Monday, January 26, 2015

Venus Enters Pisces

Mission Impossible
R.I.P. SkyMall

Pisces is the sign of miracles, compassion and redemption and in Venus, it means, "ANYTHING can happen!"

Yes, with this form of power taking the reigns of Venus, the pleasure planet, it means striving for the fantastical is a must — as it's the only way to be now until February 20! After all, if you don't go to the extreme, you'd only be doing an universal injustice to yourself. Pour your heart completely into your cause and make it matter. Have everything you believe be what your world is about. As for mantras to push your truest desires, it is as follows:

Dreams are blueprints.

Taurus: Humanity is real; trust it.

Gemini: Kicking ass is the only aphrodisiac you need.

Cancer: Words are power.

Leo: Intimacy is medicine, passion the cure.

Virgo: Equality happens.

Libra: Getting it together only requires one step — choosing so.

Scorpio: Inflated egos are a prerequisite for legendary love stories.

Sagittarius: Love is the foundation of everything worthwhile.

Capricorn: Fun stress-free flirtation is the only kind that works.

Aquarius: Comfort is romance.

Pisces: You are in full control.

*Originally posted in 2012. In the spirit of Mercury Rx, old is the new black.