Sunday, October 18, 2015

Calling All Astrology Fans In Russia!!!!


I'm coming to Russia briefly!!!
Want an astrology reading? Write me and book an appointment!
Would love to talk stars in St. Petersburg!
Also, any helpful info is welcome!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Full Moon In Leo


Break out the entitlement, because a Full Moon in Leo requires a diva attitude. Reign supreme in your life and rule your school. Yes, despite this moon opposing the pesky Mercury Retrograde, there is power in enforcing your ego now. As for areas, per sign, to push the envelope with added flourishes that celebrate your fabulousness:

Aries: Buy something beautiful for yourself and decorate as necessary. Think of yourself like a Christmas tree and stay bright!
Taurus: Get in family time or at the least, get into homebody mode with style: food deliveries, internet shopping, movie marathons, booty calls on speed dial, bubble baths, etc.
Gemini: Your creative flow will be on. Write, speak and express yourself to an audience, whether or not they are in front of you, others will be listening.
Cancer: Polish up the silver and enjoy the material things you own or covet. Attachments are attachments and it’s totally okay if you’re feeling emotions for physical objects.
Leo: Your confidence will be soaring higher, believe it and love it. Be extra generous with the love.
Virgo: Heavy bouts of sentiment will occur, making reflection necessary. If this means solitude, don’t hesitate to close your doors until further notice.
Libra: Socially, time to rise above the jealousy games, mediate arguments and mend the madness.
Scorpio: Toot your own horn. If you want others to care about your projects, be responsible for your own PR. Remember, you’re the sign of persistence.
Sagittarius: A metaphysical journey will begin now. Be open to the opportunities to peer into new dimensions, but don’t get lost in the fanfare of idealism either.
Capricorn: Showing your trust is an intimate affair. Don’t be scared to pull someone closer, because trying is the only way to learn.
Aquarius: Challenge in relationships will feel extra dramatic, but knock those walls down, as contrast is what will make your rainbow now.
Giving yourself to others puts you at your best, but that doesn’t mean to go overboard, as you will also have a case of hypochondria to battle now.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Venus Enters Pisces

Mission Impossible
R.I.P. SkyMall

Pisces is the sign of miracles, compassion and redemption and in Venus, it means, "ANYTHING can happen!"

Yes, with this form of power taking the reigns of Venus, the pleasure planet, it means striving for the fantastical is a must — as it's the only way to be now until February 20! After all, if you don't go to the extreme, you'd only be doing an universal injustice to yourself. Pour your heart completely into your cause and make it matter. Have everything you believe be what your world is about. As for mantras to push your truest desires, it is as follows:

Dreams are blueprints.

Taurus: Humanity is real; trust it.

Gemini: Kicking ass is the only aphrodisiac you need.

Cancer: Words are power.

Leo: Intimacy is medicine, passion the cure.

Virgo: Equality happens.

Libra: Getting it together only requires one step — choosing so.

Scorpio: Inflated egos are a prerequisite for legendary love stories.

Sagittarius: Love is the foundation of everything worthwhile.

Capricorn: Fun stress-free flirtation is the only kind that works.

Aquarius: Comfort is romance.

Pisces: You are in full control.

*Originally posted in 2012. In the spirit of Mercury Rx, old is the new black.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

Turning Convention On It's Head

Retrograde — the word that breeds fear into many. After all, it means losing more control of the little we have. Yes, the universe has a certain way of ping-ponging the energies in our lives to keep us on our toes, but none as aggravating as the one known as Mercury Retrograde. Plus, when it is in Aquarius, the sign that rules technology, you can expect this one to be one humdinger of a roller coaster ride that has no rhyme or reason. However, is there cause to fear? Not if you’re prepared!

To circumvent the anguish that is Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, foolproof your life to make this calamity work for you:
·      Ever dream of being off the grid? Make this your chance, but do it staycation style. With Mercury ruling commuting, trips of any sort can be plagued with misadventure. Best to kill it at home with candles, books, your baby and a stockpile of snacks that can last you for days. Not only effective in realigning your chi, but being a bit green during this cosmically kooky time will score points in the world of karma.
·      Technology isn’t complete trash during this time. In fact, social media accounts you’ve been off or video games you use to play can have a renaissance now, as in logging in those old passwords and rediscovering a world you’ve left behind.
·      Aquarius rules friendships and in honor of a retrograde, be proactive by being the one to reach out to anyone from your past you’ve been thinking of apologizing to or to reconnect. Whichever the motive, a Mercury Retrograde is your rip-in-time to set relationships with history back on track.
·      Stop and edit your masterpieces. Instead of pushing to get past creative blocks, avoid anything new. Best to perfect what you have. Retrograde periods are for tightening drums and discarding red herrings. Yes, work with what you’ve got.
·      Allow yourself to be non-committal. The world will be operating at wonk level and so no matter how hard you try to resist, it won’t change. Be vague and explore. If you can avoid signing any dotted line until post-retrograde, then you’ll be playing to win.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Moon In Aquarius

Feel The Flower Power

Today, the Sun not only enters Aquarius, but there is also a New Moon in Aquarius! This means tons of the quirky energy will disperse into the air. Yes, what drives this intellectual sign that symbolizes friendship, innovation and humanity will be what sets the tone now. This is a time to think, “We,” instead of, “Me,” and work your two cents in how the world can be a better place, if even only in your consciousness.

As for 5 ways to get your Aquarius power on:
·      Get involved in a cause! Aquarius is the sign of revolution and brotherhood, so jump into a movement you believe in or start one up. Be part of something!
·      Learn about new technological advances. Although there is a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius coming on January 21st, there is never a bad time to get your brain pumping to master efficiency via cutting-edge methods. However, wait for the Retrograde to end, before buying new techno gadgets.
·      Reach out to people. Whether it’s a poke or calling up an old friend, this is the time to enjoy camaraderie and bond with your fellow humans.
·      Aquarians take a unique approach to everything, including sex. As the freak sign of the zodiac, get into the Aquarian groove by testing out new sex toys. As the sign that also rules electricity, time to be buzzing with new vibrations.
·      There is an eclectic vibe to spirituality, when it comes to an Aquarian’s path to empowerment. Incorporate something new age into your routines, like meditating with crystals or going to a sweat lodge. When it comes to feeling this sign, it’s all about being part of a collective unconscious.

Sun Enters Aquarius

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mars Enters Pisces

Have An Escape Plan
Emotions are running high. Add Mars entering Pisces today at 5:20 AM EST and expect the energy to get even more passionate, extreme and scattered. The motivation planet in dreamy Pisces do not mix well. It will bring a new order to things -- one in which feelings, sentiment, energy and transcendence all get the final say. Yes, this may mean needing to plunge into your vices and finding the closest trap door to fly away. However, going over that unknown horizon might just be the miracle you'll be looking for, as anything and everything can happen when such two different powers collide.

As for where, per sign, to find the release lever:
Aries: Dancing, sleeping and daydreaming
Taurus: Socializing & networking, volunteering and geeking out with technology.
Gemini: Working, indulging in luxuries and being the boss.
Cancer: Competing, communing with nature and owning the truth.
Leo: Sex, sharing secrets and making big investments.
Virgo: Committing, enjoying partnerships and standing up for justice.
Libra: Exercise, being with a pet and making sure you're right.
Scorpio: Love, creativity and dressing up.
Sagittarius: Home decor, family and saving money.
Capricorn: Being part of your community, learning new skills and exploring.
Aquarius: Shopping, vegging and sharing.
Pisces: Being first/trying as many new things as possible, pampering and initiating.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mercury & Venus Conjunct In Aquarius

Itchy Cinephile 

Must-See Films For The Modern Eye, During This Progressing Conjunction...

Curse Of The Golden Flower
(Eye Candy Overload, Epic Drama; Of Course, The Flawless Gong Li!)

Life Itself -- Documentary of Robert Ebert's life. Inspirational.
Lady Sings The Blues --  Billie Holiday biopic, starring Diana Ross.
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls --  Decadence 70s Hollywood cult-style.
School For Unclaimed Girls -- The title alone should sell this (and it's from 1969).
Mean Girls -- Never goes wrong.
Girl From1989. In pieces, but worth if for those teen girls that fell in love with musicians.
The Cradle Will Fall -- Give it one minute, you'll be sucked in.
Sing Blue Silver Duran Duran at their finest.
Enemy At The Gates -- Jude Law Hotness.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Full Moon In Cancer

Warm Your Heart

(Click title for full steam.)

Mercury Enters Aquarius

Unexpected Cleverness At Work

2015 is here, kicking off with a deluge of astrological aspects that focus on innovation and being open to new approaches to life and love. So, as you dream of how you want this year to play out and what resolutions you have to make, to make it so, keep in mind these cosmic forces are on your side and play to win:

Aries: Share your creativity with the world. This is when recognition can happen.
Taurus: Home, family and settling down into your turf is your lucky star.
Gemini: Expanding your knowledge via school, classes or travel will hit home harder now.
Cancer: Long-term investments and goals will have direction like never before.
Leo: New image changes will make your star power intense.
Virgo: Clean out the baggage and start on a clean slate.
Libra: New friendships and taking on group projects with purpose will be your gold.
Scorpio: Dream career moments are in reach, so make the effort to reach out higher.
Sagittarius: Traveling the world is a spiritual journey that can change everything now.
Capricorn: Getting in tune with your sexiness in a more obvious way will revolutionize your love life.
Aquarius: Commitments and partnerships that you can rely on will fill your heart.
Pisces: Fitness goals and getting into peak condition is your power in 2015.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Deal With It
Winning The War Against Delusion Since December 23, 2014

With just one day to celebrate Saturn leaving Scorpio, it's now time to get to the business of Saturn in Sagittarius. This is the start of an idealism typhoon being unleashed and having to sift though the winds to find something you can hold onto. This doesn't mean you can't dream a bigger dream, but that you have to be truthful and know what to trust. Yes, walking into this latest Saturn storm will require real stealth and perseverance -- lessons you should of perfected during Saturn in Scorpio -- because with it, you'll be able to reclaim your truest and highest principles of freedom, spirituality and openness. You'll have until Dec. 19, 2017, to make it be everything you want it to be. Good luck. Trust the odds are always in your favor.

Aries: Be ready to get more cosmopolitan in your approach to living, as the world will open up in a bigger way and make offers to you that will test your philosophies and your sense of personal honesty.

Taurus: Sharing is caring, but drawing boundaries with those your love will come into question now, as in the power dynamics of your life will go under siege.

Gemini: What is right and what you do to uphold those ideals will be your fight for now. It's not just about justice, but harmony, commitment and partnership too.

Cancer: Having healthier approaches to the world around you will take you onto a higher ground. Unfortunately, this one-way ticket to paradise comes with much turbulence.

Leo: Using your confidence for the greater good and being able to feed your ego is a delicate balance, but if you aim for it, you'll see the army you want to form all around you and with it: the ability to conquer all.

Virgo: Climb into those new areas in your brain, to forge the foundations you want. Harder, quicker and stronger is it. Trust your path, because a new journey will begin and being decisive will be everything in making it heaven or hell.

Libra: Be fast to learn and be fearless when bigger intellectual obstacles confront you. Not that you have to get cocky, but if you want to be able to back yourself up, go that extra step when faced with giant leaps.

Scorpio: Breaking glass ceilings are your specialty, but so is disappearing into thin air. Now, time when all of your talents can easily roll up into one and work for you. 

Sagittarius: You have an interesting brand of sorcery that never fails to lose, but now, with more than winning at stake, recreating yourself will have double times the amount of pleasure and pain. Let the die roll.

Capricorn: Your spiritual connection to the world is going to expand. Creative rushes and compassion will pull you in new directions. Be fluid in decisions, because evolution is your word.

Aquarius: The hippie-dippiness will get too big to ignore, as your ability to connect the dots will get stronger and brighter. Just don't get blinded by the light. 

Pisces: Being consistent is everything, as a new marathon begins. Pacing yourself will be necessary, as it's the only way to get to your destination in one piece.