everything you say.
Capricorn: There is no such thing as expensive for the likes of you.
Aquarius: Own your superpowers now.
Pisces: You are the most generous person this world has known.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Think fast; think deep...


Venus enters Sagittarius

Love isn't love without the adventure, idealism and most of all, the laughs.

One of my favorite movies, as I just love Arthur (and NEVER the remake -- as it's blasphemy to even think of that version!!!)...I too can never resist a drive through the park or a funny modern fairy tale with a Peter Pan type...and it just so happens to be a fortune telling machine at a beach once told me my perfect celebrity love would be Dudley Moore. So true, as my Venus in Sagittarius just can't resist a man that can make me laugh...

(FYI, double click on the screen to get the full view and to watch in its entirety, when the site says time limit is up, just turn your modem off and on to see the rest.)

As for a more insight into Venus in Sag, click here, and go back in time to read the last Venus in Sagittarius post and what it means per sign....However, note this Venus in Sagittarius transit will last until Nov. 26. Not a lot of time, but always enough.